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MEGA Tutorial: add new cars (Slots) in TDU

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Hey, I got some questions regarding the tutorial;

I followed the steps precisely, but I can't drag n drop the modified carphysics and rim data to TDUMT's file explorer. Any clue?

Also, I wanted to ask if there is a simple way to add cars without replacing already existing ones. I have a lot of unlocked slots thanks to various of your amazing mods, but if I, for example, want to install the Berlinetta by pator 5 ,I would need to replace the 308 GTS. The thing is now, how can I install the Berlinetta without losing the 308?

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Okay, time to bring back this topic. I've seen many people in the Platinium thread dying to know how to add a car. A few tutorial already exist. The one from civicmanvtec where I learned how to do add cars my self. Credits to him. One from JPTH. And mine who's got a video and is okay clear but have 2 major problems to cause the game to have conflicts with the original Atari car.

And with the lastest versions of TDUF Database Editor, you can add a car so much more quickly, safely and efficiently. Plus it's got a dedicated guide: 


But for today's standard, it's in my opinion the best to understand the basics of adding cars into the game. 

Anyway, enough rambling. This tutorial will be completely useless and pointless on this side of the forum soon cause I've started to work on the wiki guide. You should definitely check it out ! I spent a couple of hours to make it so I'll be please to hear from you 🙂


It's not finished. But at least you'll get all the basics knowledge. And if you dying to try add a car soon and do some experiments, you can watch the video on the first page of this thread but please ignore the copy-paste section of TDU_CarPhysicsData.db.hex cause this is where all the mistakes happen. Refer directly to the wiki. Also remember that this is the old manual painfully long method. TDUF is much faster, if you want fast, go to Djey's thread. 

I'll keep you updated on the progress of the wiki here. 

Again feel free to ask me any questions. I'll try to answer. Or my colleagues if they happy to help.


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