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  1. :hmmm: At first I was quite disappointed, now I'm actually starting to like it. But I don't think Ferrari should let children choose their names anymore: At first there was the FF (Just wtf...) Then they brought the F12berlinetta (Maybe a malfunctioning space bar?) And now there's the LaFerrari (A bit smug, isn't it :rolleyes:)
  2. How about posting a photo for once, instead of just Facebook links? OT: Awesome spottings as always Icy :D
  3. Hi Snoopy, Welcome to the forum :hiya: Please look at the previous post date before posting though: As you can see, The last post was more than 3 years ago ;)
  4. Why do you hate the Spadaconcept CodaTronca? Edit: Google won't work here :evil:
  5. *Close Enough.jpg* It's actually the 525s (according to the internet), but I'm not even sure myself :lol: So you can post a new one.
  6. Would you like some Bacon with your forum? Welcome to the madhouse! :hiya:
  7. Happy Origin Day TDUCk! Here's to more years of craziness: :bparty:
  8. Congratulations on taking over the lead in the championship Ryan :evil: Something is seriously screwed up with my car :hmmm:
  9. Please try to stop bumping old threads. I've seen you do it a few other times to. You can see the post date in the top left of the post.
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