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  1. Just copy and overwrite the files, like you installed the mod base. I have a question too. I know it's still offtopic but this is the only active topic. I've recently bought the G29. With the G-Hub software it works fine. However I prefer the Logitech Gaming Software (the newer one from 2018, v9.0), since G-Hub lacks features (like remove a created profile lol). But with the LGS there is no FFB in TDU, with GHub it's fine. I applied the G27 fix from the project paradise. Is there any solution for this? Also, the RPM lights don't work, but I guess the game simply doesn't support it.
  2. That's you should turn on vsync in Project Paradise launcher, it limits the FPS to 60.
  3. I've bought a logitech G29, and there is no FFB in the game. I've installed the G27 fix, but still not working. Tried with Logitech Gaming Software (the new one, the old one doesn't support the wheel), and the G-Hub as well. Can I make it work somehow? Edit.: It's working after restart computer and disconnect/connect the wheel to usb again. Another edit: After a win reinstall LGS works as well. This new G-Hub is horrible. Unfortunately the RPM LEDs on the wheel are not working, I guess only G27 is supported.
  4. I know, I only have online profiles, so to test Fuel Mode in offline I must check Offline in Paradise launcher.
  5. Strange, according to Project Paradise feature list, it should be working in offline mode too. As far as I remember, I've tested it in offline and it worked.
  6. Thanks, I will play with it a little. Maybe I will keep the night time and just replase the sunset The purple one is a bit unrealistic for me, but the normal sunset is stunning. Thanks for the mod again
  7. Is it possible to somehow rebind the backspace key for refuel to a wheel button? If it's not possible in the mod itself, does anyone know a tool in windows where I can bind a joystick button to a key which works in all applications (so I can use it in TDU)?
  8. I didn't even know that this was possible in TDU2. Nice job and great idea. Will this car be a part of future AutoPack?
  9. Is that a working reverse camera? Pretty nice work
  10. Read the FAQ in the first post. TDU shows wrong speeds because of how its engine calculating it.
  11. TDU Platinum Custom cars are default cars / empty slots if you want to add more cars via mods.
  12. @kristiannn Thanks, looks awesome I have a maybe weird question, but I always found Pink and Purple sunsets weird. Is it possible to replace them? According to your previous post if I want to do this I must edit the WeatherDesc.ini and make sure that if a part of they has multiple parts (SUNRISE and SUNRISE2 for example) all parts must be in the file otherwise the clouds are disappearing. So if I understand this correctly If I want to disable the purple and/or pink sunsets I must replace PINKSUNSET, PINKSUNSET2 and PURPLESUNSET, PURPLESUNSET2 to FINALSUNSET and FINALSUNSET2? Does this work? Also If I don't want the night time can I comment out those lines or should I replace the night lines with the day one? Or is this not possible at all?
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