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  1. The tdu server is one to make sure that you are on the server, just open the list of players free players key NUM 4 and you will see the players who are on the server usually 8 people are displayed on the map port 8889 should also be open
  2. Perhaps in the next update this error will be corrected this error extremely rarely occurs so we can only wait for the update. In addition, you can try disabling software conflicting with the mod Xfire, Steam, MSi Afterburner
  3. link to TDU_Tools_v0.6 https://tdu-club.ucoz.org/load/programmy/tdu_tools_v0_6/2-1-0-2 here is the link
  4. The paradise launcher project also works on 1.66A you can just download download the archive with the mod on the first page of this flow and transfer all the contents to the folder with the game, maybe version 2.00A is not installed correctly, try on version 1.66A
  5. Enter the my computer menu and select check disk for errors you can also check your computer for viruses with any antivirus or antivirus scanner additionally you can clean up garbage and registry errors with Ccleaner or Toolwiz Care if the game files are damaged, a complete reinstallation of the game will help
  6. You can update the wine or reinstall patch 2.00 according to the instructions
  7. do you have TDU Platinum Dealer updates installed correctly <- 01 - US Independents 1.0.0 Dealership update?
  8. port 8889 should be open
  9. Add the game to the antivirus and firewall exceptions
  10. The mod is really great thanks to all the people who participated in its development and good health
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