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[PC] TDU Central Club

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Welcome to the TDU Central PC Club, the idea of this club is to make it easier for members to meet up for events, have fun, chill out in the club house or take part in official club house events.


These are some of the club events


Official Club vs Club

Club racing

Custom cruises

Mafia cruises

Gumball 3000

Road Rules


Drag racing

Street racing

Exclusive TDU Central games

and much more.


Here is the club video to show you some of the fun we have had in TDU.



Important rules for the TDUC PC Club


Please read them carefully and PM the club president if you do not understand any of the rules or have any questions.


Everyone is welcome to join the club, any age, any skill level and from any part of the world.


All club members must respect each other in the forum and in TDU2. If any club member breaks any of these rules you can be kicked out of the club after a warning is given.


- Upsetting any club members (Any club members upset because of another club member can PM the club president at anytime)


- Disrupting a club event


- Constantly crashing into traffic and other members (the odd occasion is acceptable but excessive is not. (Excessive is determined by the other member’s feelings in the same event)).


- Not following the rules of the event set by the event organiser.


If you are kicked out of the club you will receive a full explanation in a PM from the club president. You are free to reply to the PM with the reasons for your actions and the club president will decide if you have been unfairly kicked. If the club president has decided you still deserve to be kicked out of the club then you CANNOT re-join.


-You must not be any later than 15 minutes after the start time for the event if you want to take part. After 15 minutes the club event will start without you if you are late.


These rules are to make the club fair and fun for all members.


How to join the club


Reply in this forum with your TDU2 in game user name. You will be sent a friend request in TDU2. Once you accept the request you will join the TDU Central Club. Names of new members will be added to the pending members list until the friend request is accepted in TDU2.


Setting up an event


A club house member with member privileges can setup their own event anytime when a club house event is not active. To setup an event you must make a new thread here: PC Club - Test Drive Unlimited: Central


Please explain about the event in the thread including the date and start time in GMT. Explain any special rules for the event and list members joining by their in game name.


Joining an event will be on a first come first serve basis. You must reply to the event if you want to take part. You can reserve a slot by sending a PM to the event organiser or create post in the event thread.


Lucky Jim


Lucky Jim is when an event has spare slots anytime during the event. If there are spare slots the event organiser can Alt-Tab to the event thread and post how many slots are free. If you want to join then first come first serve lucky Jim(s) will join the group and continue the event.


Keep an eye on the TDUC forum during an event if you missed out you could be a lucky Jim.


The lucky jim will always be posted here in the forums in the event thread if they are available. Hanging around the area taking up a slot will not get you a lucky jim slot. If you join the session then you must leave the area asap. If TDU2 keeps you in the session then fly to the other Island. The club has to be strict about this as you are taking up someone's slot that are trying to join.


For this reason anyone not out of the session after a warning from the event organiser will be banned from the club without warning.


Joining an event as a lucky jim will not add to your tally of cruises.




We want to here from you what is good and bad about each event. As a member of the club you can leave feedback for every cruise we do in the thread created for each cruise.


To keep the club fun and fair for all members we can use the feedback to improve the club experience.


Club house info


Club house name: TDU Central Club


Status: Online


Upgrade 0/2


Rank: -


Current members: 8/8


President: S71NG3R


Vice President: TBA


Member 2: The Queen Member


Member 3: Iced_Bullet Member


Member 4: Pressurized Member


Member 5: eddievader Raw Recruit


Member 6: GhostRacerGTI Raw Recruit


Member 7: Shredder46 Raw Recruit


Member 8: jonestheman Raw Recruit


Waiting list


Member 9: dvdx


Member 10: oldspice


Club House Members Privileges


Vice President


Priority over Executive if event is full.

Promote Demote Expel.

Recruit New Members.

Borrow Club's vehicles.

Organise Club Events.

Optional: Create another TDU Central Club house.




Priority over Member if event is full.

Promote Demote Expel.

Recruit New Members.

Borrow Club's vehicles.

Organise Club Events.




Priority over Raw Recruit if event is full.

Borrow Club's vehicles.

Organise Club Events.


Raw Recruit


Priority over Non-Club House Members if event is full.

Gain access to the club house/added to the waiting list.


Member upgrades




10000 Total club points




1000 Total club points


Raw Recruit


Join 5 Cruises


How the club is run


For new members to the TDU Central club I will explain in more detail how the club is run.


There are two parts to the club.


The Club:-


This is the forum part where we organise cruises and special events etc. You can have 0pts and not graded but you are still in the TDU Central Club. (This is exactly the same as the club was run in TDU1)


The Club House:-


This is extra to the club and run in TDU2 you must join 5 cruises to be invited to the club house. Events run in the club house will be restricted to club house members only.




0001 TDUC: S71NG3R TDU2.com: S71NG3R TDU2: S71NG3R


0002 TDUC: The Queen TDU2: TheScottishSpot (4/5)


0003 TDUC: Iced_Bullet TDU2: IcedBullet (4/5)


0004 TDUC: Pressurized TDU2: Loz (3/5)


1001 TDUC: weegill TDU2: Weegill (2/5)


1002 TDUC: Who TDU2: Who (1/5)


1003 TDU2.com: Jvdx TDU2: HertogJ


1004 TDUC: dezman TDU2: dezman


1005 TDUC: k1klass TDU2: kanieka


1006 TDUC: Fridge Magnet Rabbit TDU2: Paltala (2/5)


1007 TDU2.com: SmeegHed TDU2: Loopz


1008 TDU2.com MaXiiMuM- TDU2: MaXiiMuM


1009 TDU2.com: eddievader TDU2: eddievader (5/5)


1010 TDUC: powerslave TDU2.com: powerslave_ppc TDU2: powerslave


1011 TDU2.com nstinger TDU2: drew85


1012 TDU2.com bigbossjd TDU2: bigbossjd


1013 TDUC: *GhostRacerGTI* TDU2: GhostRacerGTI (4/5)


1014 TDUC: Bezrider TDU2: Bezrider


1015 TDU2.com: MrLancia TDU2: MrLancia


1016 TDU2.com: Nachal4 TDU2: Nachal4


1017 TDU2.com CommanderJrob TDU2: bigjbreezy15


1018 TDU2.com Magruber TDU2: Trebin


1019 TDUC: Shredder46 TDU2: Shredder46 (4/5)


1020 TDUC: Lenman TDU2: Lenman (nickname MasterLenman) (1/5)


1021 TDUC: Phantom Dark TDU2: BioHazard971


1022 TDUC: Dime TDU2: DehDime


1023 TDUC: Peterh89 TDU2: Peterh89 (1/5)


1024 TDUC: Immelmann TDU2: Immelmann


1025 TDU2.com: dieseldyret_1991 TDU2: kevo


1026 TDU2.com: blixxt TDU2: Blix


1027 TDUC: Ten TDU2: Ten (1/5)


1028 TDU2.com: Vandri TDU2: blazex1214


1029 TDU2.com: kadman TDU2: Nakay


1030 TDUC: powerslave TDU2.com: powerslave_ppc TDU2: powerslave


1031 TDU2.com: tovell2121 TDU2: tovell2121


1032 TDU2.com Weithebest TDU2: Weithebest


1033 TDU2.com: Cmas TDU2: Chrism3547


1034 TDU2.com: LadyMay TDU2: LadyMay


1035 TDU2.com: Jefreitor TDU2: Jefreitor


1036 TDU2.com: RamboFurby TDU2: RamboFurby


1037 TDU2.com: Yunoma TDU2: Gatherer


1038 TDU2.com dvd-x TDU2: dvdx (1/5)


1039 TDU2.com: 1ron-man TDU2: ReDL1NE


1040 TDU2.com: Zhuxxc TDU2: Zhuxxc


1041 TDU2.com: lovewidget TDU2: lovewidget


1042 TDUC: oldspice TDU2.com: Memphis264 TDU2: KateStinson (3/5)


1043 TDU2.com: VortX TDU2: VortX


1044 TDUC: Sponge TDU2: Spongie


1045 TDU2.com: jonestheman TDU2: jonestheman (3/5)


1046 TDUC: Carl_D TDU2: DavieDee (1/5)


1047 TDU2.com: AlmostEvil TDU2: AlmostEvil (1/5)


1048 TDUC: Tool831 TDU2: Tool831


1049 TDUC: Andreaz1 TDU2: Andreaz1


1050 TDUC: eXile TDU2: eXile6 (1/5)


Members friends request sent


TDU2.com: EvilHobos TDU2: EvilHobos


TDU2.com: BeSweeet TDU2: BeSweeet


TDU2.com: s3xysk8rgurl TDU2: s3xysk8rgurl


TDU2.com: Reaporium TDU2: Reapercore


TDUC: Viltsua TDU2.com: Viltsua TDU2: Viltsua


TDUC: Akimou TDU2.com: Akimou TDU2: Akimou


TDU2.com: Jronin TDU2: JimmyPibberett


TDU2.com drazent TDU2: drazent


TDUC: Andriy242 TDU2: Andriy242


TDUC: stak TDU2: SstakK


TDUC: deedee01 TDU2: DeeDee01


TDUC: mrk.wllc TDU2: MarkOfSmeg


TDUC: cfeijt TDU2: cfeijt


TDU2.com: ajsbsd TDU2: ajsbsd


TDU2.com: MiniB12345 TDU2: MiniB12345


TDU2.com: Black44Dragon TDU2: Black4Dragon


TDU2.com: SupFresh TDU2: SupFresh


TDU2.com: TheDefbeat TDU2: Defbeat


TDU2.com: OolongT TDU2: Sahi


TDU2.com: Kandyz TDU2: evolis


TDUC: me™ TDU2: meTM


TDUC: ride TDU2: ride


TDUC: BradorzBoi TDU2: Bradd


TDU2.com: Monster3 TDU2: Monster3


TDU2: Dkay1


TDU2: Holynuik


TDU2: eXile6


Pending Members


TDU2.com: Anthraxz TDU2: TBA


TDU2.com: Magruber TDU2: TBA


TDUC: crazy4bmws TDU2: TBA


TDU2.com: cheesynacho TDU2: TBA




Names key:-


TDUC: forum.tdu-central.com

TDU2.com: forums.testdriveunlimited2.com

TDU2: In game name in TDU2


Special event rules are listed here


Mafia cruise rules


The Mafia car is a black 4 door car, it can be any make and you must wear a black/dark suit (tie optional).


We drive around until we see someone show up and then go after the nearest one to us.


We have to chase them down and make them stop in any way possible. We have to stop them moving so we have to block their escape. Once they cannot move the Mafia type "owned" take a pic and move on. Then it starts again and we look for the next victim.


Oh and don't worry about the type of car we chase, the challenge is to work together and chase the victim down.


Road Rules


The aim of road rules is to simulate real life driving. But also includes a limit on overtaking and speed. No overtaking the cruise leader once road rules are active. Road rules is activated by the cruise leader in chat.


road rules on = full road rules with speed limited to 100MPH max.


go = road rules off you are free to overtake and drive as fast as you like.


The reason road rules is in place sometimes is so everyone is not lost. Once the cruise leader says road rules on you have to regroup and keep behind the cruise leader.


If you are on the full road rules cruise, the cruise is always in full road rules mode unless the cruise leader says go at anytime.


Hardcore Road Rules UK


This is the extreme version of road rules and you better know the highway code. Full contents : Directgov - Travel and transport


The hardcore road rules will only be used at a special event dedicated to hardcore road rules. Black marks will be given for bad driving and at the end of the cruise the cruise leader will total up all black marks. (yes even the cruise leader will be marked by the second in command) The winner is the driver with the least amount of black marks.


Luckily this is for fun so you still keep your real license (if you always drive safe ;))


Rally Event


This is a timed event set across stages where the event organiser times each persons run in co-op mode. The stages can be off-road, on road or both. The stages are set when the event is created and uses screenshots of the map.


The event organisers run is timed by the second in command picked by the event organiser.


The event is won by the person with the least amount of time once all stages are complete.



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Re: TDU Central


hey i would like to join too. My gamespy ID is RAC3_DR1V3R_1


I will probably be on quite often but school hols finish soon and i hav A level to think about in the week. But will be on as much as possible.






ps TDU Central is the best name in my opinion

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Re: TDU Central


Id like to join, i think one of my profiles works online but I only have one car on that profile, ill see if I can transfer my savegame files from one profile to another somehow


my xfire is predragt4


pleasea add me

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Re: TDU Central


Ok guys thanks for your interest and thanks Timo for buying the club. We will add people to the club in the game at a later time but I will add all your names to the list.


If we get more than 16 people then we will open another club so the more people we get the better :)


What will happen is the name will have #1, #2 etc. at the end. e.g TDU Central #1 and TDU Central #2 etc. We will have a club leader and second in command for each club. So put your name forward if you would like to be a club leader or second in command.


This is just to organize things in the forum not in the game so anyone can buy a club you will just need to make sure everyone is added as a member.


If we have more than 16 people then we will look at splitting people into groups so everyone can be part of the club.


If this is what will happen then the club difference is only in the game i.e. your club house and owner. Here in the forum you will all be in the TDU Central club. So if you are in one group this doesn't mean you can't join an event another club is running. The only limit is in the game of 8 people joining in the same session.


Here is an example of an event:-


TDU Central #1 Mafia cruise Wednesday 3rd July 2000


Members interested:-


1. member TDU Central #1

2. member TDU Central #1

3. member TDU Central #2

4. member TDU Central #1

5. member TDU Central #2

6. member TDU Central #3

7. member TDU Central #1

8. member TDU Central #3


In this situation of mixed clubs you will just have to make sure you add each other as friends before the event so you can find each other in the game.


Please keep your ideas coming for the club name and say if you would like to be a leader or second in comand. We will have a vote if we have more leaders than clubs. Remember all the leader has to do is organize the event and date. The second in command is a back-up if the leader can't make the event or has problems.

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Re: TDU Central


The time has come to vote for the club name. Each club member has one vote so reply with your vote.


New members that are interested in joining reply and say you want to join and then put the club name you are voting for.


The list of names are below and I will update it with each vote.


Please vote for your favourite name from this list:-


TDU Central ______ (5 votes)

TDU-C OWNAGE __ (0 votes)

TDU-C FTW ______ (0 votes)

TDU-C __________ (0 votes)

TDUC-DC ________ (0 votes)

TDUC-DRC _______ (0 votes)


Voting will end on Friday 20th April @ 8pm uk time.

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Re: TDU Central


what would be cool is organise a Massive curise around the whole island stopping at key areas for breaks and so forth like a giant road trip for club member im only throwing ideas into the sky

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Re: TDU Central


what would be cool is organise a Massive curise around the whole island stopping at key areas for breaks and so forth like a giant road trip for club member im only throwing ideas into the sky


Good idea, any idea's are welcome that's what this club is about.


So if anyone's got idea's for cruises or events or any idea's about anything just post it here.

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