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  1. Platinum includes paradise anyway. But you may just use Paradise to see if the 'vsync' launcher setting works for you.
  2. Nope, 1.68b and 2.00 won't bring anything to this matter. Project paradise does and enables online mode. I guess you're using a wrong no cd crack btw. Use the same as TDU Platinum's if you wanna keep a genuine experience.
  3. One would be better rewrite PC clubs from almost scratch, imo. A GameSpy emulator is required btw, since service is gone.
  4. Hi, make sure the game is running with dedicated graphics instead of integrated intel/AMD chip first. Did you try to force vsync in project paradise launcher? and in intel/AMD control panel?
  5. Some people have been reporting the dgvoodoo2 wrapper does solve map crash issues as well, but settings have to be tweaked to eliminate artifacts.
  6. I think you've not clicked the right link, I've reuploaded all mods from a same article and in sharemods. Link is working. Again check post just before yours...
  7. Please read posts just above yours...
  8. Support is not clunky imo, it might be basic but it works actually. Anyway it's tied to game engine so I seriously doubt anyone would work on it. Moreover there are much more interesting things to mod on in TDU, so trying to get better gamepad support would not be a priority. If you wanna enjoy the game a little bit more, you should buy a used wheel as G25/G27.
  9. What? Xbox pads are well supported in TDU1 on PC. Check your Windows install and updates, because something is not properly configured I guess... Most Troll-esque post of 2022, thanks for the laugh. Have fun!
  10. Afaik you can display the game key in steam game properties, can't you?
  11. TDU (project paradise) may require you to connect via VPN for online profile creation. Depending on your location. Not needed afterwards.
  12. Salut, a mon avis tu auras des réponses ici si tu t'adresses en anglais, il y a peu de français sur tduck Sinon pour le support de tdu World il y a le discord officiel (en anglais aussi): https://discord.gg/C7HWaMAu6e Et non ce n'est pas une fumisterie. Ça fonctionne en ligne même s'il n'y a pas grand monde de connecté...
  13. Sorry I've no clue. My last guess was you're using TDU Gold which is different from original dvd and was likely to cause issues. You may otherwise try with the command line tools to unpack database manually.
  14. According to logs the issue appears after unpacking database, e.g if you check file at location: C:\Users\LANETB~1\AppData\Local\Temp\libUnlimited-databaseBank5836824573108046309 It should exist with other files related to database. So something in your game edition makes the tool unable to read the unpacked files. Don't you have a TDU gold by any chance?
  15. That is not related to windows 10 for sure, and my database is the exact copy of the one provided by TDU platinum. So you can get it from the latest update. Best thing is definitely to enable debug logs in TDUF to know what's going on. Ps: d3d9.dll file is not meant to be in this folder
  16. That's an unknown issue, never happened before I guess. If there were errors, the DatabaseEditor logs would contain them... To see more logs, that may help: https://github.com/djey47/tduf/wiki/Settings#debugging Something makes your database uncompatible with TDUF and it's hard to tell without any information. Otherwise with using TDUF in command line mode and try extracting database manually: https://github.com/djey47/tduf/wiki/Banks-CLI TDUF FULL package is required to run as command line (from cmd.exe).
  17. Hi, have you tried opening database with TDU Modding Tools? TDUF uses same 'engine' to unpack BNK files.
  18. Depend on which RTX model... Workarounds and fixes do exist for most 30x0. Otherwise stick to old gens for old games ?
  19. Yeah that's an issue where maximum draw distance is capped by the game engine.
  20. Oahucars mods have been re-up and advertised here: https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/36093-oahucars-team-classic-mods-reuploaded/?tab=comments#comment-600903
  21. I guess you'll need to install the latest official patch by hand before this, as the update servers are down.
  22. @BEight did manage to do something from it, not saying that's an easy task
  23. Hey everyone. After having sold my old Fanatec gt3rs v2 finally, I decided to try thrustmaster products and I chose the T300rs GT. TDU2 does not have profile for such a more recent wheel, so I had to manually remap all controls to wheel and shifter. Good so far. Controls are precise and already enjoyable. But it's like there's only rumble force enabled (while hitting the rev limiter and going offroad), I get no force feedback at all. Is it normal behaviour for supported wheel? Any ideas on how to configure it? Maybe it would require adding a dedicated game profile for the t300/t500 to enable ff?
  24. Yeah, absolutely right. See TDUCP as an experiment that modders might lean on for the making of mod packs. There's not much I could add on it right now
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