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TDU Community PATCH 1.68B


Test Drive Unlimited Unofficial Patch 1.68b !




Authors : 2CV SUPER GT & Djey

Compatibility : TDU CarMegapack




Important Notes


- This patch is not compatible with TDU without Carmegapack !


- All your Physics change (made by various mods, vehicle manager, yourself or anything else) must be set again ! Sorry for the inconvenience.


- You can also repare your TDU install by this patch if you got a conflict into your Database after installing mods which have a wrong install program making your TDU crash.


- Suzuki GSX-R K9 version 1.0 is not compatible with this patch. Please wait for the next version.







- Unlock new traffic cars

- Unlock bike's clothes for car

- Unlock car's clothes for bike

- Unlock custom paintshop for car that was locked on

- Unlock tuning shop for F40 (until kit3 available)

- Car names fixed (example : Enzo Ferrari become Ferrari Enzo, Edonis Edonis become B. Engineering Edonis...)

- Nismo 350Z rims fixed

- Special body cars (Nismo 3520Z, Saleen ST281, Alfa Romeo GT Sporting Technical Kit, Benz SLK 55 Performance Package) are now sold on car dealer place

- Nissan 350Z & Alfa Romeo GT (normal body) are now available for kit3 (without body change)

- New logos for addon cars with a long list of brands and model name available for all languages

- New traffic management

- Fixed brand names + logos

- New vehicle names

- comprehensive list of more than 130 logos from real car maker (You'll can see these logo from 1.14 version of TDU Modding Tools's vehicule manager)

- Resource names updated

- New bots (rivals) offline/solo for all cars, you can now meet cars from Carmegapack (including new slots like Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic or Facel Vega Facel II)

- Garage/ car dealer distribution updated

- Added new traffic vehicles like Trucks

- Hud Nismo 350Z fixed (now independant from Nissan 350Z)

- Cameras fixed (Dodge Viper Convertible, Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe & SE, and more)

- Cameras updated to next step of camera editing

- Latest auto installer abilities (safety and performance)

- Able to select what you want to install (resources, 1.68, traffic) by easy step management

- Easy uninstall.




Installation :




You have to close Test Drive Unlimited game while you install the patch.

Double clic on TDU_PATCH_1.68A.rar file and unzip Patch 1.68a folder on your desktop.

Open Patch 1.68a folder and double click on Patch 1.68a.exe (run it as administrator!!!)

After verifying the destination folder (TDU directory), clic on "NEXT"; you'll have to choose which components to install:

> Required : updates all your resource names - this component is always installed

> 1.68 : unlock all traffic vehicles - and makes it possible to see them

> Generate traffic : generates traffic in your instance including all vehicles.


Click on INSTALL button. You can always go back with the "BACK" button."

The patch is installed !

Sometimes, install may failed, let's try again, it may be OK the second time.



Terms of use


- Do not modify or upload this patch in another website without authorization !


- As always we can't be held responsible for issues in your game. So be warned.



Have fun !!!







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Who gave you the authorization to upload these files?

In case you aren't aware, your site isn't working, and hasn't been working for at least a week, maybe more.


Since you never gave anyone permission to host the files outside of your site, they could only link to you, and since your site isn't working, nobody's been able to download the patches or the car mods you're hosting.

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Stopped just from few days.


Me and Xiorxorn are thinking to a new upload choice, as Oahu Cars Unlimited took to me a lot of money, (and mods, a lot of my spent time).


A second solution for us could be to stop public upload for the next mods , as we cannot have any controls or respect of authors from some few one of the community. I don't speak about this unauthorized upload here, wich is not so important.


Before to upload something wich is not your properties, please ask to the right authors before :)

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This is how important modding files get lost down the line, nobody gives permission for outside hosting so the outside sites can only link back to the original.


When the original site goes down for whatever reason, the files are lost forever. I've seen it happen a dozen times over already.


The best thing you could do is give people permission to host the patches on outside sites, it would even ease up on your bandwidth costs.

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I thought if I install community patch the car physics with manual install would work
They should and they do. :)

I've had a couple of problematic physics/cars aswell, very few though.

The Mazda MX5 and the Honda S2000's - those come to mind.

I'm just speculating now, but, some cars have had their dealership locations changed with this patch, this might cause some issues with cars/physics released prior to this ?


Try backtracking a bit and always install the car before the corresponding physics - and don't install too many mods in one go! Do it in stages! ;)

If you have one of the cars I just mentioned, you might start there.


Hope this helps you solve your crash. :)

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