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  1. The grandstands are empty with less than an hour to go before quali. If this is anything to go by, this GP won't be around for long as it won't be lining Bernies pockets as much as he'd like. A few crashes already from Ricciardo and Perez with the clock showing 0:00 time left in P3. Woops.
  2. Great post and thanks for pulling all of this together. I've credited you in the post on our homepage. Where's the fun in that? :(
  3. I can see why some of the drivers are complaining about the run off areas and there looks to be only a small amount of that special crash absorber barrier. Should be a few places where they can overtake though so if we're lucky, it won't be a dull race.
  4. That was great how he kept such a big angle for so long and so consistently. Bet he needed a change of trousers after that though!
  5. I know this is from the F1 game but it shouldn't be too far from reality. I can see a there being a few accidents to be had in the tight uphill part in the middle of the circuit. Qualifying should be good though seeing who can push their luck if there aren't too many red flags.
  6. Thanks for posting this up Scott! After a day of one not being posted, anyone else can post a new one in a new thread. You don't have to wait for us doddering old slow people to do it.
  7. Well, unlike some people I don't read the chatbox archive. So get it posted. :p
  8. The base S3 is only £2.5 less than the V8 Mustang. I know which I'd go for. :nods:
  9. Well, we have a new drinking game and like all other drinking games there is absolutely no point to this what-so-ever. The rules are simple, just post a picture of you drink with the picture of the previous persons drink in the back ground. Simple but I know somebody will manage to get this wrong. :nods: The more alcoholic the drink, the better. And yes, you have to drink all of it. Or else. We will know.
  10. Episode 3 was much better. I can remember that much but as Ry said, it was quite a forgettable episode. The lack of Evans did indeed please me though.
  11. Very curious to see how the race will pan out. It has a 200mph straight for crying out loud. In a city centre! And then a narrow twisty bit by and old castle perfect for Max Verstappen to crash into. :p But I can't help but feel that it will go the way of South Korea and India and vanish after a few years.
  12. Forza Horizon 3: A Land Down Under It's E3 again and that can only mean it's time for another installment in the Forza universe. Up this time is Forza Horizon 3 and we're going to Australia! And with the move to Australia come a whole host of new and returning features. New to Horizon 3 is the Auction House which is something that Forza players have been crying out for since it vanished from the Motorsport series many moons ago. New upgrade options for your cars for those of you who like to stick rockets to bunnies and then put those bunnies on your cars. Blueprints, this is a way of allowing you to customise the game as you go. Ever wished the route or entry requirements were different for a race? Well, now you can modify all of the races and bucket lists to suit yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhWTpCGZwWs You had better take your largest suitcase as you will need it this time with the game boasting a whopping 350 fully customisable cars with more than 40 cars coming in the 6 months after release with the usual, monthly car packs. If you're feeling flashy and splash out on the Ultimate Edition you can be playing the game from September 23rd otherwise you'll have to wait a few days for the regular release of the game on the 27th/30th. [gallery columns=4" link="file" ids="4860,4859,4858,4857,4856,4852,4851,4854,4853,4845,4848,4849,4850" orderby="rand]
  13. To play online I'd hazard a guess at players needing some sort of online subscription, possibly under a different name from Xbox Live but still the same thing.
  14. Camel

    Mafia 3

    And here's the trailer and a gameplay video. I've only seen the trailer and a few mins of the gameplay but it looks like it's gonna be a great game! Be warned, they're probably not suitable for ducklings.
  15. Must say that I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this now. Not been looking forward to a game as much as this for quite some time now. Not the biggest map but it's definitely not the smallest either and should be big enough and varied enough to keep people occupied for a good while. As for the handling, there looks to be 2 settings still. Normal and Simulation(probably) with the videos I've watched using the normal mode hence the arcadey look to it. Had a look at the UK prices and the ultimate edition is the same price that the Forza 6 UE was at £79.99. A little bit steep but won't be a problem for some to get the VIP and season pass as well as a weeks early access for an extra £40.
  16. Yep, will post one up tonight. Been busy lately and was kinda hoping someone else would have posted one. If one doesn't get posted within a day or two, other people can post it up.
  17. The Scoobys sounded epic again and some saw good overtaking at the chicane. Also a dodgy crash in the F4 race where one of the drivers nearly ended up with a tire wall going over his head! Will have to catch up on ITV player or something to see what happened in the rest of the races.
  18. Made the Pug drivable and quite good. Turns out I had a brain fart when tuning it. Set a 46.537 in the Lancia because it handled well this time. :shrug:
  19. That is also a very good point. But surely he's still firable?
  20. Harris for host! It wouldn't actually be a half bad show if they got rid of Evans. But I don't see that being likely as he's probably in a multi-million pound contract. :(
  21. Made a good tune on the Lancia, was great to drive in tuning mode and was consistently getting good lap times. Go into rivals mode with the same car and it feels like a completely different car. It now has understeer on corner entry, oversteer mid corner and oversteer on corner exit with snap oversteer going in the opposite direction. It also goes on 3 wheels around the corners which it didn't do in tuning and goes on 2 wheels if I hit the curb which it also didn't do in tuning. :panic: The car is almost 2 seconds a lap slower in rivals mode than tuning mode which is massive on a sub 47 second lap... The Pug 205 is almost un-drivable when tuned to A700 and I gave up trying to tune the odd handling out of it. It behaves like it has faulty air suspension that pumps up randomly mid corner. :lol:
  22. Formula 1 2016 Coming Soon to a Console Near You With another summer, comes another Formula 1 2016 game. Not a great deal changes year on year with these F1 games but it's still day and night when compared to a certain fishy cash cow. But among the changes is a 10 season career mode that should keep you occupied for the next couple of years if you like to do full length race weekends. With F1 2016 you get all an all new track, Baku, a street circuit in the city of you guessed it, Baku in Azerbaijan. From the screenshots that have been shown, it looks like quite a nice track. The game graphics themselves don't look too shabby either. There is also a new and improved car upgrade and development element to the game that is supposed to mirror the real life development of these mystical machines. Are you up to the task of doing 100+ laps of Circuit de Catalunya? There's no word on when the game is going to release but it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime later this year. I'd expect it to be released towards the end of the season as is now the norm with these games. But expect to see more of it at E3 in just less than 2 weeks.
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