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  1. like i said before: seating positions are hard coded into the game model itself. Milli doesnt change them, it's the original car creators job. So its unlikely to be fixed.
  2. seating positions are hard coded into the game model itself. Milli doesnt change them, it's the original car creators job. So its unlikely to be fixed.
  3. usually thats normal car behaviour. Last gear is the efficiency gear, so the car drives at max speed with lower rpm. thats the case with most (sports)cars in the recent years with 7+ gears.
  4. there are no clubs and drive ins. also there is no online marketplace.
  5. since youre exporting from zmodeler by obj, you can export materials as well. in blender you should have the option to import obj with materials (mtl). if you do that, the single meshes have material IDs applied, then you can get a script or something to seperate meshes via material ID. i dont know blender since i dont use it, but i assume it should be possible, since its the workflow in max too.
  6. not without completely re-converting it, no
  7. Hi guys, quick update, a lot of details were worked on in PD lately, which are not really worth a whole post. However, I now have a discord server where i will post all the updates. If that's something you fancy, please join. https://discord.gg/N2kxBbutcJ If not, I will post an update as soon as major things will happen. Or at least more than since the last update.
  8. the point is not the interior, the point is that the models are too crap to even work with. its not worth the effort. its easier to make the model from scratch and use the lowpoly ones as blueprint, but trust me you can't afford it for me making it.
  9. Thats a CSR Racing model. CSR Classics are the same. It's literally unusable since it has no interior, no proper wheels and not even 3D lights. It would barely fly as a traffic car.
  10. I mean, sure its possible, but the models are insanely low poly so it would look like crap so nobody does it.
  11. Looks very interesting. Too bad it's made by ubisoft, so you already know that the physics gonna suck. E: Wait, so it's basically Ubisofts Horizon? Well. They set the bar insanely high now. If they nail the physics and get some more customisation in, they have a chance to compete E2: ok they have customisation which is even a main focus. Physics looks still very TC2-esque. Hope it won't be as drifty as NFS. Now I'm actually curious.
  12. no it doesnt. it behaves like it should. 50%=50%, 80%=80% etc
  13. I used the G27 for years and years and I always had full control over my inputs in TDU. So, either it's a subjective feeling or your overall inputs / specifically for TDU in the logitech app are skewed.
  14. Hi long time no see, but I decided on importing a new car into the project. One of the 6-ish demo cars which will be available by release. This helps me debug things more in depth, so I fixed a lot of things behind the scenes in terms of lights, textures and wheels. Anyway, here's the baby No custom parts just yet, but the base is pretty much finished. Yes, CSL kit will follow Next up is window tint function optimisation (restructuring, UI etc.). Also need to fix a few bugs with the wheel customisation. Minor things though. Also, I teamed up with two Assetto Corsa modders, which act basically like freelancers for Project Drive. Basically, I will add way more custom rims for more variety. Environment is on hold, but it's not really important rn anyway. Let me know what you think of the E46. I think it turned out mucho buen
  15. dumb question, but did you set up the input settings with the wheel? Also, if you plug in the controller after starting the game, it might not be recognized untill game restart. Happens sometimes. I have a G27 myself and I can assure you TDU supports it.
  16. My Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\username\Radio
  17. the process is exactly the same for 3D models from any source. If the GTA5 mod is locked, there is no way, however. Ask the creator for permission, he might send you the model. Even if the mod is unlocked you should ask.
  18. When there is no reply in 3 years, the no, most likely not
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