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Add new missions/locations (i know!)

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So from my short time around these parts i think i'm correct in saying it seems impossible to add new missions and locations to the game due to it all being in machine code or something like that (so you need really good coders with reverse code skills etc).

So what is that bit about getting access to 'the editor' in game when you hit 'pro level' all about? And the fact it works so half-featured (does not 'save' in the game world, just that instance for you try it out etc). What were Atari 'planning' to do with that feature? Did they go so far then pull out and implement it half cooked to not ruin their potential for DLC money etc?

It just seems a really odd feature to me.

So it got me thinking. What if there was a way to unlock this feature and have it work as one might expect (be able to create x amount of new custom player designed races and save them into your world etc), how could that be achieved? Would it need a separate 'launcher' perhaps with an interface that pulled the date from the games files and placed them back in?

Are their any Russians looking into this perhaps (I say Russians as they have a pretty good track record in this kind of thing, i also play Elite FFED3D which was a Russian reverse engineered version of the Elite FFE game)?

I think if we had the potential to add more races to the game (and share that with others) it could make TDU last even longer than it has already?

Just a 'dream' i'm sure many have had around here. 😉

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I've participated in this project at the time:

It consists in creating track with the in game editor then replacing any multiplayer speed challenge on the map. It worked and we had fun with it.

I dunno if that still works since multiplayer lobbies have been shut down with GameSpy in 2012.

Download links

Good luck!

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I just found a quite old track pack by 2CVSUPERGT (and Djey?) on my hdd. 
I don't know, if it would still work, but guess not.

The races are:

  • Hokuto no Michi over T024
  • [email protected] over Descent of the Dos Reis
  • [email protected] over Mastery
  • Nanto no Michi over Seaside slalom
  • [email protected] over Champion Class
  • Speedway over Ride in Mokapu peninsula
  • West Coast Ride over Not Quite There Yet
  • Oahu Grand Tour over King of Orientation
  • Highway's Slalom over Descent of the Poncet
  • The Stadium Rotary over RACE01
  • The Lost Dogs over Aston martin time attack

If allowed I could upload.

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I think if i understand the limitations those will bascially be replacement races right? We still have this arbitary limit so can only change existing races and not add additional content ontop of what is already there (without over writing exisiting races etc)?

I just look at the games map and imagine all the hundreds of extra race events it 'could' hold, if we had a way to actually add additional races :(

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