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  1. sorry milli ,i didnt realise i was on your platinium topic ,no place for personel message to somebody else ,i appologise
  2. well thanks mister ,you should go see your personel message ,its explain why i m not on vk anymore
  3. may be its the car you are driving ,,some mods car are made too big for tdu ,they do what you are complaining ...try an other mods or even an original tdu car ,see the difference ...
  4. you may try clear radial ,,open your tdumt ,go to file ,go to setting ,and then clear radial and ok ...
  5. ah ah ,i like your answer ,djey ,you have great humor ,and thank you for all programs and community patch you releases,making tdu interesting ...respect ...
  6. guides.gamepressure.com/testdriveunlimited/guide.asp?ID=2547 it tooks 1 seconde for google to find it
  7. who send me the bad reaction comment ?

    1. ah come on ,didnt you reed the comment ? nobody got this car ....stop anoying people with old topic from 2009 ...
    2. i am missing the time when there was releases of car mods in this site, good or bad , at least it was interesting ,now we only have endless discussion ,where are the modders ? --- Post Updated --- please , dont answer me that hf garage is releasing cars ,since miha is gone ,there is no good modders in that site ,
    3. active modders?...good luck with that ..lol..
    4. ok ,but if the dealer are full and tuning are full ,where are we gone buy those extra cars ,thats all i was saying
    5. i must admit ,that if you dont have access to the cars ,i too wonder whats the point ...lol...
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