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  1. Why can't Polyphony just buy all of these sound samples for their vacuum cleaner cars? They'd make 10x more money with it than they spent on those samples.
  2. I tried this game when it came out. Horrible. Wheel didn't fully work, couldn't map gears, physics were HORRIBLE. Did this game get any good updates since then, or can anyone tell me if Fanatec wheels especially my GT2 Wheel will work? Won't install it just to find out :/
  3. I have the tech preview as I'm a hardcore Fanatec customer and they were nice enough to send every Fanatec customer a tech preview key :D I have to say, it looks like GT5, the engine sounds a bit boring and I need AI drivers, more tracks and more cars, RIGHT NOW! :P Does anybody know if there will be performance upgrades? Can't wait..
  4. v Thank you a lot, I'll try it tomorrow v
  5. DepositFiles Here you are, mate.
  6. As far as I know, you cannot simulate Vtec and Turbo Lag. For example, a 1200 HP Single Turbo Supra is supposed to have rather big turbo lag, instead, in TDU, if you put it into sixth gear at 60 km/h it will accelerate rather fast and climb its way to top speed really, really fast. Correct me, if I'm wrong.
  7. Is it just me or is the car now visually 'wobbling' when steering harder rather than just standing there like a rock as it did in GT5? I like that.
  8. Yeah Forza adds tranny whine too. I wasn't fanboying around, as I said and as you might have read, I had GT5 for a long time and I enjoyed it but at some point I couldn't take the engine sounds again. Well, excuse me for using an easy car I didn't know of being easy.. I drove pretty much at least 50% of my cars on the ring and I suppose not all of them are easy to drive. Before you accuse me of fanboying, just look at your arguments :) And no, I don't use racing tires as I love spinning a few gears at least. Edit: lol im baked
  9. Though, they're unenjoyable with a controller in my opinion Any game that comes close to a racing simulator can't be enjoyed with a controller unless you're playing it with friends, if you ask me, honestly :D
  10. That's your opinion. I had the PS3 and GT5 for a long, long time (not right since release of GT5 but a bit later) and I played with the controller and it was nice. Yeah, nice. Then I got my Fanatec GT2 which broke just after playing GT5 with it and buying an Xbox 360 with FM4, so I had to ship it back to Germany so they could fix it and until then I played with the controller. It basically felt the exact same as GT5 did, personally. (Both tested with all assists off except for ABS, I can't play without ABS lol) I just like the feels of the 360 controller more, it feels better in my hands than the smaller PS3 controller.. But there we go, everyone has their own opinion. Btw, @Diablo I just noticed that someone (probably you) edited my post where I wrote ape-s...-speed and replaced the sh... with lalalaal, I seriously had to laugh out loud because I always re read my posts every now and then :P As for Forza Horizon: The graphics on that game are dumbed down! Just compare any interior and you'll see.. Huge differences. I don't know about you, but I don't like it when the graphics are overdone. I'd rather have realistic graphics, than having graphics which look good to my eyes. The number of cars is ridiculous too and that is why I still play FM4 which I bought for 20.-, rather than the 90.- Horizon.
  11. If you're talking to me, I know the FM4 Nordschleife is inaccurate, I still play it. I also used to only play on the Nordschleife in GT5, after I got ALL the premium cars and around 300 standard cars (this is also a point for F4, you can get 900k credits in a GT5 race w/ 200% and this was a year ago.) I also raced the GTR 2 Nordschleife and a couple of other games.. Dschörmen pauer all ze way!
  12. Hmm, doesn't really make any sense to me to release this on the PS3. Why? It's pretty much going to be an improved GT5, they could've just released the GT6 stuff as a free update for GT5 or maybe a DLC that'll charge us a bit. I do, though, love the look of the Audi Quattro.. Delicious. Still, not enough to convince me, I'll wait for the new Xbox and Forza 5 (probably a launch title, imo).
  13. The thing about Forza 4 sounds: The cockpit sound is muffled, a lot Unless you have a good sound system, you might not notice those changes. A little explanation on this: Stock on stock, the car's engine sounds differ from view to view (noticably) Now if you put a stage 3 exhaust, stage 3 air filter and the stage 3 weight reduction, the cockpit sound will get a lot louder than it was before. Now on racecars such as the GT3 and upper class vehicles there's little to no difference from cockpit to bonnet view in terms of sound. Things that affect the engine sounds in Forza 4: - Air Filter - Exhaust - Camshafts - Weight reduction I don't know of anything else though. Didn't know that GT5 received a physics update, but to be honest? That should've been included from the start on. It's like Polyphony only focused on graphics and then physics and sounds on the last priority. Heck, even TDU's vanilla sounds are better than GT5's. I did around 10 laps on the Nordschleife with a fully upgraded GSX-R concept car, wasn't that hard for me with my Fanatec GT2, I started racing with wheels when NFS Shift (first one) came out and I've mainly been driving on the Nordschleife ever since then :P Umm yeah, I think that was all I wanted to say. Note that I do respect your point of view and that I am not trying to start a flame war either :) Edit: Can't wait for the new Xbox and Forza 5! If GT6 does everything right, I'll get myself a PS4 next to the Xbox (It's coming out for the PS4, right? PS3 would be kind of... stupid) Another edit: If you're all about enjoying racing and physics, the both GT5 and Forza 4 aren't the right thing for you, be a man/woman and go for the SimBin games or rFactor (2?) or iRacing (2?) (I don't have any experience on both, but boy, I do have a lot of experience in GTR, GTR Evolution and the new Racing Experience game :D)
  14. FORZA! Definitely! In Forza, A LOT of upgrades affect the sound of the car in the end. (most noticable change would be the cams as they completely change the way the car sounds and partially behaves. I have to disagree with Diablo on having a better feel with the Wheel (hue, rhymes D:) on GT than on Forza. I had the PS3 and GT5 for a while, I was using an equalizer and amplifier to get better sounds, but they were still bad. I had to get used to driving with the bonnet cam because I either go all cockpit or all bonnet as it changes how I drive (personally). In GT5, when going in a straight line, you could launch in fourth gear with a Corvette ZR1 and nail the accelerator to the ground and the Corvette would simply not spin out, but the wheels would spin and spin and spin. Get in first gear with a Forza Corvette, nail the pedal, power shift into second and keep the accelerator pushed and you'll instantly spin down. A huge turn down on me. Another, even bigger turn down was the X1. Seriously? "The best driving simulator" Yeah, with a 400 kilograms, 1500 HP hyper F1 car? No, thanks. In GT5, the only mistake I could do is brake too late or spin out in a corner. In Forza 4, a high powered car is way harder to control and I have to grasp on my wheel and drift around, eventually resulting in me, spinning out (I like to go through corners with an ape-lalalala-speed to test the car's limits). Overall, Forza just seems more realistic to me. Better sounds (fact), better customization (fact), better physics (opinion) GT5 wins in terms of track accuracy and looking better to the eye, because Forza just looks like we would want to graphically see whereas GT5 looks close to real life (IMO) Did I mention that GT5's carbase is around 80% Japanese cars and of those, around 30% Nissan? :P (along the lines of) Also, sitting on a game for THAT long and presenting us 200 premium cars and the rest as standard cars with PS2 models is really, really wrong. ------- By the way, does anybody know if GT6 comes out for the PS4? Seen the concept trailer and I could swear it said November 2013 (PS4 release - ??)
  15. Way too high pitched or high revving (sounds like that at least) Sounds like a Ferrari/V12 Lambo mix The SL65 AMG sounds way more V8-ish (I know it's got a V12 Twin turbocharged engine)
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