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Since the release of ßeta TDU2 vehicle property editor UPDATED - Page 2 | turboduck forum


We should have a thread where we can share our custom data.


For example my 599 gto is a laferrari, i changed gears to 7 and upped speed, acceleration etc.


This thread can serve the purpose of people uploading the statistics, so we have somewhat similar and realistic car stats for the mods we install.


I don't know too much about the laferrari but here is my settings right now:




Drive-train - Engine/Performance


Max rpm: 9000

Min rpm: 1000

Speed limit: 350

[email protected]: 6750

acc/torque (nm): 700

horse power: 789

max [email protected]: 8250 (need to change)

engine acc: 0.100

engine inertia: 15

0-100: 3.100

number of turbo: 0

engine type: v12

engine size: 6262

engine position: mid

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