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I've been offered a deal on a fairly cheap Minecraft/tekkit server and thought that it would be good to play it here with everyone,i think this has been discussed before, but no one really could host the server themselves including me at the time


But before i accept the offer i've been given i need to know if anybody still would be up for this, so if you would like to be part of this please add your name plus what version you would prefer either vanilla or the tekkit version




Edit: 30-03-2013


Right the tekkit lite server should hopefully be up and running, but its early days yet so if you do have any problems please let me know, everybody whose put there name down so far should hopefully be able to get in



the server address is

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I'd probably go with Tekkit, although I personally wouldn't use the Tekkit side of things to its full advantage. I just like to build big houses/towers and explore large caves and stuff which I can do in standard Minecraft.


One of my friends from school/college uploads regular YouTube videos of stuff he does on his server. I'll have to look through the videos and see what else it adds.


I'd be up for it regardless, though.

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sounds like a good starting point i guess


Just a quick update on the server, i did have it running ok, thought i would have a test run on it, before restarting it and letting you guys in. went to restart the map and find a good seed to play on and now the game wont start, had a quick chat with the server support team and it seems like there is a dodgy file somewhere so i've left it with them to sort out, but being easter weekend im not sure how quickly they will come back to me.

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