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  1. Nice trailer. I was wondering if you were gonna make another one for release.
  2. Now this is how you get people excited for the race this weekend.
  3. What happened, some fucking idiots were bothering him? Ah shit.. I see this happen way too often. No one wants to make shit for free when you got ungrateful entitled morons whining and demanding things all the time.
  4. So the final number is 882? Nice. Btw, is the 300 SL delivery still impossible to get perfect? I recall it triggering tiny amounts of damage just by driving normally. Either it was the car or the road.
  5. "Ideally" Silicon Valley is out of touch with reality for the most part. And even if 5G worked well, there are still countless bottlenecks and points of failure between the server and client. Edit: And they can't even get Youtube videos to load reliably a lot of the time. How could they get gaming to work decently if they can't even get that right?
  6. I had to ask because why would the engine be modeled underneath the hood? lol. Still I'm impressed you're planning ahead like that, even though you don't even know how yet. Shows you're putting real quality work into this mod.
  7. That Nissan looks crazy good. Btw, are those cars going to be damageable like the default ones? You're posting pics of missing bumpers, hoods, etc...
  8. Found it. And the game doesn't look half bad too. Tempted to play it now.
  9. Thats a hell of a replacement.
  10. I had the same problem and managed to fix it. I'm sorry to say I forget exactly what I did, but I think it had to do with removing the unofficial patch, and then reinstalling it after I completed those bike races. If it wasn't the unofficial patch, then it was something else that I removed then reapplied afterwards.
  11. Wouldn't exclusively hosting it cost too much in bandwidth? Plus when its released, everyone downloading it from the same place at once may cause issues. Google Drive and a torrent are solid backup options. And posting official links in the thread OP is the best way to centralize everything and confirm the files are not tainted with outside edits or malware.
  12. At the risk of sounding cynical (lol), I don't see this product as being meant for the consumer. Rather, it's meant for the shareholder as if to say, "See? we're doing something to regain marketshare." No one asked for this, lol. I guess SAD Edition is a good name for a product that originally came out in 2013, but with no optical drive, and also locks you into a paid monthly service for content delivery.
  13. Thanks for taking time away from your other project to do this. Focused on low poly and realism.. this is going to be an essential mod, lol.
  14. This is great, and I'm glad to hear actual car representation is a priority. Also for cars, I only know whats common the east coast USA, but I assume Oahu isn't much different. Anyway, a good way to see what they have for real is google maps street view, lol.
  15. Wow, someone responds they like the Saturn Sky within a minute. Wasn't expecting that. And yes, the SSR is the worst.
  16. Ah, so this is where knowing how to change the brand of a race becomes useful. You can replace the Saturn brand without making the race (and 100% completion) impossible to finish. Any brand you choose to replace it would be a huge improvement seeing that I've never once witnessed someone driving a Saturn Sky, LOL. Hope it works out okay.
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