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  1. When there is no reply in 3 years, the no, most likely not
  2. hi guys just a short screenshot dump at this point I finally finished the silhouette bodykit as a complete kit. now only some minor custom parts are left like trofeo side skirts, novitec bumpers and bonnets, probably some DMC stuff to model, but minus the side skirts all the "whole bodykits" are complete. Custom license plate because funny number And I started layouting the UI for the menus. They are fully functional but very raw in terms of appearance. thats a task for later but i want it to work in general before detailing. still gotta do a pause menu. probably the next thing after the layout. Also, not sure if I mentioned it already, but windshield wipers work now, too. But I still have to create a droplet mask to make it look like they are actually wiping something
  3. Imagine being so thirsty to want to have some bimbos back parts added to a car video game..
  4. what exactly? There are plenty of tutorials on how to use TDUF. I only give you suggestions on what you can do to solve your problem
  5. hi guys happy new year some updates about PD I finally settled on an approach on how to render ambient occlusion. VCAO is out. Traditional mapped way it is, but seperated per channel so the impact on drawcalls during customisation by switching in between different textures in runtime is not so high Also all of the modeled parts are now fully mapped and functional. Missing some bumpers and side skirts but thats nothing major. a task of 2 days. constantly adding new wheels since they're so easy to do. Takes literally an hour from scratch. It's fast. Reincarnated the function of glow masks for solid materials. Eg. light shine reflection on plastics etc. without use of physical lights. Saves performance dramatically, yet looking insanely good. Next up is probably importing a proper interior model and creating leather and interior materials. Still have to figure out a way how to render interior reflections. Also need to create a pause menu and, most importantly, settings. My friends beta tested this build and pointed out they needed it. UI still needs to be continued in general. Everything works via debug but isn't pretty yet. Steam integration stopped working. Idk why. Need to find that out. Environment still temporary, however maybe I'll detail it in future, idk. Also, scratched the idea of giving the ability to select a stretch tire look by sliders. It just didn't work with my approach. Maybe I'll do it like the latest NFS and just give options on which kind of tire to apply. Regular, Drag, Drift/Tuner/Stretch. Taking shape. A lot to do, but taking shape.
  6. download the performance tool, set the price of the alfa gt to 1000$, buy the car (twice or 3 times or whatever), close the game, open performance tool agan and set the price of the alfa gt to 99.999.999$, go to your game, sell the cars, and buy your old cars again. alternatively reset the price of the alfa back to default after that
  7. possible through HEX. Extremely difficult. Not worth the effort. Just restart the game with a new profile
  8. its not dead but it just certainly is not very high up on my day to day things to think about i might perhaps one day come back to it
  9. hey, so not toooo much happened since last time, but I got some visuals for you. The current (exterior) environment finally has street lamps and a background filler. Whoopty doo. I will put ambient sounds over so it feels a little more "lively". Police sirens, trains, accelerating cars, tire squeels etc. with a reverb in the background. Not there yet. I ported my debug paint editor from my old project, and finished up the factory paint colors for the Huracan. Not too fancy of an update, but now it looks nice And I "refreshed" the project cover of the v1.0 back in the days I love how you can see a major improvement just by placing both the covers beside each other lol Still working on the UI. I hate making UI. Will post updates asap again
  10. https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/36093-oahucars-team-classic-mods-reuploaded/
  11. The body (Paint) shader now supports VCAO (Vertex Color Ambient Occlusion) which improves performance a bit in the long run. Hell to set up. You won't notice it unless I actively toggle it on or off, but trust me it looks better. Also, wheels can be painted now. Minor progress is still progress. Current gameplan is to make everything work via debug tools before going to actually put it into UX. Actually self explanatory, but I am the kind of person which likes to rush things. Typically not an issue if I keep control of everything, but here things can come in between so going the safe route here.
  12. I've made a neutral debug level to test paint shaders in, and it turned out almost better looking than the actual environment lmao
  13. Heya just a short teaser until I find out how to make a proper video without OBS after 20 seconds. Still a lot of UI and behind the scenes work. But I imported a gazillion wheels so there is that.
  14. Some small update. Did the majority of the work behind the scenes on the scripts. Visual updates are mainly: Wheel UI is in the works. Rims can now be changed outside of debug tools And, arguably one of the most important things, functions to change paint color are now working. Finally I can preview the car in anything else than pure white: Not much, but the paint thing is a major update. Will post more updates as soon as there are any.
  15. The world woke up today expecting nothing and here we are, getting an almost hour long video leak of GTA6 gameplay and debugging, including heist gameplay, combat and movement mechanics. Definitely not expected this to happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbu2V2fgkXc Seems like a quite progressed, yet ungraded and unpolished gameplay. Manily using RTX2080 and 1080 workstations. Apparently it's running on Unreal Engine and not on RAGE, yet I have to see a single trace of Unreal Engine in those videos. The console certainly looks very unfamiliar to me. Somebody is definitely getting fired tomorrow. E: T2 took down the video. You can find a dump of most of the clips here: https://mega.nz/folder/rmhChBRY#SoZcV6XM4tNfeehKJifcDg E2: T2 also took down the mega folder. Well, let's hope Reddit keeps it's pace:
  16. what exactly is a mod folder? You have to replace the files with the core files of the game. If unsure, read the Readme file attached in the downloaded folder. Where exactly did you copy the files to? Which path? Or what did you do to install it? Need more information about what youve done, your description currently is very vague.
  17. I wanted to create a video demo of the current build but OBS does not like recording more than 2 frames per minute apparently. So only screenshots again. I worked a bit further on the color grading and the rain shader. I think it came out nice. Still improvements to be done though. Steam integration is also there, but I will make it optional at some point. No real news about gameplay and UI since I had a nasty bug which had to be fixed before continuing, but I fixed it today so it can progress from here. Don't expect any news soon though. Still a lot to do irl. Ah, and custom parts are still not UV mapped for the use with the raindrops so it looks odd here and there. It will look better next time. Enjoy the pics. Maybe you can see already which mood I am aiming for the game.
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