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  1. I am not working with normal maps since normal maps are making the file size way bigger than some extra polygons, and in TDU you have a hard limit of the size of a traffic car file, which is somewhere around 600kb-ish as far i remember. 512px Normal maps are 1300kb by themselfes already, so it's not an option. If I could work with normal maps, I would make the details way better to begin with. Thanks for the input though, but as you can see there's a reason why i do how i do it
  2. How about google-ing before
  3. The least you can do is change the belt type to 2 point (I belive) in TDUPE, so it will be a belt around the players waist, which is barely visible. but you can't remove it entirely, no
  4. the 2dm was never explored to the point where you could modify it standalone. speeders world editor could make it readable and modify it to an extend, but nothing grounbreaking could be made with it. i once tried to edit the file to add new paint colors (from colors.2db in bnk/vehicules), it created a new material but there is no way to make it work in a precise way so the game can read it back, it's basically gibberish. i always hoped someone could decrypt the files so we can modify it properly, but I belive it will end like the xmb sound files, where the result just wouldnt be worth the research and effort put into decrypting it.
  5. Updated the list for the Utility vehicles, meaning list is now complete. Continuing modeling.
  6. Hello, I updated the list, posted renders of new models and updated the old ones. Cars update:
  7. I am not forced to upload any of my mods to public. When you call me selfish for that, alright. I just don't want my mods to be online anymore for my own particular reasons you don't know. So stop placing me in bad light just because you don't get what you want.
  8. https://turboduck.net/forum/76-sound-mods/ Correction: https://turboduck.net/forum/102-released-sounds/
  9. Nice, good to see a new version of this
  10. all sounds in the game are *.wav btw
  11. They are in Euro/bnk/sound/vehicules/common.bnk
  12. Please don't request my mods, I won't share them and strike people when they will be. About the SuperSports, I belive StarGT did it with the moving spoiler, just google, I don't have it myself.
  13. Make sure you have the magic map installed. Also had this issue when I reinstalled TDU after a year and totally forgot about it.
  14. Which trucks do you mean? The traffic pack of 2CVSUPERGT was and still is awesome. Gonna be a challenge to reach this level lol concidering I have poly count restrictions. I would make the traffic cars 8k polys each when I could. But this is actually a mod with lowspec pcs in mind.
  15. This is very unlikely concidering it's almost done.
  16. Yeah there is a particular modder I have in mind which I read out by this statement lmao. Let's hope he won't "all of a sudden" make quality traffic mods right after I release it, what a coincidence that would be. Just mentioning my GT3 out of the blue here Yep might be the most clever decision. I can see myself doing something completely different right after preparing the Tahoe blueprints, I am really spontaneous you know E: btw had an idea about the firetruck and bus replacements: note to myself: the bus is a Gillig Low Floor
  17. Yeah well, i rather make that mild extra effort now than later. And even if damage doesnt work, its a matter of a minute to delete the below-bumper meshes which saves 100 more polys. So i can only benefit by that regardless haha
  18. I actually never managed to make traffic cars damageable in TDU, but to be honest I never really tried to. The Models are prepared to >be< damageable, yes, just Gotta figure out how Vanilla does that. Also planing on make broken glass and dents and scratches work. Which is I belive UV2 ingame and for thus pretty easy to do.
  19. Altima done. The Altima turned out to be a fairly complicated car to model actually. Not particulary difficult, but tricky to catch the shapes. It isn't perfect by any means, but it's close enough, really. Also, texturing the headlights was a nightmare. But yeah lol. Ignore the reflections of the the transparent stuff in the paint, we all know it doesn't matter since TDU won't reflect them ingame. Asset details: Polycount: 2.298 specific textures used: 5 (512x512 DXT1 no alpha, 256x256 DXT5, 256x256 DXT1 no alpha, 256x256 DXT1 no alpha, 128x128 DXT1 no alpha) Duration: 5-ish days Gonna make a break from the traffic cars for a day or two (actually, continue my "real work" lol), in the meanwhile you can tell me what I should model next from the list. I am tending towards Expedition or Tahoe.
  20. This track has an insane vibe holy crap
  21. Yes it's possible, you need to edit the performance packs with TDUF and assign a specific slot to the tuning pack. Vanilla Nissan 350Z and Ford Mustang work this way.
  22. Altima modeling done. The same(-ish) polycount as the Tacoma. Slightly more, but still alright since in the 2000-2500 polys range. Will texture it the following days, post renders and take on another car. Either the Expedition or the Tahoe, I'll see.
  23. The game will have over 800 cars you can replace.
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