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W.I.P. Highway Roadsigns (NL,D)


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First work on the highway signs (ANWB, The Netherlands style):



Hawaii just became a dutch colony:



When changing the style of the board, all boards become that style. As well the ones in town. So it's the big arrow on ALL plates or none. (first version had arrow facing down and thats very unrealistic on town boards). The text of locations and the distance of all the locations (in this example 1 KM for each) are real time calculated by TDU and NOT changable for each plate.



German styled (old version arrow pointing down. Looks very good on highways but not on townboards so have to turn it upwards as well)



Ofcourse these signs come optional to the KM/h roadsigns. Also this mod isn't finished yet. I still have to redo the long distance versions of the highway plates.

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