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  1. Even if I am no friend of winglets, thank you for the mod, StarGT
  2. Look here Use at your own risk.
  3. In options there is missing the link to the original 2db file to be replaced. That you need for keeping the file header for the new file.
  4. You cannot do. A mod in TDU 2 is always meant to replace the car it's made for, or a similar model, like Bugattis are all equal or the Jaguar XKR. Only in TDU 1 it doesn't matter which one to replace!
  5. The mod should be available here (after admin ok):
  6. Welcome back Pator5 Nice to see you again. This Porsche is looking awesome!
  7. Please write in English, that's common here.
  8. I support this very much Pictures
  9. One of my dream cars, when I was young I remeber this car was presented in a magazine "Custom Chrome", lol.
  10. In a german game magazine the development of Test Drive Unlimited 3 (TDU) is officially confirmed. Publishing-Label: Nacon Developer studio: Kylotonn (World Championship Rally; Isle of Man TT) Let's see, what is will be. Complete article (in german): PC Games
  11. Hey, an old car from Need for Speed II SE That was my first racing game I had and I still have that game original in a box.
  12. You cannot do, only the car modder can do.
  13. I would say the official Atari online servers are down for long time now, so cannot play online. At least as long as there won't be a community server ready to go online.
  14. In the lastet Update of the Millis Platinum patch (v, 1.12) there is a "Extra" folder, within you will find another "4gb Executables" folder. Backup your actual files and replace them with the ones inside that folder. Milli says, this may help. Others say, deactivating the "steering wheel" in the game launcher could help. This does not work with me or my friend. To us it seems, that this game crashes happen with at least some mods by Miha2795. But we haven't tested all mods by him yet.
  15. Very nice mod, thank you StarGT
  16. Yes, some zips have no password, sometimes the password is "777777" (after requesting I was told, it should work with all zips, but doesn't) and for some I still don't know the password. Perhaps anyone else can start a request there.
  17. Perhaps it would be nice to let others know about the solution, wouldn't it?
  18. Me and a friend are having same experience with some mods by Miha2795 like Porsche 911 Speedster or Nissan GT-R (R34) for example. Someone told it would help (perhaps, for some time) to "hide the wheel" in game launcher, but not for me.
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