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TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 AUTOPACK 1.85 Ferrari Red Pack Total Overhaul ""

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ahahahahhaahaha @Splia, man i did same distance checkpoints, just at oposite direction the track is 6km, not 7, because of the climb on the start wich will slow down all cars at the beginning. Soon i will post couple of clips with reworked cars to show that new adjustment. Now at my old direction all cars reach theyre top speeds, but at oposite direction they can't, but got same acceleration times like before. The difference is has i wrote before at little less aerodinamic, wich affect results at my old trace and now all times are fastest than before, but at oposite direction are equal to old times. I hope differences between 0,1-0,3 seconds are not so important to your, guys, because that tenths of a second are very hard to be adjusted. I am pleased by current result of the cars wich i rework. Wait update of the post with videos

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me and mitkop81 working for 1.9 and 2.0 autopack.......................................

One more car prepared for future release but still is not finished. Performance are custom because of the lack of info abouth it. Model need to be adjusted more, but for now is good for beta testing.

+ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 AUTOPACK 1.85 Ferrari Red Pack Total Overhaul "" +                                                              ============================================================

man..look at this, at minimap where i edited with red :

on normal race you start here




and finish here




and in oposite direction you stard race here




and end it here





so...you start it way closer than normal direction ends and end it up faster than normal direction starts...

how is that same distance? :laugh:

like i said...is very hard to set exactly same checkpoints from TDU races editor...

thats why on normal race you hit 432km/h but time is 1.8 mins and in oposite direction you hit only 416km/h but time is 1.1 mins...i think that top speed is much more relevant here..


when i say checkpoints i mean start point and finish point...others are optional, but even on this...on oposite direction first checkpoint is at 380m and second at 600 from first...on normal way first is at 360 and second at 620...again, not same distances and TDU mesurements are not the most accurate...

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@Splia if you was read carefull my post i explain that oposite direction of the road is 6 not 7km because of the hill at the end of my test track. Checkpoints are positioned at same distance like before - 400, 1000, 1600 metters and finish at 6000metters. At same distance are placed and middle checkpoints at my old race - 400, 1000 and 1600 metters. There is no problem to adjust old track to same distance, but why??? where is the difference? Some cars will raise couple km/h less than now, because of the short distance? Ok for me is not problem to place one more checkpoint at my old track at 6000m to compare the times, but allways will have difference has you know, because of the slope. Now i upload the videos with first rebuilded cars again - now they are adjusted to old times but at oposite direction. I think to remove old videoclips when i replace it with this new updates [URL="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUtdTfBjPoIdLy1bEaavSosMCUPr1pkV"]TDU2 Real Performance updated - YouTube[/URL]
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well maybe i misunderstood a bit what you said above about checkpoints..:) but still new times from oposite direction equal with old times from downhill means not real ones (because cars get those times uphill now, not on flat road how real performance are defined) but its ok, 0,1-0,3 seconds difference really doesnt matter so much.

Watched videos...looks really great now.


Hats off ! :tup:

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Ok finally i finish all A categories + C1 cars. At this moment videos still is not uploaded but very soon will be. If i cound correct all released vehicles, they need to be 209, including all racing school, price and police cars, but not include traffic auto's and motorbikes. My table is corrected too with today specs (that still not include A7 and C1 cars wich are with old timers) and i hope now to not change specs anymore or delete cars from list. When i have time will fix and other finished car specs at the table. 150 finished cars, but i haven't recorded video with Pagani Zonda Racing School, that's why videos are 149 - yes they are uploaded all!!! Allmost done my old work + couple new cars wich was not touched before. Remember - only PAGANI ZONDA F RACING SCHOOL and DODGE VIPER RACING SCHOOL are separated from theyre originals and have new specs, all other racing cars are connected with theyre originals. One of the racing school cars are replaced - Jaguar E-type racing is replaced with Aston Martin DB4. Here is and the database for who want to test cars :Autopack 1.8.1 All A C1 cars finished.rar

Good luck with tests and wait opinions.

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Ok i finish all cars for now from A and C class. Some of this cars still are not perfect and maybe will be touched more, but i want first to finish all cars to get close timers and after that maybe will try some "tinny" fixes for attempting to get that times wich are not adjusted. Here link for download : All A and C cars finished.rar.

Citroen 2CV and VW Beetle are not reworked and i don't think to rebalance them, because they are slow enought. Still there is not changes at racing school cars except this 3 listed at my post from yesterday. First i want to test them all at school and if it necessery, then i will unlock and rebalance them. Only 15 cars left from B categorie...+ theyre boss and Racing school variants.....Finally i can see finish line of this rebalancing project close. If work goes well this project will be finished at the end of this week....and i can continue work at 1.8.1 unfinished cars.

P:S By the way present results with C3 and C4 cars are much better than my first attempt to rebalance them. Now they are not so slow has i think

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Today's work on the Real Performance start with BIG problem. I need help with specs and info abouth BMW 320i Twinturbo Group5 (1977-1979) specs and accelerations. I can't find any satisfying information abouth this car and start to wonder what specs to do with it. And depend of that specs i need to determines at wich class to include this car. Now is at B2 but that is a race car not rally car....I don't know from where i found info to create that car, i can't remember. There is no any satisfying information. If we have engine power will havent torque....and there is so many variants with different specs.....300, 320, 400, 410, 500, 600, 650bhp .....only for 410bhp version i found acceleration time abouth 0-100 and torque....and partial specs from the games....and my knowedge with english are not enought to read and understand all writen materials abouth this car. Please guys help me even with some game specs because i havent game with that car to see there.

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I need help with specs and info abouth BMW 320i Twinturbo Group5 (1977-1979) specs and accelerations.Please guys help me even with some game specs because i havent game with that car to see there.


I found a video of Project Cars 2 (which has that car, the last variant I think), at 1:11 they show the stats of the car:


Here are the stats:


Top Speed: 334,7 Km/h or 208mph

Acceleration 0-60mph (96,5 km/h): 4,59 secs.

Power: 640hp

Weight: 874,9 Kg

Transmission: 5 speed H pattern

Engine: straight 4


Here's a test drive video from the same game:


Also found these, hope it helps: 1977 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 Specifications - Ultimatecarpage.com | Project Cars - 1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 progress - Bsimracing | 1978 Cars

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@TDU3FTW thank you for the info but and i found this and is not completed....at project cars this car is too fast maybe.... Today i found a bug with wreck - missing lancia stratos wrecks at locations 7 and 8 here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=BpcA5jfmGt4;t=1 Did you have same problem? This question is not personally only to @TDU3FTW it's for all of you guys
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Ok all base cars are finished...Racing school cars are good enought to get licenses wich mean that they will not be touched for now. I think to get little rest from modding until some new car is finished. Tomorrow i will update and the table with the timers. Still can't understand why my game have bugs with wrecks....

You can download last database from here:Autopack 1.8.1 rebalanced cars finished.rar

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Well now after finishing all basic cars i think is correct time to made voting abouth Realistic Performance project. Now when we have all cars we can decide did we like or not that project.

Quick poll


Old voting was 5 for YES, 4 for NO + 2 can't decide from wich 2 cant decide 1 vote was from me, because i did the project. Now when im finish for now that project, i like it. Not only because i lost 2 months to do this, but because i've got so satistied results of so much cars....when i start, i was not believe that i can do it. I was never mess up with grip, traction control, aerodinamic, suspension, and many other parametters of the cars. But at the procces of work i learn much abouth how any parametter affect the car... and i am satisfied with result. And will try everything at the future that "real acceleration" to continue how is possible. Now when i finish and my acceleration table...so big competition will be with all the cars. Off course at any class have 1 or 2 or little more very fast cars (especially at A1) wich are much faster than basic of the class. There have and cars, wich haven't real info and are adjusted by my vision to theyre competitors.... This data is not final!!! Still is possible to have changes at some cars, but that will be the new base of the all future cars....

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