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Racer_S: TrackIR and Camera Hack v1.3

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it doesn't wark if you've got antyvir cause it's a virus, warm and antywir stops it :) that's what i noticed on my computer

I tried deactivating Antivir when running it, but it still didn't help.

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Doesn't work for me. Here are some details maybe someone can explane


Windows XP SP3 fully updated, drivers aswell, PC DVD, Game version, offline, checked the key mappings for conflicts, no antivirus runing. There are no simptoms, I just press the keys but nothing happens

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v1.1 is now available.



Changes 2/17/11


Added FutureScan


This will scan memory looking for a specific pattern, which in theory will allow

this to work with any version of TDU2, past and future.


Added status Label

Changed form to Fixed Single


TDU2 Camera Hack v1.1 - ToCA EDIT

I don't have TDU2 yet, so I can't test it right now unfortunately, but I want to thank you for it Racer. And oh, your avatar is hilarious btw.! +rep ;)

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