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Surfer's Island BETA V2 (New Island mod)

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Surfer's Island BETA V2 (New Island mod)

This mod replaces the northern secret island (known as unfinished island) with a new island. This new island is a drivers paradise with banked tarmac roads and dirt rallying tracks. Its a real blast to drive(especially with Surfin' USA on the radio) and i hope everyone will be as delighted as me and my friend.  🙂


Flying guardrails, couldn't change PMIs so they will have to remain here for now.

Road Texture, the roads only use R_C_00.2db. I know that the roads use multiple textures but didn't get round to it.


Extract to your TDU1 directory (same location of Euro file) Let it overwrite Area -1-1 contents.

How to get there:

Bookmark coordinates: Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\BEight\bookmark\bookmark.txt

"Surf Island"  100 10162.41 34.09 8955.99 0.862 0.007 0.508  427894457

100 = Bookmark number and image, Just make sure you don't have another bookmark called this. Put the bookmark picture in the same folder with bookmark.txt.

If you do have another bookmark. Rename the other bookmark(the one that you already had) to something else, 101 for example.



BetaTGC69 Beta testing and taking these photos for me.

if you have any trouble with this, please ask.


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Anyone know if this works along with Platinum, online? Is this area not loaded until you teleport there so it doesn't conflict. Not sure how to phrase the question.. Any known conflicts wit TDU Platinum? 🙂

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