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Continuing on from our previously announced site changes and merger with TDU World, we have more updates to TurboDuck.net to announce:


Layout Change

  • Overhaul of the default light theme
  • The Dark theme is currently unavailable while we work on compatibility issues with the latest site update, along with a new light / dark switcher toggle work in progress. Please stay tuned and wear your sunglasses while using the site if needed.
  • The forum home page now lists threads from all areas in a single Fluid list so that members can easily see all forum activity.  A filter block appears to the side and allows you to select individual areas to filter threads/topics by.
  • The traditional forum table view is still available as an option if you prefer the previous layout.
  • Varieties of section and block adjustments


Topic Layout Overhaul

  • New sidebar block auto added for popular topics with condensed information about the thread
  • Style change for popular post / topic header
  • Icons appear on moderator and newly joined etc posts
  • Posts made to the same thread / area within 12 hours by the same user will automatically be merged unless another user replies first.
  • Simplified button layout
  • Style change for question & answer (Q&A) post type, with the ability to mark the topic as solved and provide related notifications
  • All mod support forums are now using this new Q&A format

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Overall user interface improvements
  • Overhaul of available notification settings
  • Club owners are now able to create pages within their own clubs
  • Added an "Information" block to club home that allows a club owner to add rich text
  • Added "Read Only" club type
    Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join
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