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  1. Hello friends, i need help. I installed tdu gold, patch 2.00. The game started without any problems. When i started the game through tdu project paradise, for a few seconds the screen was black and the game fell/crash. Is there a flake solution to make the game work? Thank you for your response. I think there will be a problem with the d3d9.dll file. Is it possible to modify the d3d9.dll file in any program so that it works on the latest computers and notebooks processors with integrated graphics? Problem solved. This is how I proceeded and everything works. First I downloaded this directx DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) installed, restarted pc. I installed the original game, patch 1.66a, I used tdu registry fixer 1.2, megacarpack, crack testdriveunlimited.exe, patch 1.68b, I finally put tdu project paradise in the game folder and the game started without any problems. This procedure works for me offline! I haven't tried online mode.
  2. Thank you very much for the advice. I'll try it and maybe it will solve the problem. Binbow I wish you all the best and prosper, thanks bro. It works, buddy. It is necessary to set and tune the values the wheelbase and the overhang
  3. Hello binbow, I am very satisfied with the tdu2 vpe program/tool. Well, I'm a beginner and I have such a problem. How do I change the front wheels distance? Back wheels its good. Thank you very much for your help
  4. Thank you for the information Maybe I can find a man who has already made the mod
  5. Hello modders! Please create/build car mod 2017 Apollo Intensa Emozione. Thanks!!! 2
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