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vfgdfg: Indicator/Turn Signal/Blinkers Mod


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Does the mod indicators self-cancel the same way that the game does, or does it just respond to button presses?


It does turn itself off, you can hear the indicaror sound only when the light is flashing.


I highly recommend this, really helps in certain situations. Definately a must-have for people who use indicators.

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Just make a batch file to run the mod (which should be in the same directory as TDU2), then run the game


i.e. - open Notepad.exe


Type the following:


@rem Launch TDU2 and mods
cd "c:\program files\atari\test drive unlimited 2"
start tdu2cam.exe
start indicatormod.exe
start uplauncher.exe


Save file as TDU2.bat (make sure it doesn't end as .txt by selecting the 'All Files' type). Run the batch file instead of your TDU2 icon.



If your PC is setup anything like mine then the code would be:


@rem Launch TDU2 and mods
cd d:\games\tdu2
start tdu2cam.exe
start uplauncher.exe

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Or check that the code is pointing to where your programs are located. I've got no idea where you've installed TDU2, and where you've saved the mods - so you need to adjust the batch file accordingly.


The batch file doesn't need admin rights, the programs themselves request that access.

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Mmm it doesn't work :/

My indicators are buttons on my steering wheel, but when I blink I hear nothing..

The same for me :(

I run as administrator


It says that:


TDU2Indicator v0.9 © 2011 vfgdfg


Volume: 85 (-750) [Arrow keys]

Visual indication: km/h >> [V]

Unit: km/h

Show location: no

Text addr. found: 0, range: short [R]

Indicator: 0

Blinks: 0


Exit: ESC, program also exits automaticly when TDU2 is quit.

Nothing to do. Any help?
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