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For those of you know about wordpress

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As far as I know currently the only usage on Turboduck is posting blog news,


I am currently incline to merge both platform into one,


the benefits:

  • look and layout will be same across entire site
    (altho this can still be accomplished when keeping it separate, development time is a lot more to keep them feel as part of same thing)
  • login session will be consistent
    (keeping it separate can still have login be shared via Oauth 2.0, user sessions are not, meaning you login to forum and go to blog, you won't be automatically logged in, there are workarounds but future support are concerning)
  • Make use of internal system API, for example, giving reward to member who contribute, group permissions
  • existing posts can be migrated over, this will also save some time on upkeep
    (reason is simple, think maintenance on two application vs one, which one is easier)

the drawbacks:

  • available themes and plugins are significantly less by dropping wordpress
    (we might only be using it for blogging purpose as of now, but might be expanded for something else later on)
  • In term of posting content, I believe currently there is no application that can beat the simplicity of wordpress

would like some input from you guys

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I actually have no idea. That seems too much of technical stuff for me. :lol:


But what i understood, if i am not wrong, is that the main page can remain as it is, or open for everyone to write an article, am i correct?


I like the idea of it being open, although, that can compromise the quality of the article/text.

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