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Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

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More details on the 650S replacement, I thought this pic had been posted in this thread but the 20 seconds I dedicated to checking didn't bring up anything :hmmm:


Showcasing the active aero:


image from Auto Express | New and Used Car Reviews, News Advice


Strong rumours it will be called the 720S, meaning 720PS power from the engine. Considering it is meant to be going up against the 670PS Ferrari 488, not bad.

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Mustang has been opened up further as the convertible has been facelifted as well.





And in other news, BMW soon stands for Bornse Motoren Werke :lol: Although not yet confirmed by BMW or VDL Nedcar spokespeople, the factory near the village of Born is going to expand in the upcoming weeks most likely to start building 2 Active Tourers and X1's. The reason is that demand for these cars is so high that even with maximum capacity and maximum shifts in the original German factory, BMW can't keep up with demand. VDL Nedcar is no stranger to them; they are already producing the Mini 3-door and convertible, and they are the only plant to produce the second generation Countryman. In the past, they built Mitsubishi's Outlander and Colt, the Smart ForFour and multiple series of Volvo's and DAF's.

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Triple post :D


Aston Martin has registered a new logo/badge:




Aston Martin originally filed a trademark for the above logo last July for a number of items, presumably for merchandise, as it falls under categories like small items of metal hardware, furniture, advertising, marketing, etc. Earlier this week, a second filing was made that also lists a number of items like mobile phones, leather and clothing. More importantly, the more recent trademark filing also includes automobile chassis and design of land vehicles, hinting that Aston Martin could be using this logo for various parts on its vehicles like the front grille, wheels or steering wheel. We know this new logo will be used on lifestyle merchandise, but perhaps it could also be used on cars that are bespoke or special edition models?






Source: What is This Mysterious Aston Martin Logo? » AutoGuide.com News




Personal view on this: this is a logo good enough for a Chinese car builder or for a racing game that can't afford real licenses. And I don't care if it's the true original logo of the brand or not, I don't see Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Renault and Opel going back to their first ones. Everybody knows AM because of the winged logo, which fits well with the expensive cars, and I think especially for a high-end brand with the type of customers they get, it might cost them more than just paying to file the trademark... I really hope if this ever makes it onto an Aston Martin, it'll be next to the production date clock of a plastic part, nowhere else.

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Stats on the new Ford GT are finally being revealed to the public:


- 647hp

- 550 lb/ft torque

- 216mph top speed


They've said it's faster than a Ferrari 458 Speciale and Mclaren 675LT around some random track in Canada..... which makes me wonder just how much faster it was? Ferrari no doubt have a faster 488 coming in the next 12-18 months, and McLaren's P14 is supposedly rapid. Maybe they're being modest, and the GT will still be faster/rival these 2 cars.

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3 seconds faster than a 458. Good enough.


BMW X1 confirmed to be produced in Holland. It will create 800 jobs of which most will be fulfilled by former employees of the factory who are without a job since production volume went down of the other vehicles.


And as expected, somebody made an illustration of what the AMG R50 could look like:






--- Post Updated ---


And here's the Vanquish S Volante:







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