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  1. Use the 4gb patch packed in the updates.
  2. fatal

    G29 not working

    When I bought my G29 (replacing my DFGT) the FFB wasn't work in TDU and only in TDU, other games were fine. I guess there was some driver issue with the old LGS. A windows reinstall solved the issue. G-HUB is crap, I use LGS and no single problem. I don't have black screen issues though. (Alt+Tab sometimes crashes the game, but nothing else)
  3. Exactly, but the title rumour only says "Test Drive: Solar Crown", so the abbrevation won't be TDU, but TDSC. But Solar Crown was a thing in TDU2 only so don't know. Hope I'm totally wrong about this
  4. I hope they won't remove "Unlimited" from the title because it won't be an open world game.
  5. I would be happy if they would re-relase TDU physics combined with TDU2 features (club races, weather, day-night cycle etc.). But I really hope they would stick to stock cars and not go into the crew direction. My hopes are not high though.
  6. Yeah I forgot the 10 slots, sorry I will check TDUF for the data, thanks.
  7. I've never mod the game, don't familiar with the editors and the db (and its structure). I know how to replace a car, but that's not accurate and I didn't like it back in the days when it was impossible to add new cars to new slots. But maybe I will look after it.
  8. Maybe in a later version? Anyway, still a huge thanks for the mod, TDU is still the best openworld stuff after almost 15 years
  9. Hey, Milli, does the new update will contain the new (2017, mk3) Focus RS? https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/ford/2017_ford_focus_rs/14-1-0-1349
  10. No problem, that's a great idea I think. I would add cars for myself, just don't know how can I edit the database. Also I guess it would be time consuming to setup all the parameters for the cars.
  11. There is something wrong with your friend's hardware or software environment then. I play on windows 10 and never had issues. Altough with platinum mod at the first start (after installation) it's crashes, but after that, everything is fine.
  12. Just copy and overwrite the files, like you installed the mod base. I have a question too. I know it's still offtopic but this is the only active topic. I've recently bought the G29. With the G-Hub software it works fine. However I prefer the Logitech Gaming Software (the newer one from 2018, v9.0), since G-Hub lacks features (like remove a created profile lol). But with the LGS there is no FFB in TDU, with GHub it's fine. I applied the G27 fix from the project paradise. Is there any solution for this? Also, the RPM lights don't work, but I guess the game simply doesn't support it.
  13. That's you should turn on vsync in Project Paradise launcher, it limits the FPS to 60.
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