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    Old car mods from TDU-central

    Perhaps it possible (and nearly ethical) to have multiple classes here: * Promoted mods (threads) from the authors who want the credit (and have working links) * A large, somewhat unrefined archive/collection of old TDU mod files from our collective HDDs with no credit, fancy images, or installation support. Not designed as a "pack" but more-or-less as a 'data dump'. tduck's approach wouldn't be to promote them but say "hey here's a bunch of old mod files we found, maybe they will work if you download a copy." We could also do our best to contact some of the old modders and let them know what we want to do. If they object then that's fine; if we hear nothing back then we'll proceed. If they come back later then we can follow their wishes. This is just an idea only. I've uploaded free stuff to the Internet before. And there was a time when I tried to ask some communities to remove their copy of the files (as I only wanted them in one place where I could release updates and remove old versions). I was happy that most people I wrote to, while disappointed, were happy to comply. But at the same time I knew that once you put something on the Internet, you're unlikely to be able to remove all traces of it.
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    Dear Modders and Gamers

    So, if you tried and couldn't do it, don't you think you shouldn't be saying this: You saw how hard it can be to work with encrypted files, so you are really sure that modders don't want to explore the files, or you're just assuming it? My point is, everyone do what they can, and we can't pressure them to do anything just because we want them to do it. We've got this far on modding thanks to a few people who spent their time and hard work to make it possible and they didn't charge anyone, so, don't take it all as granted, because it isn't. Be thankful and understand their side, since you've tried to be in their shoes for only 2 weeks and already gave up.
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    New site discovery

    Discovered Lyrics, and a StopWatch...
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