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Whats you MAIN car?


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dont worry about the title, but im wondering if any of you guys have a certain car you always drive, mines definately the dodge viper SRT - 10, because i drive manual and whoop everyones ass by a special start off I know (i bet you all know anyway). Anyway, i beat even saleens and enzo's on the raceway, so do you guys drive a certain car most of the time, like diablo who drives his black DB9, a lot? i also drive the dodge because im good with it and its a good drifter

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I don't know the Viper gear method.... :(

these things you shal learn, through wisdom, LOL nah you start in 4th gear, and whammo you beat a nood in their saleen S7 on the drag strip, until they reach 412 Km/h, and it works in saleen, just play around in most cars, like the 8C competitizione is good in 3rd.

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If i'm driving long trips, i drive enzo for the good gearbox or my red vette. If i'm cruising, i'll drive my Ford mustang GT-R concept with lime Green special paint. I like to drift with Shelby mustang daytona coupe because it's not too fast and it leaves nice smokes behind. It also has a long range gears.

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