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  1. Hey bro, have a look here
  2. OMG ... this is such a veeeeryyyy biiiiig Easter Egg!! I am really sooooo exited!! Thank you, Milli, a thousand thanks to you!!
  3. Like Nick1999 said, you cannot and won't be able ever to ban (speed) hacker. You only can go to GAME OPTIONS -> ONLINE -> Deactivate first option there: ALLOW ONLINE INTERACTIONS After this you won't see any other people.
  4. Come on, you really cannot compare GTA (SA) with TDU. These are very different games at any aspect. GTA has a cool story and is just having fun, till today. TDU has just some races ... compared with GTA, TDU it is kinda boring, isn't it? Even with all racing games today, TDU isn't by far in the top places. And the GTA fan base is very big, in racing game are just few people interested, for a long time now. The good points for me with TDU are: - Driving experience with wheel and TrackIR - Cruising in a big free roam - Modding
  5. Because the game is now 13 years old?! And there are many new games meanwhile, like GTA5 with a mega big modding community? Or TDU 2, Forza Horizon Series, or The Crew 1 and 2, even if not moddable? People move on, that's live.
  6. First of all, this thread is not in the request section of this forums here. And there are no more modders doing any car mods for TDU here at Turboduck. So requesting is kinda senseless nowadays. If you want new mods, you should do yourself. Finally I pesonally have a problem with people demanding things like "I want", "I need" or similar, instead of asking for something nicely, with a "please".
  7. Feel free to use any 3D software like Blender or 3D Max if you want doing 3D modeling from scratch. If you won't do it this way, you need a model from another game or a bought 3D model to work with. At least you need zModeler, because of the TDU file format. There were several howtos at Youtube from Minime or Combat Shotgun, but I think, they were gone. That for your first information ... and 3D modeling is a way harder, than you perhaps think.
  8. Even if I don't know, what happened at Discord, but it's not new, that there always a couple of a**holes around. Everybody should know this. You have to think about, that what you are doing, you do for good, the most other people, not the bad ones. Just ignore these bad ones. Don't get this truth is a bit thin-skinned , am I right?
  9. Ah, ok, I understand. Is Eugene a real name? If so, what is his modder name? And can you say please, what old cars he did, so I can compare if I have them already? Or were these private mods?
  10. One thing I wanted to ask lately, but have forgotten: Are there any new mods in your pack that don't exist as single mod published somwhere? And if there are new mods made by yourself for example, please specify what they are, thank you.
  11. Thank you, bro. Great to hear you still working on the game.
  12. Well, I would take the pack also without any competition aspect
  13. It just out of the door, right around the corner.
  14. Very nice idea @Zoqqer I remember those trucks by 2CV SUPER GT in the past. I liked them very much, but I am sure you can do it much better today.
  15. You cannot update the game via the TDU2 Universal Launcher tool, only with the original game launcher. Atari closed the official game servers lately for ever, I don't know, if also the update servers, but I guess yes. If you didn't update before, you seem to be unlucky.
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