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  1. My Vipre just started flagging this as "Trojan.GenericKD.33122127" and immediately quarantines it as soon as I remove it from exclusion. The VirusTotal seems to have gotten less positive too than I remember. Is this still ok?
  2. I love this so much, to only thing I'd change so far is having just the OG soundtrack. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to mod that back? Also the use of NFS:PU music in the menu made me nostalgia even harder. You guys are awesome.
  3. You do realize you beat the current world record by about .9 seconds?
  4. How Difficult would it be to rehash the models in Porsche to be higher in quality? Possibly increase the polygon count or something?
  5. The CRC hacking needs to stop, but stuff involving money shouldn't be that big of an issue. If you can only make under 10m off the races, you can't really drive all the cars you want. When cheating puts others at a disadvantage, then there is a issue.
  6. If were in the mood to post intros, second favorite behind the Porsche Unlimited. I think its the ricer stalling out at the start...or the awesome soundtrack...or the 911...
  7. Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend. I remember discovering the roads in TDU1, It was this on ramp that was under a section of a highway. I had to zoom in to maximum to find it. I wish that they would be slightly more accurate about the percent discovered. A 99.7% would be nice, or even 996/1000 miles. ---------- Post added at 21:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 19:41 PM ---------- Got area 1. It was literally a piece of road 15 meters long... Now for area 2! Thanks for the tips, I forgot what I did with TDU1 ---------- Post added at 22:46 PM ---------- Previous pos
  8. Gotta love a good ol' loophole. Was BMW part of that deal as well? It seems like only EA games had BMW's.
  9. I do agree with that, it seems they just couldn't shake loose that mentality that the only kind of cornering is to drift. That whole Underground-Carbon section was rather rough, maybe they will merge the arcardey NFS with Shift and its peers. One can only hope. I did enjoy Driver SF because of the story, subtle humor, and the challenges. Loved that story arc of the two Asian brothers that would get into high risk races and Tanner would have to bail them out. Sorry for the tangent there. I hold steadfast that NFSPU was the best.
  10. That's excellent news! *Crosses fingers for a DLC with a few 911's in around 19 months* Well, maybe not, thats why they got the Ruf's?
  11. Interesting. You enjoyed DriverSF but not Hot Pursuit? I fear for the future of the franchise when a FPS game company makes a better driver than EA.
  12. Well, I got it. At first I grumbled at Atari for having us use their coin system, but then I realized I could control which cars I really wanted and how much I'd have to pay. +1 for that. Having the more rare cars like the 599XX, F40, Tricolore, Sang Bleu, Ect. Makes It a bit more fun for me due to the diversity and that I haven't driven these cars before in other games. I haven't used the bikes all that much, bad memories of a certain challenge in TDU1 that I spent several hours on before realizing that you had to lean forward to reduce drag and go faster. +1 I also did get my Feng Shui on
  13. Because of the recent poll, where NFSPU dominated, I thought I'd make a thread where we all can discuss what we liked, hated, or wished was in the game! ---------- Post added at 19:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 19:24 PM ---------- Just to start, I'll throw out some topics. Favorite Track: Autobahn/Zone Industrielle Car: 356A Super Speedster, Red Convertible Era: Classic
  14. Yeah, It was the one where you had to "demonstrate your car control" by making a 360 using the hand break. Then the next level was the same although it involved 2 360's and you had to do a slalom between the two. As a 5-9 year old kid, they were one of the hardest things I had ever done. Also, because of the factory driver I know to take the innermost lane to shave of distances and that you can drive straight through s curves. Loved it so much. Almost feel like making a internet petition to get EA to remake it.
  15. I could have sworn that EA and Porsche signed a exclusivity contract..?
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