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  1. she won't (and perhaps even can't) edit 3D files (since they're locked). It's up to the original creators of the cars so it won't be fixed unless the modders decide to. Which is not likely. So it really is not worth reporting.
  2. I don't care who enjoys that beside me, to be honest. I am my only priority in modding. I release only when I feel to release it. So, as harsh as it might sound - take it or leave it. Everyone has their own taste on what he likes and what he does not. I enjoyed making Lamborghinis, majority of the forum members complained after a period of time which wanted me to make JDM stuff or something "non-extotic". You won't please everyone, so just be happy what a modder does in total. If you don't like it - well, too bad.
  3. I can only speak for myself here, and I can say this is pretty much wrong. I don't exist as a modder because of the amount of players the game has, but the joy I have with the game. I would have modded TDU even if the game would be literally dead - which it pretty much is, if you compare it to the time I actually started modding. Paradise is just a handy thing to have happened to the game. I belive that's the situation with the most modders for TDU. Also, there are various reasons for a modder to quit. I was close to quitting when the game had it's peak - just because I had to do things with the time I modded which actually paid my bills. I'd gladly mod full-time, but no game will give you this possibility except Assetto, with their astronomical mod fees by individual modders, or GTA by being lucky enough to have a strong Patreon like GTA5KoRn. TDU is nowhere in the position to provide us either, so modders quit one by one because they just don't have time anymore. I am luckily in the position to have a little bit of spare time to dedicate for TDU (not much, but still), but nowhere near the time I'd love to have for mods.
  4. Can you please stop, for the love of god. A modder does not have to do only cars the community wants, it's basically take it or leave it. If you're not happy with the choise of cars the modder has - you're more than free to learn how to mod yourself. That's how I started back then aswell. Think about it this way - I don't owe the community anything. What do I get back from the community for the mods (as harsh as it might sound)? I am very thankful for the feedback and I am glad seing people enjoy what I do, but this is in all seriousness not worth the weeks or even up to months I used to make a car mod. I obviously never did it for money, as I never got any in return, and I love the community, but in all seriousness, that's how it is. I do my cars, and whoever wants those cars, can download them. 99% of my mods I never released or shown, and the ones I release you can play with. If you don't want to - then don't. I, as a modder, don't owe you anything. You're not any modders boss. We can talk about that again if you pay anyone their monthly salary and they make you any car you want - like an employment. However I am sure you are not willing to pay 800$ a month for 4 cars, concidering someone can make mod of your desired quality in one week á 6 hours a day. Which are at least not the standards I am used to, but that's neither here nor there. StarGT can do anything he wants - if he perfers doing cars he is being paid for - go for it. But you are not the one to choose. Like I said - you are absolutely free to learn modding yourself doing cars you want. But willing to pay 20$ or 50$ or whatever for a mod and then act like the biggest community white knight won't get you anywhere. I'm really sure StarGT would have been more than ready to make your mods for the money if you wouldnt be acting like a douchebag.
  5. I have a G27. Pretty sure the G29 will still work, if not even better.
  6. You pretty much described a modder's Patreon..
  7. If I would be the one requesting a mod and paying for it, I wouldn't want to the mod to be shared. I mean I paid for it, so I want the exclusivity. If my exclusive requested (and purchased) mod would be shared, I'd feel kinda betrayed since what would be the reason for me to pay for it to begin with, if others can get it for free. The whole point of paying for a mod is to get an exclusive mod. If I'd be the modder of a paid mod, I wouldn't share it either, because I could make more money to put the mod for sale later on again. For significant less, but I'd still have a valid reason to sell it, as I can claim it to be an "exclusive mod", and make some more dimes on it. (I generally don't make paid mods, however) Unless you're the generous person who pays for the community, which is not particularly imaginable for someone to care about the community by someone who has 2 posts in total on the main community forums. I get where you guys are coming from, however.
  8. since OP asked for custom mods for him, it wouldnt make sense for both him and the creator to share it, when the creator is being paid.
  9. That's something Milli can't fix since she have not made the car models.
  10. thanks, appreciate it. yes i model and texture the cars myself from scratch
  11. The first Accords hit the island! Read more here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/32188684
  12. Small update More updates coming soon on www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  13. I am not working with normal maps since normal maps are making the file size way bigger than some extra polygons, and in TDU you have a hard limit of the size of a traffic car file, which is somewhere around 600kb-ish as far i remember. 512px Normal maps are 1300kb by themselfes already, so it's not an option. If I could work with normal maps, I would make the details way better to begin with. Thanks for the input though, but as you can see there's a reason why i do how i do it
  14. The least you can do is change the belt type to 2 point (I belive) in TDUPE, so it will be a belt around the players waist, which is barely visible. but you can't remove it entirely, no
  15. the 2dm was never explored to the point where you could modify it standalone. speeders world editor could make it readable and modify it to an extend, but nothing grounbreaking could be made with it. i once tried to edit the file to add new paint colors (from colors.2db in bnk/vehicules), it created a new material but there is no way to make it work in a precise way so the game can read it back, it's basically gibberish. i always hoped someone could decrypt the files so we can modify it properly, but I belive it will end like the xmb sound files, where the result just wouldnt be worth the research and effort put into decrypting it.
  16. Updated the list for the Utility vehicles, meaning list is now complete. Continuing modeling.
  17. Hello, I updated the list, posted renders of new models and updated the old ones. Cars update:
  18. I am not forced to upload any of my mods to public. When you call me selfish for that, alright. I just don't want my mods to be online anymore for my own particular reasons you don't know. So stop placing me in bad light just because you don't get what you want.
  19. https://turboduck.net/forum/76-sound-mods/ Correction: https://turboduck.net/forum/102-released-sounds/
  20. Nice, good to see a new version of this
  21. all sounds in the game are *.wav btw
  22. They are in Euro/bnk/sound/vehicules/common.bnk
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