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  1. Thanks @Kikwik It was great working on it with @Xarlith and @Jorgemodek. The LP570-4 is still one of my favourite mods I've done.
  2. You just make a new one with zmodeler and put it into the cars bnk.
  3. You can do that already, I did it a while back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u40nvUXxgYY&feature=youtu.be With TDU2 you can just make your own 2dm and put it into the cars bnk, but with TDU1 it's all in one 2dm. @Djey how many materials are in the 2dm?
  4. I have absolutely no recollection of ever making these. Hopefully they are of some use.
  5. @MagicV8 please upload them, I'd like to see what I did.
  6. I wouldn't say I'm active but should some thing happen with online I will make a mod. What's the issue?
  7. As my SSD started to fail I got a new one and obviously a clean install of windows and everything is working as it should.
  8. I'm trying to not get to excited but it's a struggle.
  9. I have the same problem and have no idea why. I'm going to reinstall windows to see if that fixes the issue.
  10. If/when TDU2 comes online again I will have to make a new mod to celebrate.?
  11. I believe all modders know how to do it. It's something that was always done with TDU2 cars and even with some TDU1 cars.
  12. I think I'll just go back to windows 7 when my new PC parts come. The only thing I like about windows 10 is that Nvidia Vsync stays on when I alt-tab out of a game.
  13. It's so annoying not knowing what's causing the issue. Some times it load and some times it doesn't. It just loads a black screen then closes. @Djey any idea with that one?
  14. What software did you use, the G-HUB or the Logitech Gaming Software?
  15. Yes tried that. I think I will just wait until next week when my new PC parts come and I have to install windows etc. Maybe I will go back to windows 7.
  16. Nope stock with the ISO mounted.
  17. I've just had this @Djey any idea?
  18. I have no idea on why it's not starting. It's the first time ever I've had an issue with getting TDU1 to run.
  19. I can't even get TDU1 to load now. I think this is the first time using windows 10 so is there some thing I have to do?
  20. As the title says it doesn't work. What do I need to install the G-HUB or Logitech Gaming Software. Starting the game is real hit and miss as well which I don't know if it's related. Hopefully some one can help me out. Cheers
  21. I do hope TDU3 comes. I've just installed TDU1 after months maybe even a year and love it just as much as the first time I played it. It's got me wanting to make a mod.
  22. Are the colors for the interior in the same 2DM? Each TDU2 car had it's own 2DM so it was no effort to make one.
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