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  1. For some who want an alternative download link (direct), here (uptobox). If Milli or other mods/admins do not want those links feel free to delete my post! Or, feel free to use those links as alternative ones in your main topic (I am not gonna remove the files anytime soon!). @Milli: What the hell are those 288 GTO so long gears?! Want to slipstream & follow a Chiron or what? You also modified 812 SF, limiter is now at ~8k while it was good before (8.9k/9k). Besides, on inboard view the last red dot is missing (except when we downshift out of max RPM). Probably you adjusted this due to the tachymeter being red from 8k, but no!! That is the 488 Pista you must have "touched" (missing last red dot, inboard position too close to the steering wheel, hitting 9k RPM while it should be ~8k, like the 488 GTB which is correct), not the 812 SF, or, on the 812 SF, makes it more "slippery" (because it does not much compared to the F12 Berlinetta). And, why you did not reduced so long 7th gear of it? But! I noticed you removed "turbo sound" on the Cayman GT4! Good! I do not know what source you use as reference to adjust cars specifications, but using other cars games is not a good one! Use real life videos where we can see the tachymeter & odometers well, or, some good reference websites (like zeperf.com, accelerationtimes, etc.).
  2. Ah, I can see there is a changelog! Nice! But, if I can say something, for the future, you should "sort" it, either via three categories (like "Fixes/Changes", "Removal", "Additions"), or either per "type" (like "Environment changes", "Cars changes", "Bikes changes", "Various changes"), and, list "things" at the suite properly, not in mess, I mean, like all the "Removed cars" together, the "Added cars" together, etc.. This way, it will be simpler for the people to read & understand it, then easily locate something they care about (as example, I guess most of the people search for "new cars", the "Added car X/Y"! Haha!). Also simple to test in-live the changes, for example, I have the game opened & your changelog too, I go back to Windows via shortcut key to look at it, then go back to the game & test a few things I have just read (like new cars, reworked physics). I took the freedom to convert your changelog to a "better format", below is a demo (a few things has been adjusted/simplified/fixed & I also sorted cars by alphabetic order, then added Opel Speedster Turbo): Feel free to read it, control it then use/replace it on the official build (or, at least here if you do not want to update your archive with it). Also, it will also be "nice" to only provide modified & new files on the update package, because it sounds more you provided a big part of your game "as it is" (like all the +1000 vehicles sounds, where I had to replace mine above due to the loss of new ones from Reymondox's & cie)... I do not know how you work or if this is just the "speedup process" in this update, but you should have a separated TDU "working" folder, where you put each modified & added file in it, in the right paths properly builded, and the "removed ones" can properly remains in the users's folder if the game update is programmed to no longer use them, not a problem! Because right now it is a bit like a "butched" patch where you did not bothered to sort anything! It will also be nice to use new submitted sounds (Reymondox's & others), but maybe it is more scheduled for the future update v2.0, while now you released that you have done "as it is", in such case I get it!
  3. From that I heard, she might try to set up a torrent for the file, since it is big (+5GO).
  4. Oh Milli! Oh yes Milli!!!!! Ohhhh I am gonna ... be more happy while playing the game! But a few things: #1: I am unable to download the file, I can not under XP & Firefox I use, then if I try another browser as workaround, I have an issue with that mega thing website you use for hosting. Besides this mega.nz is annoying, it does not seem good for me. Is there any way you can upload it elsewhere? I have an uptobox account I can give you the identifiants as "gift" if you wish, then you will upload it, then download that you want on such without limits! Uptobox is (unlike most of the other similar websites, where people often use to host games, music, TV shows, movies...), really "cool/generous" about limits & download speed for non-members. I also have a VPS I can host the file on it & you can use it as alternative download, but I will understand you disagree about the "question of trust" since this is "not you" who will upload it on it. #2: I know it seems to be a "speed-up update", but a changelog (as before) would have been welcomed! But well, this is already nice you are among the rares still around to provide an updated content when most of the people "gave up the boat" in a lot of areas! EDIT: Oh yes, there is a changelog! #3: Please!!! Create a list per brand of the specials cars we can get via tuners, like "Ferrari FXX (tuned via Ferrari Enzo)", etc., a complete list (like there is on another website) will be welcomed, but I guess you might not be motivated to write 800+ cars! I know you already explained on the past "your reasons", but the main reason why I am asking such is because this is very boring to buy a car & wondering which one we can have via tune, I know there is the surprise effect you want to create, but there are a bunch of base cars, and, me, I cheated the money like some others, but for the ones who do not know about it or just do not want to do it & get money by redoing challenges again & again, when they buy a car, if they do not like it, try a tune, then no specific conversion for it, they can sell it, but HALF of the price from the house, so they loose money... pretty boring...
  5. Yeah but you paid them & convert them (or you can at worse say it is racedepartment's one while it is not, since the port might change a bit, besides, that is not a song!). I think you might have the right to do it. Is there something specific written about the "licence", if, there is? If nothing is specified, you can do that you want normally. Also, you make it free for TDU (& also readapt/modify it, so no longer original file), not for Assetto, people who want them for assetto will still need to pay them, since your file is "for TDU". Then come on! We want the best of best to make this old open world game better! EDIT: I just took a look at the web page, I see they cost 6€, so, remains reasonnable, & I do not see any specific licence/rights, so you can do that you want normally, you just pay for "download it" (& for the modified work on them), that's all. If you can port them well (if you sure you can do it & make them render almost like or like Assetto), I think people here could donate to you (me first), so you buy them, like we all contribute... Or, some buy the sounds they want, then give them to you & you port, but to avoid multiple people buying same file it might be simpler & economic to donate to you & you allocate some money for the sound & your work. But I also doubt people "wanted to pay" is gonna rush nowadays! But I just wish to know if you fully sure to be able to port any of them we might buy (or ask you) & send to you. Personnaly, I can buy a few, in first, the 458 Stage3 Straight Pipes , 812 SF & GT3 RS. But there is the question of what variation among the usually 3 provided you use for TDU, how you do? Does TDU can handle the three or it is just one with changed pitch by the game depending on the view or windows opened?
  6. I like to see new sounds every week-end! Hehe! But, why you did not tried this one? & maybe even this one for CGT? That is up to you, but, I think, you could start some kind of global/single poll topic, where, when you wish to port a sound, ask us our opinion between some different you saw, people like me will be glad to give opinion about favorite! Hehe!
    FUck yeahhh!!! I hope you will port this & this one day too!
  7. Hi, you should also use it for the 430 Scuderia, because this one much better & less strident than the original one!
    Good one! Better & much less "strident" than the original one (the original one gave us the feeling the engine is a bit "clogged"). Thanks.
  8. Nice attempt, but the sound does not render "at all" like in the video from Assetto! The idle is approximately good (at least not disagreable), but when we push the car, it sounds more like a loud turbine than a Ferrari's racing engine. I did some KMs in order to see if I can get use to it, but I did not! Sorry, so I put back the original one for now, as when it "rise" (the original), it is like the teleporting effect a racing engine can provide us! Despite a part of the original sound is a bit too much "high pitched"! Hehehe! But still pleasant. I know the new V8 from the 488 are turbo equipped & sound is less charming than the previous V8 series, but in real it is very different! Any chance you rework it, or, find a better sample which will render better once ported?
    Better than before now, more pleasant to drive it. And me being most of time with Ferraris I like when you release a better sound for any Ferrari! Hahaha! THanks again! PS: But I still do not get it how you can play in HC most of the time, & test such sounds in arcade instead, while HC does not have any effect on it, so, switch between two modes & different behaviors... Besides, for the videos, it might be better to make them in HC, where physics are more realistic & much less "violent" about moves! So, the cars you record will have smooth movements & it will be more enjoyable for the specator (in my opinion).
    This one similar to the previous for the Gallardo, except on downshift it has some disagreeable "cuts".
    Thank you very much again! PS: I am glad you also patched other Gallardos sounds, knowing it is the same range car & using same base engine (from Audi R8), so, that makes senses to patch those. Even the Huracan could be, as the engine is an evolution of it, but sound in real life could be a bit different depends on the exhaust & model. EDIT: The sound could also replace the R8 V10 one (or, by the Huracan's one).
    Thank you very much again! One more good sound for a mythic & noble car! Is there any luck you port this and this (even a few others from here)?
    Cool, thanks! Your "stereotyped presentation video" make you look like a "pro"! This makes me laugh! Haha! I get & use most of the sounds you provide, but not the 458 Speciale & 488, because they do not seem better than the originals, is there any way you can find a better "more realistic" for the both cars? I could "personnaly grab" one of the other for some Ferraris you submitted (like the one of the F430 or the 599, especially evil GTO one), but in real those V8 do not sounds exactly like the Ferraris having V12. Despite the speciale has good sound in reality, & the Pista is not bad for a turbo car (at least much better than the "locked F8" or 911 GT2 RS too close to vaccum cleaner or Golf GTI! Haha). EDIT: Just watched some of the videos of the Marti's Car collection YouTube channel, a lot are very good & juicy! I know TDU is not Assetto, but if you could convert most of them the best you can by keeping quality & realism, it will be so awesome!
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