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  1. I have the same problem and have no idea why. I'm going to reinstall windows to see if that fixes the issue.
  2. I believe all modders know how to do it. It's something that was always done with TDU2 cars and even with some TDU1 cars.
  3. I think I'll just go back to windows 7 when my new PC parts come. The only thing I like about windows 10 is that Nvidia Vsync stays on when I alt-tab out of a game.
  4. It's so annoying not knowing what's causing the issue. Some times it load and some times it doesn't. It just loads a black screen then closes. @Djey any idea with that one?
  5. What software did you use, the G-HUB or the Logitech Gaming Software?
  6. Yes tried that. I think I will just wait until next week when my new PC parts come and I have to install windows etc. Maybe I will go back to windows 7.
  7. Nope stock with the ISO mounted.
  8. I've just had this @Djey any idea?
  9. I have no idea on why it's not starting. It's the first time ever I've had an issue with getting TDU1 to run.
  10. I can't even get TDU1 to load now. I think this is the first time using windows 10 so is there some thing I have to do?
  11. As the title says it doesn't work. What do I need to install the G-HUB or Logitech Gaming Software. Starting the game is real hit and miss as well which I don't know if it's related. Hopefully some one can help me out. Cheers
  12. I do hope TDU3 comes. I've just installed TDU1 after months maybe even a year and love it just as much as the first time I played it. It's got me wanting to make a mod.
  13. Are the colors for the interior in the same 2DM? Each TDU2 car had it's own 2DM so it was no effort to make one.
  14. I did make a custom Colors.2dm for TDU2, so it is possible.
  15. If you don't want to bake the AO into the vertex color then just apply 155 to all the vertices and it will look like the stock cars.
  16. I'll have a go at fixing the roads.
  17. I love making HUD's now. I'm not the best by a long shot but I feel like I get better with each one.
  18. If it's TDU1 then you'll need this.
  19. I'm more for dark as I get migraines a lot.
  20. You are missing the point completely. Setting up a car for a game is a very specific thing and takes many hours/days to achieve. It's common knowledge for modders to ask one another if it's okay to use what they created. For example when i spend many hours making a HUD with custom font etc in 3d to render. [ATTACH=full]32292[/ATTACH]
  21. Have you asked who ever made these mods if it's okay to use them? Also you do know that anyone can get the mods you've listed at any point.
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