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  1. You could work "intelligently" and by making your life easier, including the contributors ones, but creating subforums inside that main forum, with the same name as the base ones (rather tag the topic, even if adding a prefix like "[VM]" for "Vehicle mods", etc.). I've not suggested to "contact author" huh! Just wait for he/she or someone else to take a look and provide a download link or upload a file, then you, admins/moderators will edit the first post with the new download link. But of course contacting the author will be a nice thing to do in order to have more chances at filling all
  2. First, thank you very much Milli, for all the detailled replies, I'm glad you took time to comment each of my long points! I know this is mainly you (due to the posts I've read) who grabs a bunch of content and take the time to "pack and adjust everything" to that Platinum in order to let people like me enjoy it nicely, but the base content (cars, sounds, etc.) is from the others that's why I thanked multiple people. But keep in mind you "had to" see all of the points I've specified as suggestions (fixes, evolutions, etc.), not as negative critics. I suggest the things I have in mind
  3. Hi! I'm new there, and I'm glad I've found that recent Platinum patch to enjoy playing TDU much more! I basically know and play the game from long time ago (I only had the Paradise patch, nothing more), and I've also played at the TDU2 for a while (until various things about the development and the server got stopped), and I had not played TDU for a while (like two years at least...), but some weeks ago, I wanted to play again at cars game, and I magically discovered that Platinum patch. So, I was curious and I wanted to test it, and now I really love playing at TDU, almost every day,
  4. Oh no!!!!!! And what about just "adding more traffic cars"? Is it possible? Or you also included this as "impossible" in your reply?
  5. Nice pack which makes the ride inside the game more pleasant! Because the default traffic cars are ugly! But it will be nice in the future, to have much more traffic cars (diversity), then, be able to control the "spawn frequency in %" of each, so we could use (with a low percent), a specific sport car (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) to a traffic car, and make it not frequently visible (realism).
    Very nice, I love it, this adds more realism to the game and make it a little more pleasant to enjoy! Good work.
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