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  1. :para: I was in Monaco in April but other than that I haven't been this year.
  2. Oh hi guys, yeah stuffs alright. I've just spent most my time earning a bit of money here and there and pissing it away going on stupid trips, works for me for now.
  3. Na, not at all :p That's not even everything either, there's more here. I didn't want to make a stupidly long post. Regarding the F12s they're all foreign cars, not sure there are any UK customer ones right now, but I think we're talking the next week or two for them.
  4. Something has gone wrong and it's not there, it's on my fb post but not my flickr one! Shall fix it now haha
  5. Haven't posted for a while, i'll just post some highlights from the last monthish.
  6. Ah the annual top gear season cries about it going down hill.
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