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  1. hmm then i have no idea, it works fine with me.
  2. Try this, it should work Magic Map Mod.zip
  3. i think i have it hold on. Do you have Ultra Community Pack v1.04 or bone stock game? Do you have the mega car pack installed?
  4. it's a thingy that manipulates BNK files to allow mods (car mods, sound mods etc) you need it if you wanna mod the game
  5. Will there be a 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in the game? Or 1990 Chevrolet Corvette C4? Would be sweet if you add them
  6. is it possible for me to try it? i play TDU daily since i do missions now. I'l take some screenshots
  7. this is gonna be the worlds best update to TDU ever!
  8. i have some ideas on which cars can be put in Honda Civic (any kind of civic they all look the same) Cadillac Escalade BMW 550i Audi A6 Toyota Land Cruiser Volkswagen Passat Nissan Primera Mercedes Benz E63 Ford Focus thats all i can remember haha
  9. that would be great if you make low-poly real life cars
  10. Saturn Sky has to be the most un-usable car that exists in the game.
  11. Will the cars have it's own sounds? not just copied from other cars like that Russian crap they've released on hf-garage?
  12. wait how do i make sure everyones ports are forwarded properly? How do i make myself VISIBLE to other players. My friend cannot see me in my car nor i can't see him!
  13. But sucks i need a legitimate version of TDU to play online/with friends...
  14. HEY! my friend installed this mod! I can see him on the map and i drove to his location, but he cannot see me but he can see me on the map! How can i make myself or him to see each other?? PLEASE IT'S URGENT!!
  15. Hey there! Sorry for this un-related post question, but anyway. If i make an online savegame for TDU and hack it to have quadbillions of millions of dollars, will i be banned or not? Another question is, if i make an online account for TDU and send it to my friend and he plays it on there, will it work on his side or he has to make a savegame on his internet/wifi? It would be nice if you respond or ask someone who knows about TDU Project Paradise Online works. Thank you!
  16. Will TDU Platinum have new traffic cars? They kinda look boring to be honest. And all Traffic Cars Mods were deleted (a classic really)
  17. Hi! Can anyone make or send some sound mods from TDU Central? They had "back in the day" good sound mods, until the website die "pathetical" like these ones for example. If anyone has them or atleast make them sound proper mad! Everyone will be appreciated P.S markomat666 if you're reading this. Reupload those files, they're good sound mods!
  18. Where do i change that? in TDUMT? Where you add a new interior color or what?
  19. I've figured out how to change exterior and interior colors of the car. Only thing that absolutely sucks that you cannot repaint VW W12's Interior. Probably Dev's made it permanent blue. That sucks
  20. Hi there! Yeah i tried to give my VW W12 a second color called *Ruby Red Metallic* and i saved it, but when i went to the dealer ship and actually get it, the color is actually black, so i thought that Ruby Red Metallic is a really dark red. So then i replaced the color with a casual green and i saved the color, went back to the dealership and sure enough, the color was black but the colors name was Green. Is there any way to find the problem? Maybe you know it? i only want to add 2 colors really, Ruby Red Metallic and Orange. Thats it. I even realised that the interior cannot be repainted at all no matter how. I think it's been made by Atari to keep it Blue. (Yellow and Blue is a horrible combination of colors). You may know the issue i'm having? Thank you anyway for help
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