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Texture problems...


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Hi, so I've been trying to make my own mods for TDU2, with varying success 😃

But one thing that's got me stumped is the textures. Whenever I try to convert my desired DDS image to a 2DB, it doesn't show up in game, instead i get orang 🤬


To demonstrate I've tried to replace the glass texture on this Lotus, but I just get orang (and the transparency seems to be lost as well, glass is now painted black 🤣)

At first I thought there might have been something wrong with my image, the converting tools ect so to check I also tried swapping the texture to some per-existing 2DB files from the game, but I get the same orang results 😭

That said, the textures show up fine in the TDUMT2 texture viewer🤔

Starting to think if the issue is not with the texture, but some sort of limit in the game, so if there is any detected change in texture files it won't show anything perhaps??


If anyone knows how to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated, hoping to make/release some nice mods here but until I can solve this I can't progress much further 😔


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So it appears I am stupid and didn't fill in the "Original 2db file" part properly, after doing so the textures showed up as they were supposed to 🥳

So now I have for the most part got the hang of the workflow for making TDU2 cars, but there is still one thing that I haven't been able to solve.

TDU2's default cars seem to have some sort of AO applied to them (tho there appears to be no baked textures), however this AO does not seem to be applied to the body mesh I've imported into the game


see here how the door of the S3 Esprit looks nicely shaded (an original game asset) whereas the RX-7 body looks oversaturated and a much brighter shade, despite both meshes having the exact same material 😕

If I had to guess perhaps it's a problem with the UV mapping? If anyone has had similar issues and knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it 😁

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TDU1 and TDU2 vanilla models have Ambient Occlusion baked into vertex color. It's fairly complex to replicate for a beginner and requires you to understand techniques in baking, understand the concept of ambient occlusion and have access to software which is able to do that (I never use it, but when I do it's 3DS Max, ZModeler 3 can do it aswell)


My advice: skip it



Zmodeler Tutorial:


3DS Max Tutorial:


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