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Biodesign conceps

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Hi guys. Bio is my fav style so let's share here masterpieces and simply interesting examples of concepts of late 1980s - early 1990s. Those which we'd be so glad to have at least in a racing game. And i'll start with, let's see... This scale Mazda RX-44 here is an outstanding example of body forming, and it's so disappointing they haven't made a fully functional prototype. [ATTACH]30680[/ATTACH]

With it's predecessor RX-33, also beautiful, but not so sexy car, was drivable [ATTACH]30681[/ATTACH]

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Yeeah, maestro Colani's works are eternal. Another cool concept car which appeared to be far more elegant than further production series (quite popular though) is Chrysler 300.


And just look at the interior!


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These organic shapes were more popular in the 90's, although, there are some modern ones aswell. Like the Renault DeZir, that might not be very organic on the outside, the interior otherwise...






This interior with this red lighting behind the seats is something else.


And now, the trend on the bio-organic design is more towards the car structure, to make it bone-like.


Such as this Bertone project




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Famous design studio Ghia made with Ford several very nice concepts. Among those i can spot spider Focus






and my favorite Zig-Zag pair on Fiesta platform



Besides Ford designers themselves did really cool things in those years, like Contour which is IMO beyond sexy



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Yeah, they actually did many beautiful cars with american and european brands but mostly in 1950s-1960s. Speaking of design studios i can't miss Italdesign Columbus collabed with BMW. This is the most epic van i ever seen.



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