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  1. Thanks TDUZoqqer . i came back to Hawaii after long time trucking in euro and american. your new mod is my first car to driving in TDU again.
  2. for me, only nvidia card have this problem. the black Grill and lower skirt gone. and found on some old mods; Devon GTX, Golf 2006 stock&tuned, Golf 2010 too. His newer mods not has this problem. for example; new Golf 2006. ;)
  3. :drool: Wow just wow. good to see your new mod for TDU.
  4. Cheers up, both of you Djey and Milli. :cheers: if TDUCP has hands from Milli or Modder, these will great for TDUCP.
  5. first, i don't known what cause this problem and it still crash for long time. :oook: since Djey released TDUF Toolset. if you know about database, TDUF come with database-gui looking like TDUPE but good as TDUPE+TDUMT. or you could try TDUCP2.0 come with update-library for both TDUPE and TDUMT. But TDUCP2.0 is not compatible with any mega-carpack yet.
  6. This only be good! :smig: i am too lazy to fill those hundreds slots and physics.
  7. nineo

    Rule Work-Shop

    Hi Rule. Nice mods. but they say your pm-box full i can't send pm.
  8. @cifra , For that problem :oook: because those cars have Redline set at "0" (zero). Just add some number and you will go again. i use 6500, 7500, 6500 rpm. you can use TDUPE or TDUMT to change these value.
  9. i turn on HDR to make white looks a bit yellow and looks older. :)
  10. Look likes good updated. :) Much reduced database loading times. tduf-1.5 use 10 minutes. This tduf-1.6 use 3 minutes on my good old PC with TDUCP-2.00A-BETA-7.
  11. Hi, djey. the later choice should easy for all as we can change in TDUMT. advance gamer will use TDUF to modified. ;) if you make 300 cars and 100 classic cars slot, they will be good use. anyone will add classic car mods with TDUMT has no problem about rims size.
  12. Great detail mod. :clap: i use shelby daytona cam. not center but ok.
  13. Thanks Rule. Nice mod :cool:
  14. @Leonhart, with full-patch (Beta6) i had this problem too. i found out that beta6 all new rims (*.bnk files) are dummy with 0(zero) kbyte. just replace them and it will work. ;) you need Tduf Database editor to delete no-use rims slot. @djey, 2 or 3 rims per slot should enough in my opinion. :susp:
  15. nineo

    Rule Work-Shop

    Caterham look awesome.. :drool:
  16. Good mod for special car. Thanks you. :clap:
  17. High Quality mod. :clap: Thanks you.
  18. Hi kurt666, Welcome back. as i see you shared your new mod again. ;)
  19. FYI. if your hardware not fault :duck: ... boot up PC use other HDD with working w7pro installed. (w7ultimate might work) if partition can not found -> try patition-tools likes paragon or easeus to recovery partition. when you find partition on problem HDD then -> take ownership of files or folders you wanted and copy to other partition. only w7 can do, w8.1 can not in my case.
  20. downloaded again last night and i can't find stock rims. :duck:
  21. The files for Cobalt_SS and Corv_63 are not include. or I missed something?
  22. i had issue since win8,8.1 and 10. i do this to get TDU and some old games working. > Start ..right click > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > ..uncheck.. Internet Explorer 11 > OK and restart. ;)
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