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We support the makers

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Here is how you can help support the Anime/Game/Music/Hobby etc makers/producers

You're not required to include product link(s) because whether you can't find a product or just feeling lazy
But if you enjoy the piece of work, You're free and welcome to post purchase link to their stuff
(Note that due to quality of content (e.g scams), you're only allowed to post below sites)

Allowed sites: (more will be added in the future)
Amazon.com | Amazon.co.jp | JList.com | Jbox.com | Play-Asia.com | YesAsia.com |
You might already read our site manual that we do not allow linking to commercial / advertising stuff, that being said, the above sites are exceptions

How to:
Simply copy&paste link to the product / search result
You can post related items as well, (e.g if you post a lyrics on the lyrics database, you can include a link to the Anime or Game product)
This is an example and recommended format (optional)

Related article, know the rights, see how the industry works:

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*all the conditions and examples listed below are included, but not limited to

The author or creator owns the right to their original work
unless otherwise sold to a 3rd party
their works are protected by international copyright laws

Any fan scanlation, sub, rip, download etc is unlawful because
the holder might own the product but he/she does not have the right to make copies for redistribution
it's true that it may takes months or years (sometimes never) of waiting for authorized works (anime,manga etc) to be properly translated, pass all kinds of processings and sale within your country (Often many others also use this as excuse for not paying things that are too pricy)
that's why so many illegal online manga, downloadable websites exist today

in fact, some companies in Japan don't care because readers in other countries are less likely to purchase the Japanese editions
and these types of distributions can be seen as promotion for their products in other countries
In other case, for example, American companies who bought the copyrights of manga/anime/game etc and have them professionally translated
these companies care, because they want you to buy the products so that they can stay in business and bring more series for fans like you and me

that's why Eudemon.org as a website in United States cares about materials copyrighted in U.S.
To the creators and authors who might be reading this, if you have any concern about any content in Eudemon.org and its associated websites
feel free to contact us. As to me, doesn't matter if it's copyrighted in U.S. or not, I'm more than happy to remove it for you
note: you can always use the "report" button on any post/message/gallery etc item
to read our full agreement -> click me

anyways, the reason why i wrote this article is that I want you to respect other people's work
Anime/Manga/Game etc is an industry/business, without money support, it's not going anywhere
see how we support them: http://eudemon.org/topic/2383-we-support-the-makers/

By Eudemon @ Eudemon.org
article address: http://eudemon.org/topic/2383-we-support-the-makers/?p=4896
*for quoting/sourcing please indicate the author of this article which are the above lines

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