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Xtenso978's Work-Shop "update: 09/23/2023 Video of supra in action


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😄Welcome to XtensoJdm's Workshop😄

Here you will find links to my released mods and can see work in progress in my upcoming mods for test drive unlimited.


Released Cars


Porsche 993 RWB Final 2.0


DOWNLOAD: Released XtensoJDM: Porsche 993 1995 RWB rauh welt 2.0 Final | turboduck forum


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My first thought is the main exterior dummy is not centered. The exterior dummy D_CAR should be the problem. It have to be EXACTLY in the center of the scene, where the X and Y axis will meet.


If it IS centered, you probably moved the main interior mesh (for purpose or by accident), but I would suggest you to import the Forza interior OBJ (without materials) into the TDU Z3D scene and check if it is on the same position.


Let me know if one of this is the issue, but I think those are the only two options which could cause that

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Hey guys, i learn some new stuff in the process so i am applying them to the g35. Did interior for it but it crash my game so I need to do that again and carefully.

Also I am having fun with some quick converts that will later on turn into finished cars.




By the way,anyone wants a new Honda s2000? I do :nods: :D



@John I just seen that, yes I am working on physics looking and researching and changing until I feel satisfied . As for HUD I never tried making one, but if I learn to do so, then most likely yes

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more bad news... My HDD failed on me... Its been a long journey with it lol. It was a portable hard drive but i took plastics off and made it my main hard drive back in 2012-2013 so it did more than I expected. NOW the bad is that I lost it all and did not have backup of files. Good news is that I know how to export exterior good now so I will start from 0 with g35 and focus on stock body first, hopefully by the end of the night or tomorrow I will get new pics for yall.

Sorry for delay

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Here are the last updates I can make at the moment for the g35, at least is back on track but I tried converting the rotors and calipers and the graphics now dont show at all so I am trying to figure that out. It still does not have body LR or shadows but i will add that soon... as of right now tho the car will be paused until I figure out how to fix the problems and I will work on the s2000 as I find it easier converting a forza horizon model for some reason O.o anyways here is the pictures....


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Hmm... That's weird actually. You could redo my tree (I dont know if it will solve your problem, but it always worked by me) and rename the calipers (i use a different name)








-BLOCK_** (STIR_** in your case)


Also make sure to use the One-Zero method on the alpha of the brake disc and caliper materials (except the badge, but i completely detach the badges and put them into the main caliper hierachy, it is not neccessary though)


Let me know if it helps, otherwise feel free to send me your Z3d so I can take a look.

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  • xtenso978 changed the title to Xtenso978's Work-Shop "update: 09/23/2023 Video of supra in action

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