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  1. Fortunately the GTS is the one used in-game, the GTB (no targa version) does not seem to exists, or this is switchable via tune but me who have all Ferraris normally, I did not have it.
  2. Nice, but you forgot renaming the "copia" file into GTB name! Despite this is not a "fast Ferrari", this sound almost changes everything, much more enjoyable! Cool! Thanks!
    Good, so every X short weeks, we can expect some minor update which keep us motivated to follow this & upgrade our Platinum build! Just like Reymondox releasing his new sounds we languish every week, now we gonna languish your updates! Hehehehehe! Also, I am aware by someone, that you released after the v1.21, a short patch which apparently fixed Aventador 720-4 tune availability & maybe other things, but someone told me you released it only on that discord thing, could you put it here too? I do not have it. EDIT: Fuck, stil mega.nz shit uploading host. Seriously use another one, like uptobox. I can host on mine & give you link to it, or, on a VPS I have if you O.K., but I guess not.
  3. The decelerating sound of the C12 needs a change (it is almost like the sound of a little plane we hear in TDU)! Too much difference between accelerating one, besides it is unpleasant, I personnaly put your F/Cinque's one instead, because I could not tolerate it longer while cruising! I think you could keep the C12's accelerating one as it is, but put the F's decelerating one on it.
  4. GOOD GIRL!!!! YEAHHH! I hope you will try to do that to the most amount of cars you can, this improves experience & gives us the possibility to watch "accurate" inboard odometer speed view rather than classic TDU's speed on the right. Because, when it is wrong, I do not feel to watch it at all. But, are you only refering to cockpit's odometer fix, or, both cockpit & odometers from others views? And about fixing tachymeters? Is this included?
    Whaaa, for some reasons I was not much convinced by the sounds from the videos, and so, I did not installed the pack, but Petrolhead told me I should try on Aventador because he said "it is good & variant", & I did, & I loved it, especially on tunnels! Hehehe!
  5. Well, if the tachymeter/odometer problem is model-related I get it, since modellers "gone"! Or maybe trying to be in touch with some probably still active like "rulez" could be a solution to fix a bunch of things on models (like changing rear spoiler opening from lights while it should be from window in the goal to let others see it, etc.). I explained about the gear ratio that when I changed only one, it changed all gears ratios in-game & put them longer, while I only modified the 7th via TDUF. I will try again later, but as I said, this was fucked up. My demands are like "requests" in my mind (things to put in her "to do list"), this is more my tone which sounds like "exigences" maybe for you & others, not the original intention. But you should not try to teach me the "volonteers stuff part" when I previously purposed her to give money for my requests & she refused... For me she should take such opportunity & not refuse... Especially knowing the today shit conjuncture in this world... Besides, I can not really contribute since various things must be done by one person, I could try to deal with TDUF, adjust a new database step by step more realistic, & send to her, but she will probably not replace her current own already different, etc., and also knowing we seem to have a different vision. I also worked hundred of hours on the past on other projects and for free, but right now I just do not want to invest anymore, I play that game for distracting, I just see it has still potential to be better & more realistic, even for its age, & Milli has apparently good knowledge to adjust some of the things, so I request/demand, & even purpose money for such, I do not see much the problem, I am probably one of the rare who purposed to offer some money for such so.
  6. I did not study how the whole game works, but I do not think the alignement of the tachymeter & odometer values compared to the maximum setting & TDU's white speed on the right, are model-related, more something on the data to adjust, or am I wrong? Well, I use Windows XP, TDUF does not work on it, and I already tried it on Win7, for example, to modify the abused long 7th gear of a car like the F12 tdf, but when I replaced the modified file in my main PC, all the gears were affected while I only modified the 7th ratio, so I did not wanted to bother much if the program does not works well or else. Besides, my demands can satisfy other people & I like when all the other users can enjoy the fixes/changes, not only me. LIke, if a new car which had a crappy sound, got a new sound, I like when other people can also hear it, this also improves their experience, because they can enjoy it while driving with me (like if you walk on a street & hear a Ferrari's sound close to you, this is not yours, but you enjoy it!). Also, I do not like to modify too much things like if we race with same car on some track & cie, this feels like cheat or unequal, despite this is more a cruise game than a serious race one like Assetto Corsa. I feel TDU a good game for such age, compared to others, & when cars are well made (model, physics, sound), we can have a good pleasure with, but I like realistic & quality stuff, & the game has potential to provide such, that's why I sometimes insist on some demands like that, my tone is like that but I expect more Milli put that in her "to do list" if she interested, but I also offered some money on the past but she refused... TDU is a good & "almost rare" open world car game, I am also a bit sad not enough people willing to work on it, but at least there are some, & players in-game!
  7. I did not asked to fix for all cars, despite I will love it! Just for each new car you add & take time to build physics, if you could also check each view & adjust properly tachymeter & odometer for them. I feel boring to be inboard view for example, see the speed at the tachymeter displaying 160 km/h, & see TDU down-right speed displaying 200... When the speed & revs displayed are correct, I like to look at them while playing, for "realism/experience", I consider this a bit important, but if this is a little pain (or too long) for you to adjust this so be it! PS #1: Just discovered with petrolhead there are TDU custom cars Ferrari SF90 & Porsche 935, just models apparently, no physics, but will be nice to have those on next/final update! PS #2: And you need to rework 991 GT3 [RS] physics, then change so long 911 R's gear ratios (put the same as the GT3s). Also, 911 R's physics are different than the GT3's & much better & enjoyable, I think you should grab 911 R's ones, then improve braking & handling/turning for the ones of the GT3s... (I mean, base the 991 GT3 [RS]'s physics from the R). 991 GT3 RS should be as efficient on cornering & braking than the 911 GT2 RS (991), & even slightly better braking from 200<->250 to 0, since car is lighter (also checkable via webstats), even turning. 991 GT3's are too "static" & not enough efficient on "track", with assist off the car barely slips out... not enough fun. Real life GT3s are freaking track beasts!
  8. But it could at least be done to each new cars you add! Not to make you mad "again"! Test each view & control speed on the tachymeter compared to TDU's one on the down-right!
    Nice addition, now we can do runs from the yellow marks! But I think adding 1000m mark, or maybe some boards on the side to indicate distance (400m, 800m, 1000m) will be appreciable. Also, I found a bug (not sure if it was present before your patch), but, on the other direction (from right to left of the map), and, on the left side (at the left of the middle white line), we can collide an invisible wall! Will be cool in the future if you could extend the track, if possible of course! With the Chiron SS + drag we can hit 493km/h right now! Need a few 100m mores to bypass 500 gap! Hahaha! Will be cool to see you back with other environment projects!
    This one is more a success than the CGT's one (the CGT's one needs to be more hoarse)! But not exactly like the real life one. Good to know you figured out how to convert real sound samples!
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