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Found 15 results

  1. Sup, another screenshots thread by me, with some cars that I converted for NFS Most Wanted(over 100). Not sure if this is the place to post this thread, if it's any problem, please, an admin, move it to the correct place. RUF RT12R http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMW%20RUF%20Rt12R/speed2013-08-0914-20-55-16_zps798dd22e.jpg~original Maserati GranTurismo S http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/MaseratiGTS/speed2013-10-1820-54-19-04_zps29f401fc.png~original Subaru Impreza WRX STi http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMWSubaruImprezaWRXSTi/speed2013-07-2514-36-40-35_zps19b0d824.jpg~original Vauxhall Lotus Carlton http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Lotus%20Carlton/speed2014-01-0419-00-19-39_zpsd1c94825.png~original Fiat Abarth 131 Stradale http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/NFSMW%20Fiat%20Abarth%20131/speed2013-08-1214-56-56-74_zps616d74bf.png~original Renault Alpine A110 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Alpine%20A110/speed2013-11-0818-15-49-76_zps4f3345e4.png~original Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Spyder%20Performante/speed2014-01-0118-24-35-79_zpse54746de.png~original Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Custom http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/CamaroZ28Custom/speed2013-11-1718-57-43-83_zps8b3a40aa.png~original Ford Mustang Boss 302 Mk. V http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/Boss%20302%20v2/speed2013-12-0714-02-30-64_zpsae2aa8dc.png~original RUF CTR3 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/RUF%20CTR3/speed2013-10-0516-39-53-60_zps69ae0f33.png BMW M5 E34 http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r695/Vexternal/BMW%20M5%20E34%201995/speed2013-08-3014-46-56-77_zps107e4453.png~original
  2. hi folks requests, so do not come true, but there is a chance, albeit small. I think it's a nice car to replace the old mustang. here some pics http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/8%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Rear%20Quarter.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/2%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Interior.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/7%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Side.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/5%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Taillights.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/4%20%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20LED%20Headlight.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/11%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Dashboard.jpg http://static.ibsrv.net/cdcx/images/2013autos/mustang/9%202015%20Ford%20Mustang%20Mountains.jpg
  3. HI, I want change rims color on cinque like this from red to orange http://www.nfscars.net/storage/users/93903/garages/19400/6e868677-7135-47b5-bf90-7b4a6a3a25c7.jpg,but I don´t know how to do it,so can you help me somebody?
  4. http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/05/23/new-need-for-speed-announced-for-xbox-one-ps4 Teaser trailer: Screens: http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okgxky97biejpg/original.jpg http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okgs7l6uqs6jpg/original.jpg http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okh7rxxgteyjpg/original.jpg http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okh3zsz3pc7jpg/original.jpg http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okh1f2gl47bjpg/original.jpg http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18okgznxh5vwkjpg/k-bigpic.jpg Official site: Need for Speed Rivals - Official Site | Need for Speed
  5. How the tyres don't burst amazes me
  6. The next NFS has been confirmed as being Most Wanted and is being developed by Criterion which is something we all knew about 3 months ago but anyway first screen has been posted and no doubt more info at E3. "IT’S OFFICIAL: The next Need for Speed will be Most Wanted, developed by Criterion! Here’s the first screenshot! Make sure to watch our E3 press conference live on June 4th at 1PM (PST) for more info!"
  7. If we break NFS games down into a few categories... * The Old (NFS, NFS II (SE), NFS III Hot Pursuit, NFS IV High Stakes, NFS Porsche Unleashed, NFS Hot Pursuit 2) * The Fast & Furious (NFS UG, NFS UG2, NFS MW, NFS Carbon, NFS World Online) * The Forgettable (NFS ProStreet, NFS Undercover) * The Simcade (NFS Shift, S2U) * The New (NFS HP 2010, The Run, MW 2012) ... often it's the old games that have the most popularity overall and are full of fond memories. So then, what made these games great? What makes the new games bad? Don't reply with a big rant (or even small paragraphs), because we're making an itemized list here, similar to when we told Atari what we wanted in TDU2 (and that turned out well :rolleyes:). Keep your list points concise so that I can copy them below. If you don't agree with someone, just ignore their post. If you like an idea, just click the like button. Try to cover as many areas of the games as possible. Later on we'll feature this on the homepage in an article and Diablo can send a link to the NFS Twitter account. WHAT WE LIKE IN NFS GAMES * Diverse (& European) locations, great driving roads (not condensed into a tiny map though) (NFS The Run was quite good in this case). * Great engine sounds * Great graphics * Knockout/Tournament mode across multiple tracks, instead of elimination after each lap or xx seconds. WHAT WE DISLIKE IN NFS GAMES * Overuse of maps that feel like they're based in America * Open world maps are small and shorten the game's lifespan to just a month or two. * Open world maps only have few roads going to few locations so you can't choose different ways to get to a location. * Lack of dashboard camera view. Those who have a steering wheel and H shifter want the full immersive experience. * A requirement to modify cars to progress/be competitive online * "Tap Brake to Drift" * Exclusive car manufacturer licenses (gives NFS bad image) * No online freeroam (not session-based)
  8. some videos of NFS Most Wanted 2012 Porsche 911 carrera S Sound Check! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCHcjJxmLKI Stunning lamborghini countach with backfire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTUdlGaH34A the new brand of Dodge Viper [Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012- gameplay DODGE VIPER SRT - YouTube Little crazy Nissan GT-R in a parking area! Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012- Escape from the Parking! - YouTube [mod edit:] Please don't embed more than two videos per post, thanks.
  9. Im not 100% that i should post this hear, but i am 90% so lets run with it. Im looking for someone, who owns NFS The Run on the PC, and who would be willing to complete some Multiplayer Group Objectives with me. If anyone is interested in that, let me know :)
  10. Im trying to import some graphics from Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed and zmod does not seem to support the .crp .fsh or .tpg extentions any help?
  11. Is it possible, that someone can convert this car to TDU, because I really don't like the R32 or Golf V.
  12. Hi Everybody! I honestly want to know what is the worst game ever in the entire universe that you've owned/played. The game must be the worst, weirdest, annoyingest, bad graphicsest, stupid gameplayest game ever played by yourself. For me, the game would most definitely be Need For Speed Pro Street. Ahh even to say the name give me chills down my spine!
  13. Hey Everyone, I was playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted the other day and i was thinking (thinking: actually a first for me) what is the best NFS game out of all? I've played: Hot Pursuit 2, Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, Pro Street and new game Undercover. Which one is the best i think? I think the title goes to either Most Wanted or Undercover..Both very good games.:thumbsup::)
  14. MC:LA get a photothread, so, so does this game =) Main / big discussions on other stuff, not relating directly to NFS:U PHOTOS / the car inside the photo, please use [this] thread! ---------------------------------------- My first ride. Not much done to it. I've been playing 2 hours. God it takes ages to tun cars to look good :mad: [imglink]http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/NFS%20Undercover/nfs2008-11-2819-32-03-83.jpg[/imglink] [imglink]http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/NFS%20Undercover/nfs2008-11-2819-35-21-42.jpg[/imglink] [imglink]http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/NFS%20Undercover/nfs2008-11-2819-39-53-24.jpg[/imglink] [imglink]http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/NFS%20Undercover/nfs2008-11-2819-43-46-81.jpg[/imglink] [imglink]http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/NFS%20Undercover/nfs2008-11-2819-46-11-28.jpg[/imglink]
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