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  1. Try it with deactivated "fx tweak" (choose "OFF") in Project Paradise Launcher.
  2. One site before Djey posted two links about TDUF. Do at your own risk and backup before, like Milli already said.
  3. Your critics should be addressed to the modders, not Milli. Milli built that biiiig patch with all mods still available somewhere, yes, but she cannot manipulate the given mods, and even if she could, she wouldn't be allowed at all. And because 99% of all modders that created the mods are gone long time ago, you have to deal with it, or make it better by yourself.
  4. No, there is a BNK Editor for TDU 1 for un-/repacking bnk files around. With Modding tools you can convert 2db files into dds files, that can be edited in a graphic software (e. g. Photoshop). And then you need the Nvidia Tools-Filter to save the prepared file as dds again. With Modding Tools to make dds into 2db again and the BNK Editor to repack the bnk. Long told short.
  5. Guess, most people were and still aren't interested in modding clothes, even less for bikes, very much. There were a few modders like CarlosVega or Tool831 about 10 years ago. They made e. g. some T-Shirts. They all left TDU years ago. But, hey, there are the tools for un-/repacking the bnk files, Modding Tools for tranforming file format and some graphic editing software like Photoshop, so you are encourage to go into modding by yourself. It's not rocket science
  6. In general, no! In TDU2 you can only replace the car that is named to be replace. The only exception is a car from same manufacture that is similar to the replaced one. Will say you can replace a mod for Pagani Zonda F with another Zonda, or a Veyron with another Veyron version. Nothing else.
  7. At least replace the db.bnk in database folder with your backup file.
  8. That's really great news, Knyazev !!! I know some people awaiting to go online with TDU2 and mods again.
  9. Just wait some time, meanwhile try to enter and leave a house. A friend and I needed lately about some minutes to see each other. And stay near to him, perhaps at a point where are less people in general.
  10. I don't think so, because it is intended, that you have to rediscover the game. If all people would know all content, that would destroy the fun for the most.
  11. With me reshade works. But some cars disappear at the car dealers.
  12. Salut Djey, your Alfa is uploaded in your name to download section
  13. Djey, perhaps you remember, you did once a Alfa Cabrio, and I still got this Perhaps that is also fine for the download section.
  14. Perhaps your power supply is too weak.
  15. Just replace the sound file of the car you wish to change (at ...\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules) with the new file. Of course you need to named the new sound file like the one you will replace. Don't forget to backup the original file before!
  16. Hello mitkop81, Happy Birthday to you I hope also, that StarGT will be back, fingers cross.
  17. GameSpy doesn't exist for years now. Should work without via Paradise launcher. Are your ports TCP / UDP 8889, 1900, 9889 at your modem / firewall open?
  18. Hm, I have a legal copy of TDU and play on a legal copy of Windows 10.
  19. In the Options > Game Settings > Seat Position he could can change highs and lows. My seat was too close there.
  20. These 10 slots are free to customize, like the people want, so nothing else has to be replaced.
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