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  1. View File 2D trees supplemental The supplemental trees for enriching TDU driving world. Birch trees, Palm trees and the trees for Winter included. Submitter Kishin Submitted 05/27/2019 Category Environment  
  2. It's done. I hope I did it fine. Please tell me if there's any need for my further editing or correcting.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The supplemental trees for enriching TDU driving world. Birch trees, Palm trees and the trees for Winter included.
  4. Even the original bush texture cannot stay on the ground with that setting. HD and SD Off The funnier thing is the grass texture (not bush) keeps down on the ground on the other hand. It's hard to detect the reason why. I've tried several different sizes of the trees but still can't make it right. Maybe I just better give up. Oh, I couldn't have noticed and figured it out without your comment. Thank you.
  5. 2D supplemental trees by Kishin Please, do not expect too much, they are only 2d trees and not so splendid like 3d or something. At least look not bad in the pics. Birch Trees Palm trees Winter Trees If you have some winter mod ... Well, I don't have the time to make my own winter mod, so please understand all I can here present to you is just TREES. 2D trees supplemental: download link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4e1t33hut48549/2D_trees_supplemental.rar/file
  6. Wow, it's just my 1st time having the sun in the different direction and this mod totally changed my TDU world. For me, this mod has become to be what I need above anything else. It's been some silent time I spend 'cuz I belong to the players who have not Megapack in the game. Thank you for your hard work. I will treasure this platinum mod like it's forever. And I'm so grateful for the modders and the tool developers all included in this TDU Plutinum.
  7. Thank you F12Berlinetta :) Yes, please click on "winter road + tunnel v-6" and the link's still available. I wish good luck to every member here.
  8. You have a nice sense of beauty .. :smig: Thank you for the mod
  9. Would you mind downloading "Ray Sensitive 2 BNK version" first? (README in it) That may be more beginners-friendly about how to install .. I uploaded it today onto the first comment section. I'd be happy if you report if those bnk files work fine or not later. And about 2db files installation by Djey's ModdingTool, It's like a woman selecting which accessories she likes onto her. No need to install everything and that's why so many same name files there. No problem to explain how to do it today but I think it'd be better for me to know which ModdingTool version you have now first. It works slightly different depending on what version and PC environment as well. And honestly, I've been away from the news on this site and I am not using the newest version now.
  10. Not eveything. I haven't tried that Megapack2 but I think "cameras.bin", "DB.bnk" and "DB_US.bank" should go to DataBase folder. And the only file that should stay in the BNK folder is Bnk1.map. I do not have the original MagaPack nor haven't tried MegaPack2 either. So this is not the answer but I think I can give a bit of reference about it below. Even the player like me who doesn't have Megapack can do the stuff about making Japan Import appear in the game play. TDUMT1.16.2 => Veicle Manager => click any random car => Dealer => All dealers and V-Rent( in Availability spots ) => Japan Import l 624036877 => Free slot( in Vehicle in current spot ) => Set => Save. And play ...then I can find Japan Import in the south of Volkwagen car shop. *you'd better have a back-up on the original files or DataBase folder itself.
  11. Wow, another beautiful car. Thank you so much :)
  12. Thank you for the car, this is nice, cool, awesome and cute
  13. super cool ! ... Thank you for making TDU more and more exciting !
  14. What an exciting car mod! .... Thank you for this amazing car.
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