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  1. That sounds buggy to me, like the framerate is uncapped. When traffic signals a lane change, it always fully commits. Check if your vsync is enabled.
  2. 1.) No one really uses fuel because the island is lacking stations up north. So, its not possible to get from station to station if you drive the coast. 2.) Try checking "Vsync" in the Project Paradise Launcher. It sounds like your framerate is uncapped; that causes all sorts of traffic problems. You need it capped at 60, checking "Vsync" should cover it.
    Great layout, not to mention it's a new island lol.
  3. Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 Live Stream https://www.goodwood.com/motorsport/festival-of-speed/programme/
  4. Lol, I'm saying even though the custom paint shop can't replicate factory colors, these colors still have specific coordinates that show up every time you enter the custom shop. So, even though you lose the real color of the factory paint upon entering, you can still consistently apply whatever coordinates it defaults to in the custom shop. For example, if you have a car that has say only white, black and red factory paints, you can locally add a factory blue in an unused slot. This blue won't show up online, and if you bring it to the custom shop, the true color of the factory blue will disappear. However you can still apply whatever blue coordinates it defaults to, either plain or metallic. So essentially you're using a factory paint as a custom bookmark for the custom paint shop, so you don't have to keep manually painting cars every time you want a certain color. EDIT: This is the default "blue turquoise" paint of the 993, reapplied through the custom shop with the metallic option. I also did it twice to make sure the coordinates are consistent. These colors will never look as good as a factory paint, but sometimes they're not bad.
  5. That's a great guide. I had the big color image from somewhere, but never saw the folder with the paints on cars before. On a side note, even though these factory paints don't show up online when applied locally, I noticed that some of them still look pretty good when reapplied through the custom paint shop. So for cars with unused paint slots, factory paints can be locally added as sort of quick bookmark to apply various colors in the custom paint shop (which show up online).. haha.
  6. Automobile Catalog Circuit and rally specs here too.
  7. Raced the Clio against Milli...... she knows Ford Island.. lol.
  8. Never heard of anyone doing that. And there is no tool to make sense of the gibberish in the file.
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