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    What is the fix? It still "overloop" in the end (whawhawhawhawha!) when you are in full 6th gear, as the original one does.
  1. Yeah the F50 GT will be very cool, as some other race cars like MC12 Corsa & cie, despite maybe no model exists for that last. You know, to have more thrills in-game like with the FXX, sometimes! For street terrorism! I hope you will add it Milli, and, as I previously said, I am not against contributing via some money (or thank you with this) especially in case of you do effort to add "my/our wishes" to the next update! And you should take that opportinity!
  2. Hi, I have spotted a problem, in HC, I have a Ferrari F50 with over 17000KMs, and when I am below around 160km/h, the odometer no longer increase, this does that from a moment but I am not sure it does all the time, and even when I am at 180km/h, this does not increase of 100m/2secs, but more like 100m/3secs... THis game is cool, but it has some major & weird bugs even for tiny things like this... Any idea how to solve this? Via trick or else? I wish to make the "turn of the earth" with the car as "goal", but this is gonna take me 2x more time with that crap! Previously I already reported that in HC the total kms done in "house's stats" are no longer increased, but now I got this one! Annoying! The cars's odometer is ready to welcome 99 Millions of KMs, but start bugging at over 15000+ sometimes... What the hell! EDIT: There is this subject, but apparently it is a common issue we might deal with... But I just posted in case of "someone found a trick against this".
  3. Please add F50 GT! Hehehe! PS: The model is available in hf-garage! But the physics might need some rework (base them on the FXX's one could do the job, as the car is easily a good match [~750HP, ~900KGs]), but F50 GT hits over 10000 rpm! So another good car for street terrorism!
  4. The list of the gtplanet's topic has been released after the first TDU Platinum update (look at the date of both), logically it should contain all, but you probably have to add to it, the latest upgrades & cars added on the "Platinum Patch Update(s)". Also possible the guy who did the list missed some cars.
  5. Oh no, sad to hear that! Maybe you could open/display a "donation" on your profile or in the first post of platinum page (via PayPal for example), and so, people like me who would like you to see you work again on this update scheduled could donate to you in order to let you buy a new laptop faster (and could also be used as thank you for your previous work), but this must be allocated for your laptop, not to buy Barbie puppets! Hihihi! But it might be helpful to talk about your "personal issue" (computer down), in the topic and specify if we want to speed up the things (because a lot of people are waiting for an update as platinum it is a good content), that our "contribution" is welcomed. Besides, as I said before, I would personnaly prefer if people will use Platinum & be "centralized on it", to improve in-game "pleasure" with all people having "same base content/cars", and not see too much of those fucking orange TDU cars used by other TDU editions!
  6. Sorry if this is a bit "out of context", but I started to play HardCore mode from some weeks (with keyboard & TC off), and I have notified the stats (in house "INFOS" tab -> play time, total distance, etc.), no longer increase. Is this the case for other people (I guess yes), and, is there a way/patch to fix this? This is not "dramatic", but a bit annoying, especially for total KMs browsed, I am currently stuck at 37***.** while I am probably at around 50000 now. To Milli: Do you have an approximate "status" (in %) or release date of the future Platinum update? I have read your previous answers about this, but I am curious to see what about now.
  7. You could work "intelligently" and by making your life easier, including the contributors ones, but creating subforums inside that main forum, with the same name as the base ones (rather tag the topic, even if adding a prefix like "[VM]" for "Vehicle mods", etc.). I've not suggested to "contact author" huh! Just wait for he/she or someone else to take a look and provide a download link or upload a file, then you, admins/moderators will edit the first post with the new download link. But of course contacting the author will be a nice thing to do in order to have more chances at filling all of those dead links, if none of the others including admins have those files. Request author permission for what? Just editing the post with new download link(s)? Or something else? Because for making the things right for the sake of the quality of your website, as admins, you do not need to waste your time at asking such permission, neither for moving the topics to another forum! If I would be an author, who have made and posted a file, then if this one is gone, I'll be glad you take the lead at reuploading it without my permission, so users could enjoy again my stuff! So do not be stupid at thinking it's a bad practise while it's a good one in such critical case! And, while you do not modify the content of the file I do not see the problem, this is better to have a link than none of it. Also, doing that I'm saying will clean up the standard forums, where only content with valid links could be found, not gallery/garbage with... And will be simpler for all the users, so they will know that all they can see in such forum, has a link/file!! Try to be (or, imagine) on the forum like "a new user" (like me), who wants to get some content, but where most of it has "dead links", this makes the people a bit angry and attempted to complain like I do, or, just shut up and move elsewhere. I know it's a long work but you can do it sometimes, step by step, and take the lead with that. And again, I'm suggesting things that annoy me (and others), but if for you this does not appear "dramatic" as it is, or, if you prefer more do "act of presence" by answering people when you come, instead of working on those dead links some minuts per day, so be it. I'm already busy alone with a personnal project that took me thousand of hours (I code stuff for it in C++, etc., despite I'm not very good at it and it's more a hobby), so sorry, but I do not feel to contribute much to other content, I'm more a TDU game user and simple visitor who suggests things to improve in order to have a better content, no one who suggests things at multiple areas/domains can do the things himself huh. People have the right to post comments/ideas without being forced to do that they are saying themselves. So that's up to you to take them, or leave them! I play that game for "relaxing" and have fun, I do not feel to work for it at all. Meantime, maybe I could take some times at some moment to do that I suggested about dead links, the easiest for me will be, you create those new forums, then give me "topic move right", so I track them, then move them to the right new forum, but you are not gonna give such admin right to me huh?! So what way should I use? Create a .php page with all the clikable links of dead topics, then you browse the list and move them yourself? If that's O.K. maybe I could do it, but both of us will need to work and the total time allocated for doing the job will be higher. But maybe I could find some time for contribute, despite it's possible I may not. But seriously, at your place, you could try to do it, with moderation, like for example, in the "Vehicle mods" category, there are like 25 topics per page, and x40, so around 1000 topics. So, every day, or, every two day, you control 4 pages (100 topics) of them, then move the wrong ones without DL to the new forum where contribution is required. Then in a few weeks the category will be finished... And after that, the "Vehicle Mods" category will only have available content, users will prefer that, because right now when you see dead links on some, every time I click on a new topic I'm afraid I got an invalid link, this is exasperating, and after a few, I even do not even want to waste time at browsing the rest since those ones will be probably dead too, seriously! In my head I'm almost like "so which one I try that could work?" I was talking about dead links, of all of that content that attract us, but where at the end, we can not get it.
  8. First, thank you very much Milli, for all the detailled replies, I'm glad you took time to comment each of my long points! I know this is mainly you (due to the posts I've read) who grabs a bunch of content and take the time to "pack and adjust everything" to that Platinum in order to let people like me enjoy it nicely, but the base content (cars, sounds, etc.) is from the others that's why I thanked multiple people. But keep in mind you "had to" see all of the points I've specified as suggestions (fixes, evolutions, etc.), not as negative critics. I suggest the things I have in mind I think this could worth a lot, then if this can not be done, this can not be, so be it, no need to dramatize or be slighly offended, that was not my intention, and I know all of that you are doing is free (I also know a lot of things for free for other games). This is mainly to give you & possible contributors some ideas in case where they did not thinked about it, and why not work on it. Maybe the term "I would like" was a bit offensive (sounds like "I want", maybe), but I can assure it's not the case, I'm only "suggesting", not requiring! Also, the "impossible" you say too many times, is basically based on your + other modders knowledge, and mainly around this website (people say "impossible" until they found the way someday, or someone else do it, and I remember various things about it in some other games possibilities, which were impossible too long time ago, then got bypassed some years later...), but in fact, a lot of things I said should theoretically be possible, this is just because people around here (active or gone) have a limited knowledge of the game and almost no one has good programming skills (C++, etc.). It's not your fault, just a fatality/ascertainment, probably no skilled coder wants to code for such old arcade game named TDU. But this surprise me that, from around 15 years old it exists, the modifications made to it by the people are a bit "limited" in my opinion (again, due to lack of skilled programmers working for it), while the game could have potential, like if someone could reverse-engineer it (but I've not looked at how it's coded to facilitate this process), or, someone who could "crack" it, via hacking, and replace some existing code per a new one, or, just patch some lines. As you said, there are a very limited amount of people to work on this game, so be it, but this is sad! And look, I saw some good tools like "World Map Editor", etc., released years ago but almost no one work with such, like, as extra maps addons, I see what, Coconut Island, Surfer Island, why no more? Does people/modders prefer and are more on TDU2? And, on the web, if I remember well, I already saw some videos of people having modified the game interface, etc., so for me it's more this website which has a lack of skilled programmers to work on it, unfortunately. About providing the "Modders Tools" (TDUF, etc.), again, I did not say to remove them from the website, but just stop highlighting them here too much (do not provide them in the Platinum package). Because usually people will use them for their own pleasure or cheat in-game (which fucks up a bit the "online experience" in my opinion), and will not contribute to the global project (as submitting performances adjustements, etc., to you in order to let you update Platinum more often). Huh, because is-it really helpful at the end, to make the Platinum patch better? Tell me, with the like "4 people in the team" you said! 880 cars is a lot, for sure, but you know, you always have some people who would like to see their favorite cars added, and I know you can not fill all their wishes, obviously, because this will take years! Besides, a bunch of cars among them are not liked by some people (there are a tons of them I do not give a shit, as example, and even among the around 160 cars I have in my garages, I mainly use some favorites, less than 20), and if you add a bunch of versions available in tuners, this is just some kind of "useless cars/numbers" among the 880 for some people. Also, I see you are currently adding more cars so good to know! But I may suggest to add more cars of the A to C classes, because usually people take more often powerful cars than slowest ones. The slowest ones can be funny sometimes, for a quick ride, or, the funiest with them I think (as I did a few times), is to ride with other people having more powerful cars, then, take the lead and distance them on corners, this is usually more juicy than with a more powerful car (I tried that with a Porsche 550 and this was juicy)! Also, that "880" count all the duplicated ones too, so if you add like 15 versions of a car where only the style change (250 GTO), or, for a car we do not like, that number is (at least for an user concerned), not so accurate regarding the deep difference between cars (about specs, etc.). There are also some people who are aware about the "other patches" (like Natan), and will prefer using it "just for the 1500+ cars" rather than yours, while, as I said, I prefer much more yours having a better quality content. And, since those people will prefer those patches, the online experience will be "fucked up", as you will not share the same new cars and will not see all of them properly. While, I'll personnaly prefer if everyone could run that Platinum, in its best version! I've tested hardcore a few times, but I do not keep it, since I'm get use to the arcade mode, mainly because this HC mode should be better with a wheel and with keyboards arrow it's not made for that as I can not dose the gas, brake, turn, etc.. But about cars's performances developped in such mode, I should test and compare again, but normally, on straight lines, when we fully accelerate and having a full ground grip, the acceleration performances should match to the arcade no (like a 100->200 km/h in same time right)? And as I said, a bunch of performances are out of the reality, I know "it's just an old open world car game", but some rework on it could have been nice, just suggesting... At the end, I've the feeling you and maybe others will do nothing (or almost) of that I suggesting, but in my opinion, you could do at least a few for the next update (the "minor things" which are in your capabilities), like the rims size of the F12 TDF (look at them in-game, and look at them in real, really, you do not see how weirdly big they are in-game?), or the tachometer buggy on neutral, or use some other sounds for a few cars (modern McLarens having turbos... sound of RUF RGT for naturally aspired 911...), remove the "turbo" for the GT4, etc.. I know you told me I can do it myself via tools, but again, I'll prefer you do it, so this will affect all the people who will use the update... (people will see right size rims), because I'm suggesting all of this with the spirit of "contributing" a bit (thinking to the other users), and not thinking only to myself at modifying the game "only for me" which does not interest me much, strangely! So thank you for doing this! But sadly not everyone seem to do that! Meantime, for the other dead links (unfortunately, a tons of), why not thinking about my suggestion to create a new forum ("Missing download links: Your contribution is required!", something like), and move all of those topics here, so this will help the users other than admins to contribute more easily at fixing this, what do you think?
  9. Hi! I'm new there, and I'm glad I've found that recent Platinum patch to enjoy playing TDU much more! I basically know and play the game from long time ago (I only had the Paradise patch, nothing more), and I've also played at the TDU2 for a while (until various things about the development and the server got stopped), and I had not played TDU for a while (like two years at least...), but some weeks ago, I wanted to play again at cars game, and I magically discovered that Platinum patch. So, I was curious and I wanted to test it, and now I really love playing at TDU, almost every day, since it massively extend the driving possibilities with all of those new cars & features. So I want to thank you all the people who worked on that Platinum patch, for the deep & good work on it, and I hope there will be more content of it in the future, and as soon as possible! Hehehe! I've also tested the famous "TDU Natan", which is a Russian version different than Platinum, and well, it's not to denigrate the work of the guys behind, but I do not like it, it's basically much more "quantity than quality" (lack of custom sounds, HUDs, ugly cars models, cars put "in a mess" in any dealers, etc.), Platinum is a way much better & enjoyable patch, despite it has much less cars, I prefer it much more, because I like "quality", and I want to take pleasure at driving some cars which have been better made in overal, despite not everything is perfect of course! The "TDU Natan" version is probably used a lot by the "Russian people", since they usually like to use the "stuff from their country", no matter how good or bad it is, so be it... I've a bit more than 30 years old, so, I like when it's "realistic" (models, physics, sounds, etc.), so one more reason why I prefer Platinum over any other special enhanced patch (I also use Windows XP, so I can not run modern games like Forza Horizon, at least until I set up a dual boot...). Meantime, since nothing is perfect, I've a bunch of suggestions to make for the future version(s) of TDU Platinum, and which, I think should interest more than one, because they are useful and will enhance the in-game experience. I'll try to moderate myself about those possibilities, since there are limits people can do, and maybe not enough expert volonteers (programmers, modelers, etc.) working on this game. Also, I might forgot some things, since I think about features when I'm in-game and forgot to list them in a file! So I might update my list or add more posts later. And, you can ask me more details (or help here or via PM) if in case you wish to know more about that I'm refering, by quoting the right point. I also know there are a lot of those things, and obsiously not all will be added, but if some people think it's good, useful, and, possible to be made, you can work on it, and even start some polls to have confirmation that this worth well! I've properly structured my listing, by using numbers, so devs/people can just specify a number to tell me on which part he is refering/commenting, if needed. SUGGESTIONS RELATED TO THE TDU PLATINIUM ADDON (I think this is the place/patch where they should be added): SUGGESTIONS RELATED TO THE TDU PROJECT PARADISE PATCH (I think this is the place/patch where they should be added): PS: I jump to "10" in the case where there will be some possible further points above. EXTRA (OUT OF CONTEXT): SUGGESTIONS RELATED TO TURBODUCK.NET's CONTENT:
  10. Oh no!!!!!! And what about just "adding more traffic cars"? Is it possible? Or you also included this as "impossible" in your reply?
  11. Nice pack which makes the ride inside the game more pleasant! Because the default traffic cars are ugly! But it will be nice in the future, to have much more traffic cars (diversity), then, be able to control the "spawn frequency in %" of each, so we could use (with a low percent), a specific sport car (Porsche, Ferrari, etc.) to a traffic car, and make it not frequently visible (realism).
    Very nice, I love it, this adds more realism to the game and make it a little more pleasant to enjoy! Good work.
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