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  1. the whole point why i added the text file is that i didnt get to choose to post an individual link. wasnt aware. would still be awesome if you return the regular mod threads. no, not only am i not a fan of requests, i dont even have the majority of my mods online anymore
  2. This is not paywalled content, again, this mod is free. The only thing I made an exclusive is a cosmetic change of the exact same mod. Which I didn't even link to just mentioned in the description
  3. If you would let people create a mod thread without forcing me to upload the files to your own servers I would gladly do so Also I shared a direct link in the description of the mod, so
  4. This is not paywalled the mod I shared was literally free otherwise I wouldn't have shared it
  5. The C63 is released! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer Enjoy!
  6. buy alfa GT, quit game, open TDUPE, open alfa GT, set price to 2 billion, save, go to tdu, sell the alfa, done. optional: change back the price in TDUPE to vanilla
  7. Released now for $10+ on Patreon! If you'd like to get it next week, it's only $1 - this will include access to the Patreon-exclusive Edition1 model PS: Already working on the next mod, more information on patreon!
  8. if you post in english maybe we can help. but unfortunately i dont speak spaghetti
  9. C63S Coupe Edition1 released - available for download now for anyone on Patreon with $1 and more! It won't be released publically so make sure to get this exclusive www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  10. what do you mean by that is it opening or is it not opening?
  11. by starting the game with an online profile
  12. New car done! Release 5th July 2020, or today on Patreon PS: Patreon has an exclusive version
  13. the logos are in Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FrontEnd\AllRes\RadioLogo.bnk
  14. That's not possible, it most likely is stored in the savegame file
  15. its not the same part, theyellow part is plastic, the other part is gloss black note that the green one has the plastic disassembled, whilest the white one has the gloss black. combine it together and you see the inner part is a different material it looks bright because its the highlight of the sun on the plastic. tdu has no self-shadow for the exterior so the vents do not produce shadow on the part
  16. Not quite sure what you mean by that to be honest, can you show what you mean
  17. the clickbait was wrong, who would have thought
  18. All the special editions of the Murcielago are now available enjoy! Available on www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  19. speaking of bugs, i can't play races properly since by starting any race it spawns me on the grass at the lighthouse on the south west of the crater, making it particularly frustrating on delivery missions, any idea why it is so? not sure if its related to patch 1.68 or what exactly since i reinstall everything at once before starting the game.
  20. files with "off" at the beginning are the decelerating samples (when you're off the throttle), self-explanatory what "on" is then. low-mid-high are the states of the revs. low revs are like 1000-3000 rpm, mid is 3000-6000 and high is 6000>. Obviously the numbers are an example and not specific in practical use since its depending on the rev range and the samples, but you get the point
  21. some cars have a link, some don't as far as I recon. For example, my mods are purged there specifically. I'm not even sure if it has download links in general tbh.
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