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  1. Playstation portable, I guess... I don't think it has been modded yet. And seriously doubt it will be anytime.
  2. Thanks for testing ! I've no time to process these results and adjust structure files for now, sadly. But that's great to have it here for future reference
  3. Nope, not to my knowledge at least. Tduf does only modify database files and a few bin files. Only project paradise uses a dll injection, allowing to override variables in memory. That's why projects such as tdu platinum are so huge and take time, author has to make changes on each car and test results in game...
  4. To test these binocular values, use tduf tool and change camera settings for "car physics data" topic. Attached file was just for explanation. This page might help as well: https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Database-Editor-Cameras Thanks!
  5. No conflict, working online with tdu platinum and other players
  6. Hi, I've participated in this project at the time: It consists in creating track with the in game editor then replacing any multiplayer speed challenge on the map. It worked and we had fun with it. I dunno if that still works since multiplayer lobbies have been shut down with GameSpy in 2012. Download links : Good luck!
  7. No, Platinum cannot be patched with 2.0 and has its own functioning. 2.0 offers a genuine game experience, with sandbox to add vehicle mods by yourself. As such, theyr are not compatible. To enjoy best of both worlds, you should use 2 different TDU installs. But save games won't be fully compatible either.
  8. Weird indeed. App was meant to request admin rights automatically with the TDUF-database-gui.cmd and I tested it on W10 at the time. But the escalation mechanism might have been broken with W10 updates since then. I should check that, I suppose ... Anyway, glad it worked. Have fun!
  9. Hi, try to remove read-only attribute on all files in TDU folder, including all subfolders. As you're running tool as admin, there should be the only issue preventing files to be copied. Also, consider sending logs appearing in the console window (TDUF-Database-GUI), eventually.
  10. Here are current notes about reverse-engineering of TDU files. They require a good knowledge in game and other topics. https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/Reverse-Engineering-Notes I will add more as soon as I can get my hands on them in my hard disk ...
  11. Completely on-topic, this mod is using this new location (TDU1). Amazing progress so far.
  12. Yep, working for the sample file given but I could not test on all PMIs To solve the issue, one would have to study this particular PMI with a hex editor (hex workshop is very powerful), convert JSON structure to tool structure (in C langugage for HW) and find out why the current map file fails. There's likely a mismatch with the size of structure: TDUF is expecting some data named GAP4, and end of file might be encountered instead. Sorry not to be of that much help, but my vacation ended and can't find the time to investigate further.
  13. Problem is, PMI support is still very expermental, not sure current structure knows enough to decode this format... You may try attached structure file with fixed field name for GAP3. I can't guarantee this will work however... PMI-map.json
  14. <sarcasm> Oh yeah, and I'll add working online mode with all features and proper physics (copy/pasted from TDU) as well. </sarcasm> No, sorry. I'm sure others could make it, might happen some day if game's really worth it. I made some BNK tools ages ago, now taking a long rest from TDU2.
    Brilliant, I can't believe anyone could put his hands on it again... This mod has even more potential I believe, I would be glad to help with improving it. Note to myself : time to go on with reverse engineering on map spots ... would be great to have POI over here Hints to enhance the mod : - Provide island textures to view from a distance (from map) - Provide thumbnail for bookmark Thanks a lot and keep the magic going !
  15. That's a known issue with latest Java versions, download and extract 1.12.0 Java 9&10 HOTFIX zip from downloads page. Replace existing files as written in zip's Readme.
  16. Install x64 version of Java, not 32-bit. Unless you're using a 32-bit Windows 10 ? If so, extract attached zip file in tduf/tools/cli directory. Replace existing files (DatabaseEditor.cmd and DatabaseEditor.sh). DatabaseEditor-1.12.0-HOTFIX-32bit.zip
  17. Once again... Tdu2 has nice graphics (for the time at least) a bunch of nice ideas and Ibiza, set of charming Mediterranean landscapes. But not enough to make forget those awful handling and physics engine. As already said, game physics are not in moddable files, this is mostly source code, that only game developers have and can understand. Such people are making this for a living, and can't give time and copyrighted content to free time modders. Besides, I think most Eden game developers have switched to other projects, and most obviously, to better opportunities. Instead of complaining, why one would not help remaining modders ?? Better spend time and energy for this... I truly believe tdu2 modding is great already. Just this game lacked the opportunity to seduce me. That's life
  18. Great, do you know people involved in tdu paradise project for TDU1? Has your server more features than pp?
  19. Never heard of this issue in 11 years time... Which bnk are these files from? Is the 2db to dds failure, or the dds to 2db ?
  20. Here is current state of cameras bin structure, see attachment. Interesting part below: { "name": "binoculars", "type": "INTEGER", "size": 2 }, Currently, binoculars information is read after 2 bytes data. It seems that only 1 byte is sufficient. That would explain why setting is cyclic. To validate this assumption, may someone test these values? - 16640 => should be maximum FOV (min zoom) - 16768 => should be medium FOV - 16895 => should be narrowest FOV (max zoom). Thanks. BIN-cameras-map.json
  21. Interesting! Imo that's why when reverse-engineering, I had to guess in Cameras.bin how many bits are used for this or that (and whether they're signed or not...); since most of cameras settings are 16bit encoded, I assumed that would be the same for Binoculars (0..65535, or -32768..32767). According tou your findings, it seems that only last 8bits are relevant. e.g (16b decimal) => binary 16697 0100 0001 0011 1001 DEFAULT 16675 ‭0100 0001 0010 0011‬ + ZOOM 16650 ‭0100 0001 0000 1010‬ 10000 ‭0010 0111 0001 0000‬ and now, if we'd only keep relevant, last 8bits: (binary => 8b decimal unsigned) 0011 1001 => 57 0010 0011‬ => 35 0000 1010‬ => 10 0001 0000‬ => 16. So, first 8bits must have effect on another view setting... hard to guess... Anyway, this conversation may be continued in TDUF thread or new dedicated topic about Cameras.bin research.
  22. It might be related to some per-camera view settings in game files (although cameras.bin is not fully supported, and may never be...) When I wrote cameras editor in TDUF, I was helped by a russian (I guess) tool, translated into english. Some view settings were named after 'binoculars' , others have still unknown effects. So you should try change such values in TDUF and see what happens. Good luck...
  23. Hi, something did corrupt TDUF configuration file, it seems. To solve this, delete file at Users\You\.tduf\tduf.properties then restart the tool. You will have to set TDU Database directory again, though. I'm aware of global crash when configuration is corrupt, that's a thing I have to fix on a future release (but I don't have planned it yet).
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