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Tools / Others

This is where you can find modification tools, such as TDU Performance Editor, TDU Modding Tools and TDUF Toolset 1.12

43 files

  1. Free

    Test Drive Unlimited Platinum v1.0 - Torrent

    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu.
    Test Drive Unlimited Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go.
    The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios.

    Test Drive Unlimited Platinum is a non-profitable project, made with the intention to enhance the gameplay of Test Drive Unlimited.


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  2. Free

    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix

    From Project Paradise, here's a working download link to the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix.
    What it does, it fix the Force Feedback for the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel. A must have if you play with this wheel !
    - Open RAR file and extract the "dinput8" file into C :\Programs Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited
    For full experience, I would recommend to launch paradise_laucher.exe or TestDriveUnlimited.exe with the Logitech controller app. 
    All credits goes to the original creator of the mod: Speeder


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  3. Free

    TDUModdingTools - First-gen tools !

    No need to introduce them, they have been around here for so long 😜
    Support and more info thread: 


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  4. Free

    TDU Platinum 1.11 to 1.12

    This file is meant for those who already updated their TDU Platinum to 1.11, and want to update to 1.12 without downloading a load of unnecessary files.   If you haven't updated to 1.11 yet, fear not and just download the update at the official update page.


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  5. Free

    Radio Gran Turismo

    Hi, I share my first mod, is a New Radio with songs of Gran Turismo 2, 3 & 4.
    I hope that you like it


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  6. Free

    TDU Platinum Custom Music Pack

    Hello! This Is My First Custom Radio
    So Use The Savegame On Your Folder
    Music From:
    Beatmania IIDX 16: Empress
    Beatmania IIDX 7th Style
    Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit
    Need For Speed: High Stakes


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  7. Free

    READYPLAYERONE Save File.zip

    Credit goes to Ztryka531 for the original savedata file that I modified.
    This savegame has only 1 house, 1 car and $35.5 million in cash.
    Controls and settings have also been reset to defaults as well.
    Included are step-by-step screenshots which I hope will help the community to easily apply this mod.

    ALSO, Make sure your Windows Explorer has enabled to view File Name Extensions and to view Hidden Items. This is important.
    1. Access C:\Users\<YOURWINDOWSPROFILENAME>\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame
    IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE IT, then well done!
    2. Once backed up...yes, once backed up, delete the files from this directory.
    3. Copy the savegame which came with this package to this directory
        a. READYPLAYERONE folder
        b. ProfileList.dat
    4. Once copied, launch TDU - Project Paradise
    5. Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS folder for illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to create an online profile and also to move over all the goodies from the offline profile to your new online profile.
        1. Steps 1 to 12 - Cover how to create a new online profile. You also will need to select a Male Character, as the offline profile has a male character.
            Buy your home, buy your Alfa Romeo GT V6, then exit the game.
        2. HEX EDIT section - Covers how to copy/convert your new online profile to have all the money/goodies from the offline profile
        3. Steps 13 to 15 - What it looks like if the HEX EDIT process was successful.
    Have fun and best of luck!


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  8. Free

    TDU Documents.zip

    ZIP file contains PDF scan of the original TDU booklet, CD Cover Art and Jewel Case Cover Art.


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  9. Free

    FX by TDU_Daydream

    Replace files in folder Test Drive Unlimited Daydream\Euro\Bnk. 
    For correct operation, you need a Fix Map in TDUMT!
    My "Real Water Mod" is already attached!
    In this archive, these files have a different size from the original. The registry checks this and will not start the game until this error is fixed. To do this, you need the Magic MAP Tool. The easiest way to use it is to download TDUMT 1.10.2 or 1.13 and there press MAP Tool -> Fix All


       (6 reviews)


  10. Free

    Brazilian Portuguese TDU1 Translation | Tradução para Português do Brasil

    English: This is my first and (maybe) only mod for the TDU. This is a translation, (Menus, Subtitles, Achievements...), into my native language (Brazilian Portuguese). Changes the language from English (US) to Portuguese (BR). Works perfectly in the Platinum and standard version of the game. (Other versions: I haven't tested it yet, but I believe it should work without problems). Installation is very simple, just copy and replace the files to: Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ Bnk \ DataBase Remember to do a Back Up before changing the files. (In case you didn't do the Back Up, I made the standard DataBase of the Platinum version available with the files). I hope you enjoy and enjoy this mod a lot, and that it helps in immersion! Note: if you find any bug or translation error, please let me know. Hugs, Fuszer Português: Esse é o meu primeiro e (talvez) único mod para o TDU. Trata-se de uma tradução, (Menus, Legendas, Conquistas...), para o meu idioma nativo (Português do Brasil). Altera o idioma de inglês (US) para Português (BR).  Funciona perfeitamente na versão Platinum e padrão do jogo. (Demais versões: não cheguei à testar ainda, mas acredito que deva funcionar sem problemas). A instalação é muito simples, basta copiar e substituir os arquivos para: Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\DataBase Lembre-se de fazer um Back Up antes de alterar os arquivos.  (Caso não tenha feito o Back Up, disponibilizei junto com os arquivos a DataBase padrão da versão Platinum). Espero que curtam e aproveitem bastante esse mod, e que ajude na imersão! Obs: se encontrar algum bug ou erro de tradução, por favor, me avise. Abraços, Fuszer


       (5 reviews)


  11. Free

    tdu "hard to win" version

    please see the review from where you can download the file
    i used tduf and i cloned all the cars and i "tuned" somehow
    the cloned cars but i tuned the ascari by specific way to be equal
    with my bought ascari so it can be a good example for you to tune
    the rest cars in similar way or you can left them as they are [boosted]
    i also made all the events to be races vs bots and i made some
    changes in ige files.
    i made almost all bots to be temeraire mauvais
    i registered all the cloned cars to FXini but they should be
    registered in AIConfig.xml. i also think there should be made
    some changes to some params i ve registered these changes in
    FXini [if you could encrypt all this stuff to AIConfig.....]
    i use the AIBotPers.xml and Bnk1 from platinum
    i use the nocd exe file
    lets create a storytail for this mod
    you learned that in hawai there is a team of drivers who have tuned their cars in a mystic way so they always win the races your mission is to try win all the races to get their cars as prizes so you can revealed their secret of unbeatable cars 
    have fun!!
    hard to win.zip


       (1 review)


  12. Free

    tdu adrenaline

    in this mod racing vs F class bots is very funny they are real fighters and you ll feel that you really race so drive CCR and try to beat them.the other classes bots are also fast . good luck!!
    for boosted G class see the review
    AIConfig.xml AIConfig.xml


       (1 review)


  13. Free


    you may need to adjust the params of coefaccel via TDUF or you can wait untill i test all cars to make perfect params [i may need much time] thank you
    in this edition the bots are ''realistically'' fast and the races will be derbies [especially if you race via race editor vs same car with yours [the modded AIcar not the default]
    in order to have derby races you must mod the tduexe [11,976MB] [see read me] open tduexe via HEXeditor and mod the following lines
    B0BDB0   63 74 20 43 6F 65 66 66 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    B0BDC0   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    B0BE00   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    B0BE10   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 44 69 73 74 61 6E 63 65
    B0FB50   6B 5F 70 6C 61 79 65 72 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    B0FB60   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 72 65 61 72
    B0FDF0   61 63 74 6F 72 5F 6D 69 6E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE00   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE10   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    B0FE30   5F 66 61 63 74 6F 72 5F 6D 61 78 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE40   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE50   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE60   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 72 65 73 70 65 63 74 5F
    B0FE80   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    B0FE90   00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A 09 09 74 72 61 63 74
    then copypaste the files of derby to tdu [make a backup firstly] 


       (2 reviews)


  14. Free

    TDU Platinum Radio Fix

    I would like to present updated soundtrack for Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Thanks to Milli's work on this great mod, I worked on this fix with pleasure. 
    Why and for what? 
    Well, while playing TDU Platinum it seemed that some songs had very poor sound quality. They sounded wrong. Then, I discovered that some songs even had incorrect ingame names. So, as I knew how I could manage this, I made this fix.
    -Updated music quality (MP3, 48,0 kHz, 320 kbps, Stereo). It was maxed out as possible to work ingame;
    -Corrected/added information about songs and its positions in .station files (file name, title, artist and album(radio name)); 
    -"It just works". 
    Download (982MB) is available on Google Disk. Instruction is included.
    What do you think about it? I will be glad to read your reviews. 
    P.S. Also I think it would be great, if these fixed files were included in Platinum mod.


       (1 review)


  15. Free

    440km/h for bots (PS2)

    at file test drive unlimited iso for ps2 emulator at line 5277C0 make the following change
    xx xx xx 42    xx xx xx xx    xx xx xx xx   xx xx xx xx 
    then the ai cars reach their top speed 
    you can also make the following change 
    xx xx FF 41   xx xx xx xx   xx xx xx xx   xx xx xx xx
    i added a file "bot is hunting you" for more interesting races
    this mod is for tdu for ps2 via emulator pcsx2
    this mod is suitable for long straight races only [see catalogue in file] that is the bots will never let you alone so be carefull
    because one mistake can make you lose the race .Note that if a bot overtake you do your best to catch it up and dont let it go
    out of your minimap sight because then you ll never see this bot again during the race
    so download the zip file extract the files open them with Hex editor and copy-paste the modded data to specific lines of 
    Test Drive Unlimited (USA).ISO file which you have also opened with Hex editor
    Are you ready to race around hawaii without a mistake? enjoy!


       (1 review)


  16. Free

    tdu mod sound gran turismo by Detektoruno

    This mod brings music and sounds from the game Gran Turismo 2, menu sounds, extra challenge sound(package) and much more.
    Video of mod is  low but sound is important 🙂
    To install:
    Copy folders Sound and FrontEnd to  folder  Test Drive Unlimited Gold\Euro\Bnk
    Works with all versions of TDU.

    will be updated soon
    I look forward to feedback.
    New link update.
    make a backup 🙂
    I wish you all luck  


       (3 reviews)


  17. Free

    Sector Map for TDU: Oahu

    This is a high resolution map of all the sectors in TDU's Oahu. Use it as a guide for your own world editing.
    Happy world building.
    BTW, If you want to use this map to explain which sectors are affected by your mod, go ahead.


       (2 reviews)


  18. Free

    Xbox 360 + PC Soundtrack Restored

    This is not intended for Platinum, but it can be used that way if you delete everything in the Euro\Radio folder.
    This mod adds in every song cut from the PC port, and restores the rest of the soundtrack that's also in the 360 version to its original quality. Of note is every song by Smashtrax, two completely unused songs from the 360 files on Radio Classik (Bach- Brandenberg Concerto N°5 in D Major BWV. 1050, and Schubert- Symphony N°8 in B Minor D. 759), the original 360 vocals for "Sgt. Rock- And I'm Hip", the clean version of "Broken Dolls- Here We Go", and an uncorrupted version of "Roots Manuva- No Love".


       (2 reviews)


  19. Free

    -> TDU Platinum Dealer Updates <- 01 - US Independents Dealership Update

    Good news! 
    I've been thinking about this for a while, and i finally decided to do it so.  Everyone knows that Platinum 2.0 is under development, at a really not desired pace, but moving nonetheless, also, what not everyone knows is my progress schedule. I am working a dealer at a time, so i decided, why not release small updates once i finish these dealers? 
    This way, you guys not only will be able to follow my progress closely, how will also be able to enjoy new things without massive waiting times. Although, not everything is good, and there are compromises.  One of them is, these updates are not cumulative and not single picked downloads, if you skip one, the next one might cause bugs and crash your game, so, download all of them and keep yourself up to date! 
    I mean, if you haven't downloaded and installed update 01, the following update (02), won't work. You will need to download 01, and 02, install both. 
    Another compromise, if you edit the database of the game, your personal changes will not be carried over.
    Now, keeping that in mind, download it and have fun. 

    -> How to install <-
    Just replace the files in the according folders.  (v1.21 MUST be installed before this)

    -> 01 - US Independents Update Content <- 
    - Updated Shelby Series 1 with stripeless variation added as a tune
    - Updated Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition with fixed gauges and new tailight texture
    - Updated SSC Ultimate Aero with fixed shadows, new tailight texture, paintable interior and GPS screen


       (5 reviews)


  20. Free

    TDU physics tweaks

    Supports only 1.66A exe currently.
    Adjust global gravity Adjust normal mode additional gravity when a wheel is lifted off the ground Force HC mode physics on player and racing bots in normal mode Besides the exe patcher, this also comes in the form of an andraste modding framework plugin, https://github.com/Kethen/TDU_andraste_physics_tweaks/releases

    By default, when a wheel is lifted off the ground in normal (non hardcore) mode, an extra gravity modifier of 1.0 is added to the vehicle to quickly put the vehicle back onto the ground. The value is statically saved in the exe, and this patcher changes that value by changing an instruction.
    Additionally gravity used by havok and other bits of the game can also be changed from the default of -9.81, which might be useful for hardcore mode.
    0.0 gravity modifier adds no additional gravity, negative values such as -10.0 that overcomes default gravity will send the car upward at curbs and jumps.
    0.0 gravity modifier demo: https://streamable.com/ldur6j
    Ghidra and x64dbg were used to seek out the instruction for patching as well as assembling the new instruction, patching methodology can be found at https://github.com/Kethen/TDU_normal_mode_gravity_changer/blob/main/src/util.rs
    iced-rs is used for the user interface, checksums is used for identifying exe files, rfd is used for providing a file picker.
    .exe for windows (win32 and win64), without for linux (x86_64 glibc).
    Alternatively the project can be built using cargo like other rust projects, it should build in MacOS as well.


       (2 reviews)


  21. Free

    TDU savegame account editor

    Toggle on/offline Edit nickname, email and password Import progress from other saves (playersave files more specifically) ** you are advised to manually back up your saves at %USERPROFILE%/Documents/Test Drive Unlimited/savegame as well in case of unforeseen file corruptions **
    Ghidra, x64dbg, ghex and vbindiff were used to inspect save file serialization, see https://github.com/Kethen/TDU_savegame_account_editor/blob/main/offsets_and_formats.md for a summary.
    iced-rs is used for the user interface, fs_extra is used for recursive file copying, rfd is used for providing a file picker, tar-rs is used for preserving bookmarks.
    tdudec on rust is ported from the source release of tdudec at http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#others-file.
    .exe for windows (win32 and win64), without for linux (x86_64 glibc).
    Alternatively the project can be built using cargo like other rust projects, it should build in MacOS as well.

    Alternative andraste plugin that allows loading any playersave on any profile: https://github.com/Kethen/tdu_andraste_playersave_validation_skip


       (4 reviews)


  22. Free

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 Music, Menu and GPS Sound Mod (Andraste)

    A simple mod for those that prefer the menu sounds and music of TDU2.
    Comes with standalone variants if you only want one thing.
    - Menu Sound Effects
    - Music
    - GPS Navigator
    Do not mix Menu Sounds and Music standalone packages, use the already combined "TDU2 Menu SFX + Music"
    Feel free to edit whatever you like, just credit me if you repost anywhere.
    I highly recommend using Andraste to load this mod.


       (2 reviews)


  23. Free

    Test Drive Unlimited Platinum Patch Update

    ------------------------->>> ATENTION <<<---------------------------------

    This is an Update patch. If you don't have TDU Platinum installed, make sure to install it before you get this patch.
    TDU Platinum Download link here.

    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01 -------------------------
    List of fixes in the patch:
    - Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm.
    - Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic.
    - AI Bots have been re-worked. 
    - New GPS now is displayed on challanges.

    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.02 -------------------------

    - Fixed Jaguar F-Type R Coupe displaying name as F-Type R Coupe (997.2).
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.03 -------------------------
    - Fixed Russian language resources.
    - Replaced Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series sound.
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.04 -------------------------
    - Fixed the race "The Dream in Your Fingertips" because it was not starting.
    - Fixed one apartament price in the database.
    ---> Extra features updated:
    - All fixes been added to the "Extra" database, for multiple prize cars.
    - Added a new extra and optional Expert level AI Bots.
    - Added 4gb Executables, as it fixed the issue with some vehicles dropping the fps, glitching the textures and crashing the game. (P.S. Thanks to Mondodimotori for founding this out! )
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.05 -------------------------
    - Fixed the wheels on the tuned versions of the Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec
    - Removed the duplicated Triumph from the dealer.
    - Added 10 seconds extra in the gold time to the race "A Serious test of car control".
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.06 -------------------------
    - Fixed Tesla tuning, where they could get in the tune shop, but not get tuned.
    - Fixed the lighting of the dealerships, reducing the intense brightness.
    - Added 2-Step tuning for FXX and Gemballa MIG-U1.
    - Added 2-Step tuning for Pagani Zonda R.

    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.07 -------------------------
    - Fixed rarity of Audi Quattro Sport.
    - Fixed engine type of BMW M4 F82.
    - Fixed and replaced some car sounds.
    - Reworked dealership lighting.
    - Re-ordered the days, so fog weather won't be displayed so often when you start the game.
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.08 -------------------------
    - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus
    - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi.
    - Fixed an issue with BMW M4 F82 Liberty Walk, where it couldn't shift gears when you retry an event in automatic gearbox settings.
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.09 -------------------------
    - Fixed the pricing of Kit 2 for Ferrari F430 Spider.
    - Improved the handling for bikes.
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.10 -------------------------
    - Added 2-step tuning for Brabus E63, Brabus SV12 S and Brabus ML63.
    - Reworked textures for Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348 TS, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari 599 GTB.
    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.11 -------------------------
    - Reworked textures for BMW M3 E36, BMW M5 E39, Mclaren Senna.
    - Reworked texture of silver BMW Style 27 rims and BMW M3 E46 GTR standard rims.
    - Fixed the issue of missing material for Ford Focus RS, Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) and Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo.
    - Added new set of rims for Audis and Ferrari Testarossa.
    - Added Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6l (W201)
    - Fixed sound issue with BMW M635csi
    - New license plate added

    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.12 -------------------------

    - Rework on Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 and Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 tunes.
    - Added True Blue color for Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R.

    Just replace the files in the according folders.


       (97 reviews)


  24. Free

    TDUF - Most advanced modding tools for TDU so far!

    TDUF package is a set of tools and libraries, which is able to:
    Check Bnk1.map contents and update it with new files in Euro/Bnk folder. Extract the whole TDU Database to JSON files (a human-readable format, ready to be processed by many tools and languages, including Javascript). Rewrite the whole TDU Database from modified JSON files Check and repair Database for integrity errors Help to understand file formats and read/write data from/to them Provide a Database Editor user interface, which wide range of features (not limited to TDUMT/TDUPE ones) and more to come! See zipped-in README.html file for details.
    Requirements and notes:
    From 2.0.0 version, you will have to get TDUF package which will suit your needs : if only using command line tools, head to  *core* edition if only using DatabaseEditor, head to *databaseEditor* edition if you don't care and wanna get all features, head to *full* (=without mention in file name) one. Java 8 Runtime Environment: Java SE Runtime Environment 8 - Downloads - or embedded JRE (links in README.html file) If using  TDUF 1.12.0 with Java 9 or 10, a tweak is necessary to make TDUF work properly: extract attached hotfix (
    TDUF-1.12.0-HOTFIX-JAVA-9-10.zip) to tduf/tools/cli directory (replace existing files) If using TDUF 1.12 with 32bit version of Windows, extract attached hotfix (
    DatabaseEditor-1.12.0-HOTFIX-32bit.zip) to tduf/tools/cli directory (replace existing files) TDUF 1.13.0 won't support 32bit Windows editions TDUMT must work normally TDU installed (some modified editions are not supported).  
    Support thread:  Tools reference · djey47/tdu-cp Wiki · GitHub TDUCP WIKI: Modding FAQ · djey47/tdu-cp Wiki · GitHub  
    Github hosting : djey47/tduf
    To help me with this project, or to buy me a beer 🙂
    Give a cent (or more) via PayPal


       (9 reviews)


  25. Free

    289 RACES ON MAP

    in this mod you can get all the races of tdu or tduplatinum by opening the map .i also added some usefull changes [optional] f.e. all the bots of platinum drive A or B class cars    all the events are races vs A class cars and i include a modded fxini that makes the editor [in game] to be full race editor so you can make the settings you like for the races
    for faster bots take a look at forum 
    a special thank to TDUFan777 for offering the relative file from tdubeta mod


       (11 reviews)


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