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  1. TDU Iceman

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Dirt Rally 2.. checking it out, lol
  2. Here's something off-topic: Funny story.. I haven't been playing much cause I've been busy, but I just remembered I had a dream last night where I found a new secret car that was hidden deep under tunes of tunes, and I was driving it for real hahaha All I remember is that it had a blue and white stripe paint job, and kind of like the old GT40 but it was a roadster with sharper modern curves I think. So, something between a Ford GT and the GT40, but a roadster, LOL.
  3. TDU Iceman

    Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex URAS

    Nice, club perks. Also, is that a new paint option? Looks good.
  4. TDU Iceman


    I remember it looks like an innocent kids show, and then shit starts getting real in some episodes
  5. TDU Iceman

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    The math checks out.
  6. Heres what I know about paints: If a car only has one factory paint option, it cannot be repainted back once you custom paint it. The reason is because the factory paint shops can only be accessed when there are at least 2 factory paint options available for a car. So if you want to restore the original factory paint, you need to go open TDU Modding Tools and give the car 2 factory paint colors to open up the factory paint shops. In my case, TDU Modding Tools already comes packaged with the UCP mod. Also keep in mind that adding custom factory paints will not show up online. Only paints from the default game will show online... or if you're using a mod other people use, all of its included paint options will show to anyone using that mod. But if all you want to do is add custom paints that only you can see, you can do that too.
  7. TDU Iceman

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Comfy Abarth 595 (Step 2) @ Sorica The Step 2 increases the stock 32 hp to a monstrous 65 hp.. The chickens in the road.. now that's immersion. Chaos online at Transfagarasan
  8. If your fps drops, try bumper cam. I've never had a bad fps-dropping car mod give me issues in bumper cam.
  9. TDU Iceman

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Audi Sport Quattro.
  10. TDU Iceman

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Reinstalled AC after a long hiatus Alfa GTA @ Peyregrosse
  11. TDU Iceman

    What color schema do you prefer?

    I vote light.. it matches the new modern look; it goes with the soft edges and fonts. Anyway, I do like dark too, but the only dark themed site that I visit these days is a warez site.
  12. TDU Iceman

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    I'm in the club.
  13. TDU Iceman

    Turboduck is different?

    Hey, I can tell the redesign is better already.. great job. Especially this page: https://turboduck.net/discover/
  14. TDU Iceman

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Toretto RX-7 and Weineck Cobra? Not bad... :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. TDU Iceman

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Mazda RX-7 FD3S C-2 Ford Island Test Track :lol:
  16. TDU Iceman

    pCARS News for 2019?

    Project CARS 3 promises to be a spiritual successor to Need for Speed Shift | DSOGaming | The Dark Side Of Gaming I was totally wrong. He just wants to make another NFS Shift by the sound of it. :laugh: And he wants to get into the hardware game and make a console for it? o_O [MEDIA=twitter]1080468977019584512[/MEDIA] Literally 'Mad' is usually a bad thing. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  17. TDU Iceman

    Post One Random Automotive Video Per Day

    Great documentary :tup: EDIT: The documentary is great, but it didn't really touch on exactly why Shelby hated Enzo Ferrari and wanted vengeance against him. The documentary said Enzo liked to pit drivers against each other, but the reasoning stopped short there.. probably to avoid legal trouble with Ferrari. But in the book "Go Like Hell", Shelby clearly says why: "That son of a bitch killed my friend Musso"..."And he killed others too." Also, I didn't know until recently that there's a movie coming out next year called "Ford v. Ferrari", based off of this book. Starring Christian Bale & Matt Damon as Shelby. Scheduled release is June 28, 2019 :lol: Ford v. Ferrari - Wikipedia And here's an excerpt from the book:
  18. [MEDIA=imgur]zeHWbkq[/MEDIA] I want to make some videos after TDU Platinum comes out. Checking out the new cars and stuff. :D
  19. TDU Iceman

    Post One Random Automotive Video Per Day