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How to separate "connected" vehicles sharing the database, to use it separately. (Experimentaly)

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How to separate "connected" vehicles sharing the database, to use it separately - experimental.


1. Load original vehicle (ex: load Lotus Evora)

2. Export loaded original vehicle's data

3. Load target vehicle (ex: load Lotus Evora "Solar Crown")

4. Import the data you exported before

5. Click "Apply" to save changes.

With the above work, the two vehicles can now be handled as independent vehicles not related to each other. After that, according to usual MOD installation procedure, if necessary change tires or adjust performance and complete.


As a result of experiments with a school car and several prize cars, it was confirmed that both can be separated. There may be side effects on other vehicles. Moreover, it is not confirmed the behavior etc online. I would appreciate it if you can report the experiment results.

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