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    Ah nice upgrade, your roads finally looks like original TDU1's ones, that I disliked before! Except the edges not like original ones, this update is very good & bring important changes that make them much more enjoyable! But the "edges difference" (with some grass around etc. is not so bad after all, this looks like an old old road not often cleaned up or a status after a storm! To be honest I did not like to use your roads (neither follow other players taking it) mainly due to garbage textures of the road itself & lack of shadows, and also on evil hidden corners without barrers which could make us fall, but now I will drive more often on it! Maybe in the future make some "bumps" less radical (less bumpy) will be appreciated (I hate bumps!). Also miss traffic but well, that is another kind of issue. Good work! Thanks.
    Nice miss! So we can basically easily make a copy of our account & rename it right? Nice! Maybe, if possible, try to extend it by being able to edit more things in the savegame, like cars properties etc., will be awesome! An idea for you (not sure this is feasible, but with some softs using memhack method, and altering such we can do a lot depending on how game is coded and accessible for programmers): A traffic frequency controller (like, a soft we launch & with a keybind [emitting an optional sound when we press it] to switch traffic frequency, off & frequency modes).
  1. I remember months ago, when we met in-game, you were already working on this ... Cherookee, I hope you did other things for the game meantime! Please rassure us huh! Also, I recently moved from Win XP to 7, then I can use TDUF, I tried to modify 911 R's wrong gear ratios, I tried with both TDUF versions (v1.13.1 & v2.0.0), game off, I launched the DB with them, properly cleaned up cache everytime, edited the gear ratios to values that could make max RPM on each gear close to the real 911 R's ones, then saved. But this does not work as expected, the 2nd gear, which originally reaches ~165 km/h in-game, now reaches 150 km/h whatever the ratio value I put. WTF is this crap? Is the program fucked up or there is a specific trick to make it work properly? And what is the "Final ratio" on it? The possible 8th gear or the bridge's one (changing it did not have any effect). And just by default, 911 GT3 RS (991) has its 2nd ratio to 2.38, 911 R's to 2.29, but one hits around 120 km/h on limiter, the other 160+... While the difference should not have such gap knowing they both have same engine/RPM (911 R is a 991.1 GT3 RS without rear spoiler & extras & manual gearbox, and PDK vs manual ratios are same till 4th, they change from 5th, check here). 911 R's has different handling than GT3s, it is a way more pleasant to drive (while the GT3s 991 are too grippy with TC off, not normal, which make their driving unpleasant), except its too long gear ratios. So Milli, could you try to modify 911 R's ratio on your DB & test if this works for you, or, tell me what is wrong & how to change them properly? If there is a trick or else. Thanks.
  2. You look like an AI. And what is this funnyshooter2 thing relation to TDU? Huh?
  3. Very nice! Some Italian charming & gorgeous sounds. But (hahaha!), you could also use the GrandTurismo's sound for the Alfa Romeo 8C (since it is using its engine too). And maybe also add famous "*_TDUP" suffix to the archive.
  4. Well, we humans, mistakes happens, & your percent of mistakes like this is low, do not be so mad at you! Hehehe! Just control your archive & link/topic's content before submittion & this should be avoided! Besides, you have "me" as backup, if you mistake again! Hehehehehe!
  5. Good! But you swapped the sounds in the folders (new sounds in the uninstall & vice-versa)!
  6. I personnaly do not feel it matching to the real one, I currently prefer this one. Need some rework in my opinion. PS: For the Maseratis GranTurismo S & Quattroporte, I might prefer the one you send separately to petrolhead (a bit more trebbles, but those are similar, compared to the one you released on the Maserati pack).
    Very fun track @BEight, despite some bugs & lack of "the quality of the originals", but I guess additionnal tracks have limits in TDU (lack of shadows, etc.), as you explained. Will it be possible to update it, at least that follow: #1: As vit-jano said, the left tree on the end slalom (the one we see at the right of the F50, in respective picture), is hidding the corner, we drive blindly and we have to recall the approximate right path to reach right position for the right corner before the finish line, this is annoying. #2: If you could move a bit outside of the side of road the tree which is on the right corner (a +90° one) of this picture (we do not see it on it, tree is right after it on the left, but too close of the asphalt). #3: Add side barriers at the finish line (well, continue them a bit more above the bridge), for realism, and prevent us to mistake & fall on the left if we mess! Haha! PS: Any plans to port TDU2's tracks into TDU1? TDU2 has plenty of good racetracks TDU1 lacks of.
  7. Nice! But file link is pointing to Lancia's one! Also mistaken on YouTube's link too from that I recall. PS: I am languishing the one of the mighty F50!
  8. Can we take a moment for a tribute to the innocent Russian player "rusik293019", killed during war! Poor guy has been left there from weeks, or months! Hahaha!
  9. To download platinum? Here for Milli's build, then patch her last DB she submitted on Discord (which fix LP720-4 available from tune from that I recall) after from there. You can also install my own game (ready to use, just unzip the single big folder inside) if you want, already some extras installed as maps addons, Reymondox's sounds, etc..
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