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gery5: Bugatti Veyron SuperSailer (Complete car mod)

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Please welcome Geo-Design's newest pride:


The SuperSailer


FullHD Gallery HERE


The mod contains:


- Custom colored chassis (glossy black painting, white-brown engine cover),

- Full-chassis texture in TGA format (apply with texmod),

- Custom 7-spoke wooden composite rims, certified for high speed use (400+ km/h:D )





Installation notes:

Place zip-file in the game's root folder, and unzip it. Original files are included as well as backup.

Use texmod to apply the graphics onto your SuperSailer, and enjoy the soft breeze ruffling your hair! :)


Additional notes:

Any modification of this mod - especially the rim and chassis skin included - without my written permission is prohibited.

Removing the "Myst" signature from the skin is also prohibited.

Do not edit textures. Do not distribute on any other sites without written permission.

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