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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown


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25 minutes ago, TDU Iceman said:

Not much info so far but it having a 1:1 irl island location is good to hear.

Yeah, and I wouldn't mind to see a completely new Hawaii if that's what they'll bring it again with a lot detailed offroading roads and scenery to admire. At least by Nanco's post on Twitter promoting the July 7th announcement maybe is safe to expect working windows and indicators? We'll see.

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well well well,

the impossible happened. another TDU.

to be honest, i hated the Solar Crown BS in TDU2.

did it for the $$$$.

and of course to find out what Miami was up too today. or to check in on the Wilder Brothers.


its on Steam, which is good. i had heard it would be Epic exclusive



y'all may like this


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15 hours ago, Ryzza5 said:

Very glad they kept the Unlimited name in the title and stuck with 1:1 scale.  Puzzled by the PEGI 18 rating but very curious to learn more.  Thanks KT team if you're reading this.

1:1 scale, I mean I'm going to use good ol O'ahu for reasons we all know and love. According to google, the landlass of the island is 1,545km squared. Why do I point this out? Well the game Fuel, had a map size 14,400Km squared, or  'About the size of the US state of Connecticut', although that map was rather barren but the size was done back on PS3/360 gen. So I'd guess current and next gen could handle 1:1 of O'ahu. That said, Ibiza is only 571Km squared. Or for a bigger island, lets use the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean, which is bigger than O'ahu with a landmass of 8,722Km squared. 

Keeping it local to me, the Isle of Skye has a landmass of 1,656Km squired. It would 100% fit the TDU vibe of glitzy homes, nice weather and having high end designer clothes stores. 🤣

This is all irrelevant rambling though!


As for the 18 rating? I'd guess maybe having a casino again, meaning having the 18+ rating for now keeps them covered for alot of places.  

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10 hours ago, brSiRiuS said:

What channel?

I have no idea. I'm looking at it right now and I would assume it's the 'tdu-sc' channel. The discord is a mess. I browsed through some of the tdu-sc channel and it's way off topic. Got a few people in there making suggestions though... Suggestions like having pets in your home🙄 Think the best way to do it would be to pm the mod or a dev.

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1 hour ago, F12Berlinetta said:

So did I. I think it's high time to get a new one. I'm really excited!!!

Still have mine. Had it signed by Ken Block. Haven't used it in forever though. Need to take it apart and try to fix it. It's not getting any power.

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