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Paladin Skylark

FH3 Time Trials

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A long long LONG time ago when Horizon 1 came out, we would have a weekly thread of who could post the fastest time on a track/route with a specific car, or cars - I would like to revive this tradition as we had a great time doing it.




- Proof of your time is not required, but you are required to post your time here so the standings can be updated.

- The winner of each week gets to pick next week's challenge/cars, if you win two weeks in a row, the runner up will choose.

- Pick cars that everyone can purchase, using a $10 million dollar Ferrari California for one challenge is silly, isn't it?

- Your time must be clean (NO ANGRY TRIANGLES)

- Have fun, obviously. (Additional rules can/will be added as we go)

- You can view your Rivals time by entering the race, and before selecting the class, you press Y to view the leaderboard.







Time: 2:03:918 | H4milton

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If we go by the FM6 rivals/time trials rules of yesteryear the winner of the weekly challenge choose a track/vehicle on sunday so the moderators can update on monday. And you don't get to choose more than once in a row. If the previous winner wins two in a row the runner-up selects the second week. Liked that concept

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@Milli not sure if you aimed that at me but that is what I was doing. But I couldn't adjust the car so that it's drivable but still fast. I'm not an expert in this kind of stuff so I struggled a bit and left it. I can try to set a time though. But it's probably not fast enough.

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