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  1. Hi Norby, your inbox is full can't reply to you :D
  2. Audacity and WavePad Sound Editor That's what i use to convert sound samples
  3. Hi Guru i'm busy with new sounds mods but at the moment its on hold cause i'm working and don't have much time to do any modding lately but there is a sound for a BMW its not from a real BMW inline 6 but it comes very close to sound like one its not 100% complete but you check it in my mod shop and see if you like it not :)
  4. Nice ride Combat keep up the good work :), i love my old school classics :D thanks Combat
  5. Norby.... Norby..., this car looks F....... Fantastic. Still can't believe that TDU can handle these high poly models its unbelievable :shocked:. Great Work Norby :thumbsup:
  6. Hi Guys sorry being quiet being busy for a while but i have some good news i'm busy with some new sound mods 2 of them are porsche and a V6 sound for a BMW so i hope you guys like it so far, here's a preview video and sorry for the crappy quality Windows movie maker isn't a very good video editing software LoL.
  7. Hi guys and thanks :) i apologize for the on high i didn't had alot of time with the sound mod i've moved to a new town and the new house that i'm living in now has no power and i've being without my pc for almost 2 weeks but as soon as i have power again i will fix the on high sample so hold in there guys an update of the sound mod is coming :). And Norby great car as always wish i could test it but hopefully soon i can
  8. Thanks Combat :), after all these years that whining wanted to make me started to whine :D. But the real reason i uploaded this is its much easier to focus on sound mods especially when you want to sync all the samples when you accelerate and de-accelerate, so for those who do sound modding this will come in very handy and for those who don't like the whining of the transmission :D
  9. Less Transmission Whining for those who's how don't like the annoying whining of the transmission inside, bonnet and bumper of the car :D
  10. Hi Guys this in not a mod i just reduced the tranny whining volume on all transmissions ( Cars ) except reverse. Just replace the .BNK's inside Common.bnk with TDU Modding Tools to enjoy TDU with less annoying whining ;) And Always remember to BACKUP Files !!! Here's the Link Transmission Whining Have Fun Guys :D
  11. You have to change your camera position in TDU Modding Tools like in this picture :D [ATTACH]18345[/ATTACH] Oh and there's nothing you can do about the wrong hand shifting TDU wasn't made for right hand drive cars but you will hardly notice that when you change the camera position
  12. If you have TDUPE just change your Belt Type, that's if i'm correct did it once on a car and it work
  13. Imagine if you were at the Loading dock and that happened and you were doing a imported delivery with only a few minutes left on the clock :D About the v. patch i founded the change log on ETS 2 site but here's the changes if your interested DAF - added as new licensed truck brand added command line parameter -nodx9ex which disables extended DX9 interfaces for compatibility with Xfire support for Unicode characters support for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Bulgarian enter your name in profile with non-ASCII characters better auto
  14. I don't work mate..Will be studying a BSC for my honours starting 2013. Interesting those many women go to racing events

  15. Hahaha yes they are but some of them can be a b... sometimes :D. But a interesting thing is about every 4 out of 10 women or girls goes to Street Racing or Drag Racing and Stockcar Racing. Sorry for replying now i was busy with Sound Mods sometimes i go to sleep around 2:00 AM :zzz:. If i may ask what do you do for a living?

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