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  1. Check your system for errors and viruses, this may be the problem
  2. The file of one of the machines may be damaged, most likely the one that crashes the game, try reinstalling the game
  3. This icon means that the player has a bad Internet connection and therefore his car may not be displayed correctly for others
  4. It looks like a graphics glitch try updating your graphics card drivers
  5. Check your Internet connection, it may be too weak, which may cause a similar problem
  6. Try to clean your system of unnecessary files and fix registry errors and restart the game and make sure that you have port 8889 open in your router settings
  7. Make sure that all files were copied when unpacking the archive, perhaps not all files were copied, which causes a crash at startup, try reinstalling the game along with the mod
  8. Unpack the contents of the archive with the replacement of files in the folder with your game as indicated in the instructions and launch the game through TDU- Project Paradise Launcher
  9. add your music files along the way D:\Games\Test Drive Unlimited Gold\Euro\Radio
  10. make sure that all platinum files are copied to the game folder and also add your game to the exceptions of your antivirus
  11. Use the system restore function or the previous files function, this should help
  12. Use the function previous versions of Windows this function creates copies of files similar to the system restore function
  13. Reinstall your game completely along with the mod, perhaps not all the game files were copied during installation, which is why this problem arose
  14. use Xenia allow player interaction in your game settings and also check your internet connection if it is too slow restart your router allow player interaction in your game settings allow player interaction in your game settings and also check your internet connection if it is too slow restart your router
  15. and other vehicles are repainted or not, perhaps this is how the developers did it, because not all cars and motorcycles in the game can be improved
  16. Complete the race around the crater and then you will have access to an elite workshop
  17. Enable Windows xp compatibility mode in the game properties and also install one processor core for the tdu in the task manager
  18. Your game files may be corrupted, try reinstalling the game or mod and try again
  19. Perhaps an incompatible mod is installed in your game, which causes a similar problem, try disabling incompatible software such as Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner
  20. Check your system for viruses with any antivirus scanner to do this, download any antivirus scanner, then scan your system for viruses in safe mode, remove them if viruses are detected, and then restart your computer in normal mode and run tdu
  21. Try to use vpn or reinstall TDU maybe it can help
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