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Loek's FM7 pictures

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@Diablo thanks, Forzavista on track is a great addon to FM7 as shown in that picture :) Got a load of shots, not in great quality because my Xbox gallery decided to not work. Anyway. [ATTACH]30117[/ATTACH] Audi S3 Touring Car in Dubai. [ATTACH]30118[/ATTACH] Nicely detailed engine... [ATTACH]30119[/ATTACH] Most practical use of four doors ever :) [ATTACH]30120[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30121[/ATTACH] The Dubai track is pretty nice. [ATTACH]30122[/ATTACH] Wet racing in the Civic. [ATTACH]30123[/ATTACH] Brands Hatch, been close to it this summer, didn't have the chance to visit it. Shame. [ATTACH]30124[/ATTACH] A morning on Sebring. [ATTACH]30125[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30126[/ATTACH] In Miami where the weather looks... threatening (or is that insuitable considering the hurricane?) [ATTACH]30127[/ATTACH] It's okay in Prague though. [ATTACH]30128[/ATTACH] Abu Dhabi Nights [ATTACH]30129[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30130[/ATTACH] Yas Marina has never looked so good. [ATTACH]30131[/ATTACH] A very foggy Hockenheimring where it was time for me to check out some FnF cars. Although when I say that, I only used the Impreza. [ATTACH]30132[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30133[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30134[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30135[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30136[/ATTACH] Random out-of-context Rio shot. [ATTACH]30137[/ATTACH] Now before you start: yes the Touareg is a controversial automobile. Especially in a game where SUV's are useless. But having this car gives me a lot of TDU2 vibes... hence why I had loads of fun with it today. It resulted in a load of shots. [ATTACH]30138[/ATTACH] Rainy Silverstone [ATTACH]30139[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30140[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30141[/ATTACH] I decided to explore the new Dubai Circuit. [ATTACH]30142[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30143[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30144[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30145[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30146[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30147[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30148[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30149[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30150[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30151[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30152[/ATTACH] Got some more shots but because I'm unsure whether I get to play much Forza tomorrow, I'm keeping a bunch on reserve.

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A load of shots of the incredible GT2 RS

























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@hassan1995 @mau92 @Diablo thanks :) Some more from today. [ATTACH]30173[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30174[/ATTACH] Suspiciously appearing Silverstone shots because apparently Silverstone looks good in this game. [ATTACH]30175[/ATTACH] The new car in this game which wasn't the GT2 RS. [ATTACH]30176[/ATTACH] meh Idk I don't like the GT1 that much. [ATTACH]30177[/ATTACH] My personal rule is not to avoid FH3 cars if I have a choice. However I never gave the GT4 a lot of love in FH3 so I will correct that in FM7. [ATTACH]30178[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30179[/ATTACH] It's really nice to drive. [ATTACH]30180[/ATTACH] Something I've never done because it was an expansion in FM6: NASCAR! [ATTACH]30181[/ATTACH] New car, new track (Homestead Miami was DLC in FM6 too) [ATTACH]30182[/ATTACH] Ohh yes. [ATTACH]30183[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30184[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30185[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30186[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30187[/ATTACH] Apparently NASCAR on an Indy oval works fine too [ATTACH]30188[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30189[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30190[/ATTACH] And of course: Daytona [ATTACH]30191[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30192[/ATTACH]

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Something I never found out is how you can change focus on different spots in the picture, luckily @mau92 knows how and now I made a few using this "new" technique. [ATTACH]30197[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30198[/ATTACH] Camaro safety car... on the subject of safety cars, I found out you can add safety car sirens on a few cars (Aventador, SLS, ZL1, RS6 and Golf R) so here are some wet Golf shots. [ATTACH]30199[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30200[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30201[/ATTACH] Anyway, back to the Camaro. [ATTACH]30203[/ATTACH] Now doesn't that look great? [ATTACH]30202[/ATTACH] Oh and god I love the M4 GTS. [ATTACH]30204[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30205[/ATTACH] I love Suzuka and it looks amazing.

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Today we got some hyper sedan action



I love the RS7 still.



Suzuka in the rain looks good.



BMW M5 E60 which was absent from FH3 and previous Motorsport games, I really like its return.



Idk about the Dubai circuit, it's visually stunning of course but I miss something in it.









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@Diablo thx, is there something like too much fun? Hehe Some more from today [ATTACH]30223[/ATTACH] GT3 class racing in the Audi LMS something or another. [ATTACH]30224[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30225[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30226[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30227[/ATTACH] Enough Dubai? Lucky you, here's Spa. [ATTACH]30228[/ATTACH] Idk if the glowing red discs add to the action or destroy this pic... personally I sort of like it. [ATTACH]30229[/ATTACH] Eau Rouge... [ATTACH]30230[/ATTACH] Meanie [ATTACH]30231[/ATTACH] Le Light Le Mans show. [ATTACH]30232[/ATTACH] I got sandwiched! [ATTACH]30233[/ATTACH] Time for something less new, less race-y, less advanced. It is infact the grandfather of the Audi RS6: The RS2 Avant. [ATTACH]30234[/ATTACH] This thing drives epic, though. [ATTACH]30235[/ATTACH] A suspiciously wet Nurburgring. So this morning they announced that VIP users get more out of their game. Extra Forza Edition cars, extra credit boosters and: a 1mil credit bonus. Which gave me enough money to buy the car I've been wanting for a while now: [ATTACH]30236[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30237[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30238[/ATTACH] The fearsome, brutal, almighty, more things etc, McLaren P1 GTR. Hell yeah. [ATTACH]30239[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30240[/ATTACH] Enough drooling over stationairy garage shots. Let's get it in action. [ATTACH]30241[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30242[/ATTACH] ...let's just say I forgot to make photo's because it drives like a beast and I had fun.

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P2 Championship, which features this weird Corvette racer. However, it drives really nice!



A wet Spa track but the car handles it well.



Eat my... water trails, Mazda!



A Daytona Prototype vehicle will inevitably end up on Daytona...



The skies!!



Some more NASCAR



Random Porsche action



I decided to build a Harlequin Golf. More info on that soon



Oooo yeah





This legendary Nissan racer to give the good Gran Turismo 4 vibes.





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It's so cool that in all of the on-track shots that there is something to look at in the background too. Not quite sure what's going on with that helicopter in the first with the Nissan though, hope that's a cliff edge. :cool:

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Some more various shots from the past couple of days







Bet you weren't expecting that :D



A Zakspeed Capri







Also, a Lancia





Wet weather @Sarthe





More GT2 RS













Le Panamera











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@Diablo idk why but the latest FM7 update seems to have fixed the gallery issue. Right on time for some Giulia Quadrifogliolioliogli shots [ATTACH]30410[/ATTACH] The Ferrari engine... [ATTACH]30411[/ATTACH] The nice interior [ATTACH]30412[/ATTACH] What a beauty isn't it? [ATTACH]30413[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30414[/ATTACH] On a track it drives amazing, and the sound is even nicer. [ATTACH]30415[/ATTACH] Yup, I like this car a lot. [ATTACH]30416[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30417[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30418[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30419[/ATTACH] Also, slidezzz

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Played some more FM7 too



I still like the Quadrifoglioglio.





Putting the panorama in Mount Panorama. (ironic considering you can't see any view :D)



P1 GTR stays awesome.







Another GTR, this time a Nissan LM.





The RSR.



Although close to useless in FM7, I like the new Cayenne.









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