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"Ferrari F430" turbo GT3 + GT2 version

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Heya and \,,/ {°Ö°} \,,/ from Leipzig Germany. This soundmod is made from this video,

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QOCVr6LUCc ,


and is my first completed and released one. There are 2 versions :


the ( gt2 version ) 01.12.2013


and the ( turbo gt3 version )

http://www.file-upload.net/download-8768923/f430---gt3---turbo.zip.html .


Ingamerecording gt2 :


Ingame recording gt3 :

gives a little hearing test possibility of the sound. Don't mind about the little too high sound and some loops hearable. What you download is one step further.


I've uploaded a new video last weekend 04.12.2011 . Now the sound of the car in it is exactly what you download in the ( little turbo version ) "at the moment" 🙂 . Sorry for the too soon videorelease of the one above. Couldn't hold it back anymore because i found it good already.

I thank you all for viewing and downloading. Fileplanet says something else because the files where released in 2 other filenumbers before the actual, but, all together it is nearly 200 downloads of this mod out of 550 views (youtube and tduc in addition) in 10 days wich i find amazing. For now , here my "bigthankyou video" .

Don't try to drive like this in reality. Enjoy



My special thanks to the developers at Atari and Eden for making this extremely wonderful game, it's a milestone. I would have done this earlier but i've never had internet and played the game offline from 2006 to 2009 🙂 .

Next projects : Porsche RTurbo + RT12, Ferrari Enzo ( + Enzo fxx ), Porsche blackbird, Chevrolet Corvette ZO6, Lamborghini Countach 25 anniversary + Lamborghini Countach LP 500 . Enjoy and regards. Tinnio


Heya from DJoyTinnio , this is the update for my Ferrari f430 F1 sound .

Both earlier versions had a f456 idle for a strange reason. I don't know why i did this. I guess it was because i didn't have a good file for the f430 at that time and wanted to put something in that sounded ok for the moment.

 So now i made a realistic stock f430 f1 idle , and tada yiepieayey finally a gt2 idle aswell . This was tricky i can tell. It is not 100 % the real deal but only real sounds are used in my mod and i did my best to get a clean loop out of 2 seconds or so tunetime. I have longer files that loop clean, and there are ways to take a bnk file that has a longer tunetime but i want to keep the original filesize from the game. This has 2 reasons. To compare ( same circumstances like developer ) , and for the players that are using the game without magicmap and stuff. So this mod works with the completely stock game, and without patches.


video the f1 idle is made from :


, and the one the gt2 idle is made from :


You don't need the previous mod for this edit. But i would say try all 4 versions because they are different. I adjusted all tones between offs and ups but left the character the same because people seem to like it. Thanks for the downloads. No thanks for no comments 🙂 . There is an exception. The F1 version onup sounds different now. It is not gt2 anymore and sounds more like a regular ferrari f430 .

I plan to edit this version up part for part so that it is a stock sound in result. Sorry i called it like you can use it for stock and the only difference to the gt2 version was the middle part. Youtube video coming. Good for now. Try and tell.


Rename the extracted file to F430_Cpe_audio .

Then rename the file with that name in your TDU 1 gamefolder

Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules to , f430original or so .

Copy the previously extracted and renamed file to

Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules folder.

Restart game or go ingame garage to update your carsound.


One thing left to say. All my mods are and will be selfmade so it is not taking files from other games with permission or even without it. Thats why i say now

if you want to edit my mods, use it for a carpackage, or take parts from it for a maybe better soundmod, please ask me for permission before you do so.

If you use the mod for making videos or audiosamples, at least say that it is

from me.

 I allways did not like to read this kind of sentences,

but now i understand after spending months on only these two versions.

This is my very first readme by the way 🙂 . Enjoy . Tinnio


Ich mach das jetzt mal nicht noch alles auf deutsch.

Yo, neue soundmod hier ne .

Grüße aus Leipzig und viel Spaß damit. Salve 🙂


Edit :

Heya und \,,/ (^ Ö ^) \,,/ aus Leipzig.

Versucht nicht, in der echten Welt so zu fahren.

Diese Soundmod entstand aus diesem Video .:

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QOCVr6LUCc ),

und es ist meine erste fast Fertige 🙂 und Freigegebene.

Es gibt 2 Versionen .:


 de ( GT2 Version ) 01.12.2013


 und de ( Turbo GT3 Version )



 Klangprobe GT3 :


Der Sound in diesem Video ist aus der zweiten Entwicklungsphase.

Es ist die " kleine Turbo Version " , welche eher zufällig entstand als ich den GT2 Klang mal aus Spaß an die Tonhöhe des Drehzahlmittelbereiches angepasst hatte. Könnt Sie ja für das Serienmodell benutzen. GT2 Töne sind in der zweiten Version hinzugefügt. Beide bei uploadarea.de herunterladen.

LINKS oben. Bitte schreibt mir wie es euch gefällt , und was ich noch besser machen kann. Ich hab das jetzt so oft gehört und , nach einer Weile fallen einem gewisse Sachen gar nicht mehr auf, wo jemand Anderes sagen würde, eh was hastn da für Mist gebaut 🙂 .

 Vielen Dank an all die Zuschauer und Downloader da Draußen. Fast 200 Downloads und 550 Ansichten insgesamt in zehn Tagen, ich bin erstaunt .

 Danke an die Entwickler von Atari und Eden für die tolle Umsetzung dieses extrem wunderbaren Spiels, es ist ein Meilenstein. Ich hätte dies bereits eher getan, aber ich hatte zuvor noch kein Internet. Ich spielte das Spiel offline von 2006 bis 2009 🙂 .


Nächste Projekte: Porsche RTurbo + Porsche RT12, Porsche blackbird,

Ferrari Enzo ( + Enzo Fxx ),

Chevrolet Corvette Z06,

Lamborghini gudntach 🙂 Countach LP 500,

Lamborghini Countach 25. anniversary. Also viel Spaß damit.

Grüße , Tinnio

Edited by DJoyTinnio

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love the sound! nice work.:duck:

I'm curious as to how you've recorded the video on the track with the "helicopter view". i've never found out in all these years playing this game lol.




It`s pretty simple. I filmed my monitor with a cam, recorded the sound with "what you hear" function in an audioprogram, and then put them both together for the video.

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Oh, i got the question wrong. The quest on the track was available in online mode only, if i remember right.

Makes this video kind of rare since TDU went offline.

There is a mod called project paradise here at released mods,

where at least they managed to get quests in hardcore mode back available. Maybe the online missions are put back too.

And if you only did'nt knew the control tab.

It's the movie clap above the back pause play forward buttons in lower left on screen.

Klick on it, changes camera perspektive.


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Epic ?

Wow, thank you.

Ok, i agree that it sounds better than before.

I'm not yet satisfied with the mid range onsound.

It gives dynamic because it is swinging and going nicely into the higher onsound,

and you don't hear it looping when accellarating normal,

but if you are keeping the speed in middle range, the swinging is too fast,

so you hear it looping too much.

I wonder if i should take the onmid from the previous version,

but i think i put work into the present file.


What is TS3 ?

And by the way, please say, that it is a corvette zo6 soundmod,

in the downloadable files from your corvette zr1 carmod thread.

Next time, please ask me, before you use one of my sounds for one of your cars.

I mean i really appreciate it, and like that you picked my mod, but let's keep some principles alive.


It's cool you changed your downloads into direct ones,

That makes it very comfortable to get your cars.

Sure was a lot of work. Thank you.

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Nice you like it.

Here another tip.

I polished and updated the 1990 Koenig bodyed Ferrari Testarossa, the Ferarri f430 serial, and the Porsche R Turbo sound.

Merry Christmas.


Ferrari Testarossa 512 TR, Subaru Impreza p1, Ferrari f50, i try to do yet this year.

Edit 2019 : All done and released 😛 .

Edited by DJoyTinnio

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