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  1. http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa118/far54/19112014277_zpsaa998faa.jpg Yay! :duck:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! Hope you have a mad and mental one. :gdance: :bunny:

    1. Well the servers are "a bit" clogged, but i was able to do the tutorial through solo session, and the race after that. Someone was able to join to the race, I won the race got some money and leveled to 3 after which the server kicked me out. So I haven't done much, but it seems cool how there's some story stuff even in the online part. Have to wait for the servers to ease up for any more testing :).
    2. 75%, just finished all the main missions. Now towards 100% :)
    3. The Division is coming to PC: source: The Division Confirmed for PC - UbiBlog | Ubisoft®
    4. Played it for a couple of hours today, my id is gsto2 if you want to add me. I feel not a lot of people play it/play it with a wheel, as it's pretty easy to get high on the leaderboards. :P
    5. Could I get whitelisted aswell, please? :) My username is gsto2
    6. Going to be buying some Gold time in a couple of days so sign me up, number 13 please. I think I need to practice a bit, haven't played in a looong time. :p
    7. I didn't get Driver because Ubi was doing their always-online DRM crap back then. I got it a while back when Ubi store had the promotion where I was able to get it for 80 cents. :p
    8. Trackmania 2: Canyon is now purchasable and Trackmania 2: Stadium pre-ordeable from Steam. You can also access the Stadium Beta by clicking the "download demo" button on the Steam Store page. Also if you bought Trackmania 2:Canyon previously from the Maniaplanet store you can use that same key on Steam to add it to your Steam library. :)
    9. You can now pre-order the PC version from Ubisoft Store and Steam. Both of them have some preorder bonuses aswell. Steam has: The Royal Ride - Golden Bike and Rider Three extra sets of rims for your ride 3 Military Surplus outfits Ubi Store has everything the Steam one has +: 3 additional sets of rims The Black and White Trials Bike The Trials HD Rider Both of the preorders also have access to the beta running until March 14th (game releases on 21st). I personally went with the Ubi Store one as it has more stuff, is the same price and you still would have to
    10. The open beta is now available, just download the Teaser from Steam. Also if you register an account on the first 2 weeks from this launch of the open beta, you'll get the Get Real and Apex Hunt modes for free. You can register an account from the R3E website. Tried it for a bit, driving the 134 Judd V8 at the Lakeview Hillclimb track is pretty hectic. :)
    11. Don't know, might've been bad setup. Top speed and lap times were really poor for me. :(
    12. http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa118/far54/ssd_zpsa3056a66.jpg Can't install it until Sunday though. :(
    13. Might be able to make it, maybe not right at the starting time. Though I remembered to do a setup and strategy this time. :lol:
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