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gery5: Golden Bugatti Veyron SS rim

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How to install it? because, your's is not bnk!!! Where i must put it in?! :confused:


The extension is now BNK_ORIG_GOLDEN, you have to simply rename it to BNK.

If your game has been unpacked, you will find the rims in \Euro\Bnk\vehicules\rim\

Go to bugatti folder, and make a backup of the original file like this: copy "veyron_super_sport_f_01.bnk" to tha same folder with a different name like "veyron_super_sport_f_01.bnk_orig".

After the backup is done, simply copy the new rim-file there with BNK extension.

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I've checked them, great blog & pics :)

Are you planning any new mods?


Thank You.

Well, I'm interested in painting cars in the first place, but sometimes I have to mod few things to get a proper result. Maybe I will release some older mods too, stay tuned! ;)


Fantastic work! Any chance on giving away the secret to the dual paint jobs, I'd love to do some custom two tone Veyrons.


The answer is very simple: I used stickers. :)

I know, this is impossible by default, but I'm not that default minded kind.... ;)

The metallic golden paintjob is unique too, since by default you can't select the colors you would need to get the right visual effect. The in-game color picker doesnt support "pastel" colors, only 0% saturation colors (greyscale) or 100% saturation color (the ones in the colourful square). To get this effect I had to apply light brown, and light ocher colors.

The beige part is made with custom edited sticker BNK with beige sticker in it. Total editing time was about 3 hours or so. I was extremely careful.... as usual. :)


nicely done,care to share how to convert rims to tdu2?

i've tried but just got a blank texture :huh:


Sorry, I modifiy existing rims only, so I can't help you. :(

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